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Starfield: 10 Best Resources to Mine

Platinum is a valuable resource that plays a crucial role in crafting weapon mods and is considered one of the top resources to mine in Starfield.Al...

David K Sept 26, 2023
Starfield: 10 Best Resources to Mine

Platinum is a valuable resource that plays a crucial role in crafting weapon mods and is considered one of the top resources to mine in Starfield.

Alkanes, while not particularly important in the long term, are beneficial during the initial stages of the game when establishing outposts.

Tungsten is the most desirable resource to mine in Starfield, as it provides versatility in enhancing weapons, armor, and outpost structures.

There are numerous activities for you to engage in within the Settled Systems of Starfield. You can construct remarkable spacecraft, explore multiple planets, assemble a reliable crew of companions, join diverse factions, and even enter into marriage. These various pursuits contribute to the immersive experience that Starfield offers, and there are even more immersive elements yet to be discovered.

For example, within the Settled Systems of Starfield, there are various elements and resources available for mining and harvesting, serving multiple purposes and generating income. If you have an interest in the mining aspect of Starfield, here are a few resources you should explore.

10 Platinum (Pt)

Starfield 10 Best Resources To Mine

Platinum is a relatively abundant resource in Starfield, obtainable from over 20 different planets and shops scattered across the star map. Platinum serves numerous purposes, with its notable usefulness lying in the crafting of weapon mods, vital for optimizing handheld weapons such as rifles and pistols. The widespread availability of platinum and its crucial role in the world of Starfield make it one of the top resources to mine in the game.

9 Alkanes (HnCn)

Starfield 10 Best Resources To

Alkanes can be extracted from multiple planets and acquired from various stores throughout the map. As a widely available material, alkanes have practical applications in the development of your outposts.

Alkanes are relatively common and do not play a significant role in the overall game progression. However, they are quite useful during the initial stages of the game when you are establishing and operating your outposts. It is fortunate that alkanes can be found in numerous locations, making them easily accessible.

8 Cobalt (Co)

Starfield 10 Best Resources

Cobalt is a crucial resource to mine in general, but it holds even greater significance if you are playing a character focused on scientific research, as it offers substantial benefits in that regard. Additionally, utilizing cobalt allows you to gain an advantage over your adversaries by enhancing your weapons.

Cobalt is utilized in research projects related to power generation and robotics. Additionally, it can be used to create impressive weapon mods, enhancing your weaponry to a higher level.

7 Nickel (Ni)

Starfield 10 Best

Nickel has multiple uses, including research purposes and crafting weapon mods. It can also be utilized to create armor mods, providing additional defense during intense battles against various adversaries.

Nickel possesses unique qualities that warrant its inclusion on the list, primarily due to its numerous combat-oriented applications. It can be employed to enhance armor defense, create weapon mods that further improve already formidable weapons, and contribute to research projects focused on barrel mods, grip mods, and stock mods, all of which enhance weapon handling and accuracy.

6 Lead (Pb)

Starfield 10

Lead is yet another easily accessible resource that can be found in abundance throughout the star map of Starfield. Despite its widespread availability, it is considered one of the top resources to mine in the game.

Lead can be employed in nearly every imaginable activity within the game. It can be used to conduct research for superior weaponry and craft various weapon mods, armor mods, and outpost materials such as different types of habs, including military habs, science habs, and four-wall habs. Lead stands out as one of the game's most versatile, valuable, and indispensable resources.

5 Titanium (Ti)


Titanium is relatively less common compared to some other resources mentioned on this list. One of the few planets where you can find titanium is Pluto, located in the Sol system. Journeying to Pluto will take you back to the former hub of human civilization.

Titanium is an exceptionally versatile resource that provides you with numerous options in its various applications. It can be used to craft several weapon mods, such as a drum magazine that enhances your ammunition capacity, armor mods like explosive shielding for added defense against grenades, and outpost materials like the ballistic turret mk 2. Furthermore, titanium can be utilized in various research projects, further showcasing its versatility and usefulness.

4 Copper (Cu)

Copper can be employed in certain research projects and is also applicable in crafting a few weapon and armor mods. However, its most notable advantage lies in its usefulness for constructing outposts.

Copper can be utilized to craft a wide range of valuable outpost structures, enhancing convenience and the overall roleplaying experience. Some notable structures that can be crafted using copper include the research lab, navigation console, and gas storage, among many others. These are just a few examples of the numerous possibilities copper offers for creating functional and immersive outposts.

3 Iron (Fe)

Iron proves to be beneficial across various areas and plays a vital role, particularly during the initial stages of outpost development.

Iron is valuable for crafting numerous weapon mods that enhance weapon performance and handling. Additionally, it is useful in conducting certain research projects.

However, you will find the greatest utility for all that valuable iron when it comes to crafting various outpost structures, such as your watchtower, pharmaceutical lab, and weapons workbench.

2 Aluminum (Al)

Aluminum is another highly versatile resource that you will require extensively during your journey in the Settled Systems of Starfield. It holds great importance in numerous research projects, such as resource extraction and robotics. Additionally, aluminum can be utilized in crafting weapon and armor mods, enhancing your capabilities as a formidable space adventurer.

Most importantly, Aluminum serves as a crucial component in crafting a vast array of outpost structures, including your outpost airlock, solar array, pharmaceutical lab, and numerous other essential utilities.

1 Tungsten (W)

Tungsten is a rare tier one resource and the top resource to mine in Starfield due to its availability in various shops and multiple planets. It is an incredibly versatile resource that provides numerous options in every aspect of its application. When you require enhancements in the effectiveness, accuracy, or handling of your weapons, you can rely on Tungsten.

If you are seeking improved or superior armor, Tungsten offers several options worth considering. It can also be utilized in numerous research projects. Furthermore, when it comes to building outpost structures, the potential applications of Tungsten are nearly limitless. As you spend time in the settled systems of Starfield, the need for Tungsten will inevitably arise.