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Starfield: 10 Coolest Weapon Designs

Starfield presents a diverse selection of planets to explore, although a significant number of them pose dangers due to their hostile alien inhabitan...

Linda Carroll Oct 15, 2023
Starfield: 10 Coolest Weapon Designs

Starfield presents a diverse selection of planets to explore, although a significant number of them pose dangers due to their hostile alien inhabitants and unsavory characters.

In Starfield, you will come across various fascinating and distinctive weapons, such as a futuristic sword, a potent minigun, and a shotgun with a sleek, futuristic design.

In addition, Starfield includes weapons with sleek and futuristic designs, including an electromagnetic pistol and a particle beam rifle. These additions contribute to the immersive and futuristic atmosphere of the game.

The universe depicted in Starfield is vast and diverse. It offers a wide range of planets for players to explore. However, a drawback is that many of these planets feature inhospitable terrains or, even worse, are inhabited by hostile aliens and unsavory individuals.

Considering these circumstances, it is essential to have a selection of weapons in your inventory to defend yourself. While many players opt for larger and more lethal weapons, you can also choose your arsenal based on personal style. Starfield offers numerous impressive weapons, but here are some with the most exceptional designs available for you to discover.

10 UC Naval Cutlass

Starfield 10 Coolest Weapon Designs

Swords may not be considered a futuristic invention, but the UC Naval Cutlass in Starfield is far from your ordinary sword. Its appearance resembles a blend of a machete and a captain's sword from bygone centuries. It is quite surprising to encounter such a weapon in a game set in a futuristic universe.

What makes it even more remarkable is that the UC Naval Cutlass serves as the primary melee weapon for the security forces of the United Colonies. Although it may not be a futuristic laser firearm, its humble yet intriguing design makes it a useful melee weapon during the early stages of the game.

9 Microgun

Starfield 10 Coolest Weapon

While Starfield doesn't offer a wide selection of heavy weapons, the ones that are available in the game are both unique and formidable. Among them, the Microgun stands out as particularly impressive. It represents a futuristic iteration of the modern minigun, showcasing a natural evolution in design and functionality.

The Microgun features numerous rotating barrels that unleash a relentless barrage of bullets towards any target in its path. Its sleek design and overall ferocity make it an irresistible weapon of choice. However, its only downsides are its weight and the substantial amount of ammunition it consumes.

8 Coachman

Starfield 10 Coolest

If you've ever wondered how a shotgun would appear in the future of space travel, you might be surprised to learn that it takes the form of a break-action double barrel in Starfield. The design is captivating enough to make you pause and admire it when you first acquire one.

The wooden grip and stock of the shotgun contrast sharply with the shiny futuristic metal and square-shaped long barrel. However, it proves to be incredibly powerful at close range, and often just two shots are sufficient, especially during the early stages of the game.

7 Va'Ruun Painblade

Starfield 10

It is reasonable to assume that the preferred melee weapon of a space cult that venerates something known as The Great Serpent would be intriguing, and that assumption would be correct. The Va'Ruun Painblade, crafted by House Va'Ruun, was designed to be exceptionally efficient and lethal.

The Va'Ruun Painblade not only appears sharp, but it also performs as such. The seemingly random angles of the blades may initially appear peculiar, but in the context of a futuristic knife-like weapon, it makes sense. The resemblance to a woodworking tool further emphasizes the ergonomic efficiency of its design.

6 Razorback


The Razorback is a firearm that carries a sense of familiarity, yet its hexagonal and capsule-like cylinders clearly indicate its futuristic design. It inflicts a substantial amount of damage, which is particularly impressive considering it is a six-shot weapon.

If your aim is to embody the essence of a space cowboy reminiscent of Firefly, then this is the gun you'll want holstered at your hip. The experience becomes even more exhilarating as you enhance the weapon with scope and muzzle attachments, making it even more untamed and lethal.

5 Novalight

Certain individuals are eager to fully immerse themselves in the futuristic elements of Starfield, particularly when it comes to its weapons. Few weapons capture this essence as effectively as the Novalight pistol. It stands out as a truly unique firearm, featuring a square-shaped body, rounded edges, and a sleek porcelain white finish that sets it apart from anything you've seen before.

It doesn't get more futuristic than the Novalight, an electromagnetic weapon that effortlessly slices through armor. While the Novalight is relatively common to come across, it is one of the few weapons that deals electromagnetic damage. If you have a supply of light fuses, it is definitely worth your time to wield this powerful weapon.

4 Va'Ruun Inflictor

House Va'Ruun strikes again with another creation, this time venturing into the realm of ranged weaponry. The Inflictor is a menacing-looking weapon characterized by its sharp angles. Upon initial inspection, it may prove challenging to determine how to properly grip and operate this weapon.

The Inflictor stands out from many other rifles in the game due to its utilization of a particle beam as its primary mechanism. However, its design and somewhat dull color are undeniably the most peculiar aspects of this firearm. Despite its appearance, it delivers a surprisingly high amount of damage, proving that looks can be deceiving.

3 Rivet Gun

In the vast solar systems of Starfield, conventional weapons are quite commonplace, with ballistic weapons being especially prevalent. However, there is one ballistic weapon that is quite unique as it is originally a repurposed tool that you can wield: the Rivet Gun. It may seem odd to have such an item in your inventory, but it excels at creating holes in whatever you desire.

While it may be a relatively uncommon discovery, there is an inherent enjoyment in utilizing a spaceship repair tool as a weapon, which brings a smile to your face. There is nothing amiss with embracing a touch of creativity in a game brimming with futuristic weapon designs.

2 Shotty

The name of the weapon perfectly describes its nature, which is appreciated since its appearance resembles more of a Nerf gun than anything else. Despite the notion of a compact shotgun in the size of a pistol sounding potentially hazardous, it seems they have managed to work out the specifics in the future.

Although its appearance may suggest that it fires lasers or some other futuristic ammunition, it actually utilizes regular shotgun shells. While the recoil can be quite strong, nothing is as startling as drawing this sidearm and unleashing shotgun rounds upon any alien or bandit who intends to harm or rob you.

1 Lawgiver

Among the various weapon designs in Starfield, none captures the essence of the game's ideals quite like the Lawgiver. It seamlessly combines elements of a classic Western rifle with futuristic machinery, striking a perfect balance that aligns with the game's rugged yet science-fiction atmosphere.

The Lawgiver showcases several distinctive features, such as a top-loading magazine, a rail system to support its remarkably long barrel, and impeccably smooth edges. This design is both uniquely unconventional and intriguing. One striking aspect is the seamless integration of wood and metal halfway through the weapon, which truly captivates the eye.