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Starfield: 8 Best Powers, Ranked

If you have been exploring the Settled Systems in the world of Starfield, you may have come across several Temples created by Vladimir, the watchful e...

Hirun Cryer Oct 14, 2023
Starfield: 8 Best Powers, Ranked

If you have been exploring the Settled Systems in the world of Starfield, you may have come across several Temples created by Vladimir, the watchful entity of Constellation. These Temples, as gravitational anomalies, are distinct reminders of the universe's creators amid humanity's colonization endeavors.

Enter the temple and conquer its challenge (in typical Bethesda style, it's the same puzzle every time), and you will be bestowed with a gift from the universe itself. These powers are noteworthy for being distinct from Skyrim's shouts. While some may only be marginally intriguing, there are eight incredible game-altering abilities that you definitely shouldn't overlook.

8 Eternal Harvest

Starfield 8 Best Powers, Ranked

At first glance, Eternal Harvest may appear underwhelming compared to other more flashy powers once you unlock it. However, if you're engaged in farming activities, the ability to continuously regrow harvested plants in a wide area surrounding you is incredibly valuable. Additionally, its low cost of 25 power allows for its immediate consecutive use, providing further practicality.

Starfield's crafting and upgrading elements may not appeal to everyone, particularly due to the significant investment of perks required. However, Eternal Harvest proves to be incredibly valuable for gathering plant-based materials such as Lubricant or Adhesive, justifying its inclusion. While it ranks last on this list, it has surpassed 16 other powers to earn its place and deserves recognition.

7 Anti-Gravity Field

Starfield 8 Best Powers,

Considering the iconic status of Skyrim's Unrelenting Force shout, Starfield's Anti-Gravity Field has a challenging act to follow as the first ability you obtain in the game. While it may not reach the same heights as the beloved Fus Ro Dah, the power to nullify your opponents' gravity is both entertaining and highly practical when you initially acquire it. Though it may not surpass the legendary shout, it still makes a commendable attempt.

As a means to encourage players to explore and discover additional temples for more powers, Bethesda made a perfect choice with the Anti-Gravity Field. However, this ability also holds its own appeal, as who wouldn't want to reduce a taunting enemy to a vulnerable, floating ragdoll? It serves as both a hook to entice players and a satisfying ability in its own right.

6 Void Form

Starfield 8 Best

The Void Form power grants you the desirable ability to make yourself nearly invisible, which proves incredibly useful in stealth-based situations, particularly if you're not skilled at evading enemies. While being almost invisible may not be as enjoyable as true invisibility, combining Void Form with a suppressed firearm or melee weapon can transform you into a formidable adversary.

Whether you rely on Void Form solely to barely survive Ryujin missions or you prefer to lurk in the shadows consistently, this power is a valuable addition to Starfield's collection of abilities. It will turn your Spacefarer into a formidable opponent, particularly when paired with the sneak attack bonuses granted by the Concealment skill. With Void Form, your character becomes a nightmare for adversaries, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

5 Parallel Self

Starfield 8

The notion that two heads are better than one is widely accepted, but what about having two complete selves? Parallel Self demonstrates that the answer, as it turns out, is quite similar. By spending 45 Power, you can create an exact duplicate of yourself, and this doppelganger will unleash chaos upon your enemies.

Furthermore, upon completing the 'Barrett's Worlds Apart' quest, you gain the ability to unleash terror upon the galaxy's villains with a multiversal counterpart for each of them. This tactic becomes even more effective if you equip your witty companion with exceptionally destructive weaponry.

4 Personal Atmosphere


Another ability that extends beyond mere death and destruction is Personal Atmosphere, enabling you to exert yourself continuously for a brief period. This ability is excellent for a speedy retreat or covering long distances rapidly. When combined with Boost Pack Training, it grants you a nearly limitless traversal capability.

Until Bethesda takes the unprecedented step of introducing functional vehicles to traverse the frequently desolate landscapes of distant worlds, the Personal Atmosphere power remains your best option for swiftly traveling between point A and point B.

3 Elemental Pull

It's a classic story we've all experienced: effortlessly slicing through waves of enemies, feeling like an embodiment of justice, only to discover that the area you're clearing is rich with valuable inorganic minerals. In that moment, as you pull out your cumbersome mining laser and start painstakingly gathering ore deposits one by one, the feeling of being cool and powerful begins to fade away.

Introducing Elemental Pull, a power that will free you from the dreary days of manual mining. By unleashing a blast that draws in all nearby inorganic resources towards you, this ability surpasses the capabilities of your mining laser. While it may be suited to specific situations, Elemental Pull can be a game-changer as long as you remember to utilize it. It even allows you to forgo carrying a cutter everywhere you go.

2 Reactive Shield

While Starfield's tougher adversaries appear to effortlessly withstand a barrage of bullets, the same cannot necessarily be said for you. Encounters with higher-level opponents may leave you low on health and lacking aid items. Fortunately, with Reactive Shield, not only does your resistance to attacks significantly increase, but you also have the ability to reflect some incoming projectiles back at your enemies.

With a cost of 35 power, you can utilize this defensive power twice consecutively before needing to recharge your power meter. This grants you ample time to emerge from cover and inflict significant damage on your foes. Whether you aim to equalize the situation or experience a Jedi-like power trip, Reactive Shield has the capability to turn your enemies' own weapons against them, making it an incredibly valuable asset.

1 Supernova

The most potent offensive weapon in the arsenal of any Starborn is Supernova, which inflicts massive damage to all enemies within your vicinity. It obliterates any low-level opponents you encounter without even requiring you to raise your weapon. This ability is most effective when you find yourself overwhelmed by swarms of enemies. Fortunately, the explosive energy of Supernova does not match the ferocity of its namesake, so there's no need to worry about detonating the planet you're standing on.

While numerous powers in Starfield have their uses in combat, Supernova stands out due to its exceptional crowd-control abilities and the substantial physical damage it inflicts on its own. It is particularly beneficial for players seeking to leverage the New Game Plus mode to attain immense power. Supernova, as an explosive ability, aligns perfectly with your Starborn status.