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Starfield: 10 Things You Can Do After Completing the Game

The post-game area of Starfield is significantly more peculiar than in any other Bethesda title. In Fallout 3, 4, and Skyrim, players were able to con...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 15, 2023
Starfield: 10 Things You Can Do After Completing the Game

The post-game area of Starfield is significantly more peculiar than in any other Bethesda title. In Fallout 3, 4, and Skyrim, players were able to continue playing after completing the game. However, Starfield doesn't follow the same approach. Without revealing too much, you will be given the choice at the end to either initiate a New Game Plus to conclude the game or remain in your current playthrough.

This is intriguing as it essentially offers you both types of post-game content. You can either proceed as in previous Bethesda titles or go through the New Game Plus multiple times. This means that after completing the initial playthrough, there is much more freedom in terms of what you can do.

Spoiler Warning

10 Experience New Game Plus

Starfield 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

The logical approach in Starfield after the initial completion is to play the New Game Plus. It is enticing from a storytelling perspective since you are reborn as a Starborn, and naturally, certain things will be different. Your abilities and experiences are retained, but your inventory is not, which compels you to gather equipment once again.

The New Game Plus offers a splendid opportunity to approach things differently in terms of decisions and gameplay style. A remarkable feature is that after approximately five playthroughs, the game unveils some unexpected twists. These twists are genuinely surprising and well worth experiencing.

9 Try A 100 Percent Save File

Starfield 10 Things To Do After You Beat The

Instead of initiating the New Game Plus, you have the option to remain in your current universe to complete all secondary activities. Considering that your subsequent playthroughs are unlikely to have the same progress in terms of side content, it is wise to preserve this original universe for the completion of all tasks.

In this manner, preserving this save file resembles other Bethesda titles, and just like those, you want to ensure that you do not delete or overwrite this initial universe into which you have invested so much time. This will be particularly important when the story expansion is released, as you will likely want to play it from within this first universe.

8 Try Different Romance Options

Starfield 10 Things To Do After You Beat

One thing that is clearly not possible in a single playthrough is to engage in a romance with every companion. There are a total of four: Sarah, Barrett, Andreja, and Sam. In a single playthrough, you can only pursue a romance with one of them, and it is worthwhile to court different companions in subsequent playthroughs.

This is primarily because each companion has exclusive quests when you engage in a romance with them. This is significant content that you shouldn't miss. Completing Starfield on New Game Plus is relatively straightforward, so it is not a highly demanding task like in the Mass Effect trilogy.

7 Buy All The Property

Starfield 10 Things To Do After You

This feature is a common desire in titles like Grand Theft Auto, but it generally applies to most open-world games. In Starfield, there are a handful of properties that you can purchase or acquire. So why not get them all?

Some are not particularly impressive, like the apartments and the sleeping pod unit, but others are quite magnificent. The dream house you acquire through one of the higher-tier properties is phenomenal, and the two penthouse apartments are beautiful as well. Especially the one in New Atlantis, as the one in Neon doesn't have the best view.

6 Finish Up The Faction Quests

Starfield 10 Things To Do After

Of all the side quests, the most significant ones are those related to the factions. There are a total of four factions: the UC Vanguard, the Freestar Rangers, Ryujin Industries, and the Crimson Fleet. These factions offer the best and most diverse quests in the game, without a doubt.

Ryujin Industries, in particular, has some outstanding stealth missions and is a great place to figure out proper sneaking techniques if you're feeling perplexed. The Crimson Fleet also offers impressive exploration missions, including one with a distinct atmosphere reminiscent of John Carpenter's "The Thing." After completing the game, you have likely finished only one or two of the factions, making it a great opportunity to complete them all.

5 Get To Level 100

Starfield 10 Things To Do

A compelling reason to play New Game Plus is to continuously level up your character. A thorough playthrough, where you complete all main quests and faction tasks, should bring you close to reaching Level 40. This is a solid level to embark on your next playthrough.

Level 100 is not the maximum level, but it is the highest requirement for the achievement "Reach for the Stars." If you want to earn those 1000 Gamerscore points, you'll need to level up that high. Another good way to reach Level 100 is to engage with one of the less utilized mechanics in Starfield, which is overlooked by many players.

4 Experiment With Outposts

Starfield 10 Things To

Similar to building settlements in Fallout 4, many people overlook outposts in Starfield. That is a small mistake because they can be truly useful and enjoyable. When properly utilized, you can create incredibly effective outposts that can yield a lot of experience points.

You earn these experience points by conducting mass production of items using the materials you gather from the outposts. Combine this with a 15% XP bonus you receive when you sleep with your fully upgraded companion, and you have the fastest XP-gaining method in the entire game. It's a great utilization of the outpost system.

3 Building Ships

Starfield 10 Things

In Starfield, there is a complete shipbuilding mechanism that many people probably won't utilize either. Some are simply not the type to engage in building, but here's the thing: many have created impressive ships using this mechanism. They have recreated famous ships from other games, movies, or TV shows, or designed original designs.

Someone has designed a ship that looks like a scorpion, which is simply fantastic. Even crazier, someone has built a ship that cannot be hit because the AI only shoots at the center, and the shots simply pass through without hitting anything. Since there are building instructions available for many of these ships, you can create them yourself without much effort.

2 Explore More Planets And Star Systems

Starfield 10

Space exploration in Starfield is one of the more controversial aspects, but it is still worth undertaking due to the many unique areas you can discover. If you are in New Game Plus or have a high level regardless, you should take a look at the high-quality star systems at the outer edge of the galaxy.

These have a recommended character level of 75 and contain some really mind-blowing things. You probably shouldn't explore everything, but at least enough to find all the cool, handcrafted parts of the game world. You'll have to explore every star system anyway if you want to achieve all the accomplishments.

1 Experiment With Mods


Modding is an integral part of any Bethesda game and has always been a significant aspect of the community. Mods can be silly and serve as a playful addition or they can be a beneficial enhancement that many people would prefer.

In the case of Starfield, many people dislike the cluttered user interface, but there are mods available to clean it up and make gameplay easier. If you have already achieved everything in Starfield and are starting to get bored or simply want to try something new, you should experiment with the numerous high-quality mods.