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Starfield 8 Best Main Quests, Ranked in Order

A common perception of Bethesda's games suggests that the actual, substantial, and high-quality content originates from the side quests. This is somew...

Hirun Cryer Sept 14, 2023
Starfield 8 Best Main Quests, Ranked in Order

A common perception of Bethesda's games suggests that the actual, substantial, and high-quality content originates from the side quests. This is somewhat true, as the side quests in Fallout and Skyrim often surpass the main quests. However, in the case of Starfield, there are numerous remarkable main quests that are also diverse in nature.

You can focus on the narrative, be incredibly action-packed, provide you with a multitude of choices for fulfillment, present unforgettable scenarios, and much more. Particularly, the two top main quests belong to the most magnificent works that Bethesda has ever created, both in terms of their execution and the freedom and depth they offer.

Spoiler Warning

8 Back To Vectera

Starfield 8 Best Main Quests, Ranked

As the title suggests, "Back to Vectera" allows you to return to your original planet in hopes of finding Barrett. It is always thrilling to revisit a starting area, exploring places that were previously inaccessible and witnessing the changes that have occurred. Here, you will uncover intriguing background stories and obtain the weapon "Heller's Cutter," a remarkable mining tool, especially useful at the beginning of the game.

After this starting area, the quest truly comes to fruition as you are tasked with locating a crashed ship on another planet. The planet on which the ship has crashed is randomly determined with each playthrough. Since you likely already have two other main quests in progress, it is possible to come across the crashed ship during a different mission and completely skip the first part on Vectera. This attention to detail is remarkable and adds a special quality to this quest.

7 High Price To Pay

Starfield 8 Best Main Quests,

"High Price to Pay" serves as the major turning point in the story, where one of the central characters will inevitably meet their demise. During an attack by the Starborn, you can either defend the Lodge or travel to the Eye to save your tormented companions from the Hunter. This choice is ingeniously executed, as at the beginning, you are unaware of the Hunter's multiversal nature and its specific abilities.

Many people will make the Neo-decision and save their companions, unaware that the multiple Hunters in the Lodge are the ones causing the real damage. Regardless of the choice you make, one of your companions will tragically perish. If you choose to stay, you will experience a remarkable moment towards the end when you return to the Lodge and witness the devastation of the attack on the city. It is eerily silent and incredibly impactful.

6 Revelation

Starfield 8 Best Main

Although it is not the final quest, "Revelation" serves as the culmination of the game and even includes the end boss. You must gather the last artifacts to reach the Unity and will face plenty of resistance along the way. If you haven't delved much into the side content, you should prepare yourself for this challenge. The final area is particularly unforgettable.

You know that a battle awaits you when the game provides you with a massive ammunition supply reminiscent of Doom or Serious Sam at the beginning. Furthermore, one must appreciate the various dead soldiers who inch closer to the artifact. The last one is just a few steps away, and it's impossible not to feel pity for them. The end boss is also magnificent, teleporting you to different areas of the game, creating a solid climax overall.

5 The Empty Nest

Starfield 8 Best

"The Empty Nest" is your first mission with Sam Coe and a great introduction to his character and the questline of the Freestar Collective. The second half of the quest follows the usual Starfield pattern, which involves clearing out an enemy hideout, retrieving the artifact, and then dealing with a gang leader. What makes this mission truly exceptional is the first half.

Before you dive into the thick of things, you must first deal with bank robbers who have taken refuge in the GalBank of Akila City. This is a truly challenging persuasion task that you must undertake early in the game, but if you succeed, the Marshal will be impressed and invite you to join. This main mission is the only one that naturally and significantly leads to a faction story, making it particularly outstanding among the total of 19 missions.

4 Unearthed

Starfield 8

Not every mission needs to involve combat, as "Unearthed" is a pure story quest designed to make you reflect. After a brief visit to the moon, you go through the rest of the mission inside the NASA launch tower.

With less combat involved, it's refreshing to see the game slow down, allowing you to delve deeper into the story and extensive world-building of this mission. You learn more about the downfall of the old Earth and what has transpired, and since you're not shooting most of the time, it becomes much easier for you to empathize.

3 All That Money Can Buy


Another mission that serves as an introduction is "Everything Money Can Buy." It is likely the first time you enter Neon and it takes you to many core areas of the city, such as the Astral Lounge and the Trade Tower elevator. The first half revolves around a negotiation deal to obtain an artifact, which is well-executed and satisfying, but the second half is truly something special.

You have to ascend the entire Trade Tower, which leads to a fantastic stealth section. You must follow Issa's instructions to avoid being detected. This is a clever decision, as most players may not know how to properly utilize stealth at this point, and this section can serve as a sort of secret tutorial. For Neon's introductory mission, it can hardly get any better - it is well thought out from top to bottom.

2 Entangled

One element that many people love in games is the dual-world system. Switching between two identical but different areas almost always leads to enjoyable puzzle-solving and exploration. Starfield tackles this concept in a phenomenal way in the quest "Entangled." It is captivating to experience the story and explore the entire location throughout the entire quest.

Actually, you can find the same text transcript in two different universes, and it's so cool to see that. In the end, you can also choose a secret third path to complete the mission by saving both universes. The game doesn't directly tell you this in your mission objectives; you simply discover it by reading the many text transcripts in the environment. That's especially cool and rewards players who are really attentive.

1 No Sudden Moves

The climax of the main quests in Starfield is "No Sudden Moves." Here, you have so many possibilities and freedoms. The artifact is kept in Captain Petrov's special vault, and you can access it in various ways. You can talk to him to gain entry, go through a hidden back entrance, or go through the main entrance. The best part of this mission is the zoo full of alien creatures.

With Master Thievery, you can release them all and head straight towards the vault. You won't have any pursuers since all the soldiers will be dealing with the monsters. It feels amazing when this idea is in your head and actually works out as planned. This mission is perfectly executed and a shining example of Bethesda's great quest design.