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Starfield Console Command Guide

As with most Bethesda games, Starfield is an incredibly customizable game with a multitude of systems that you can immerse yourself in. This is readil...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 24, 2023
Starfield Console Command Guide

As with most Bethesda games, Starfield is an incredibly customizable game with a multitude of systems that you can immerse yourself in. This is readily apparent through systems such as shipbuilding and outposts, but these customization options extend beyond Starfield through modding as well.

The console commands are, so to speak, located in the middle. At any time while playing Starfield, you can open the console and practically alter anything in the game. Most players use console commands to enable cheats, but they can also be used to fix broken quests, generate important items, and much more. This guide will cover the basics of console commands, how to use them, and list some of the more useful commands in Starfield.

How To Use Console Commands

Starfield Console Command Guide


Using a console command that alters the state of your game world disables achievements and marks your save file as modified. If you wish to use console commands without disabling achievements, we recommend installing a mod that enables achievements.

Despite its name, console commands are a feature available only to PC players and cannot be utilized by Xbox players without the use of mods. PC users can open the console command menu by pressing the tilde key (~). This will bring up an empty command window where you can input commands. Virtually anything is possible if you know the right command strings. You can use the console to modify your character's abilities, progress quests, or spawn any objects in the game. Console commands can be used to overcome faulty quests, trigger specific events, or activate cheats such as invincibility.

Console players currently do not have the ability to use console commands. This was also the case for Skyrim and Fallout 4 upon their initial release, but modders found ways to emulate popular console command features through mods. Once the Xbox version of Starfield supports mods, you should be able to find player-created mods that emulate many popular console commands. Official modding tools are expected to be released at some point in 2024.

Useful Console Commands

Starfield Console Command



Toggle collision detection. Allows you to pass through geometry.


Toggle God Mode. You have unlimited HP and ammo.


Toggle combat artificial intelligence. Enemies will no longer attack you.


Eliminate every non-essential NPC in your current cell.

unlock [Target]

Unlock the selected object. Click on the object to automatically enter its ID.

player.addperk [Perk ID]

Adds the specified perk to your character.

Perk IDs may be found here.

player.setav carryweight 999999

Sets your carry weight to 999,999.

You can set this value to whatever you desire.

player.modav speedmult [Value]

Set the movement speed of your character to the specified value.

Base speed is 100.

Spawning Objects

additem [Item ID] [Amount]

Adds the specified item to your inventory.

You can obtain the item IDs by selecting the item while the console is open.

[Item ID].amod [Mod ID]

Adds a modification or legendary effect to the specified item.

Mod IDs can be found here. Legendary IDs can be found here.

0028F444 makes weapons Advanced quality.

0003AF7D makes armor Superior quality.

player.placeatme [Item ID]

Spawns an item in front of your character.

Valid IDs include weapons, armor, spaceships, and NPCs.

Debugging Quests


Show quest targets. Lists every active quest.

help [Target] 4 QUST

Lists every quest associated with the objective, including their respective quest IDs.

Replace [Objective] with the quest giver or faction.

StartQuest [Quest ID]

Forces a quest to start.

SQO [Quest ID]

Show quest objectives for the entered quest ID.

SetStage [Quest ID] [Stage Number]

Sets the quest to a specific objective.

Starfield features hundreds of console commands, most of which are specialized debugging commands that are rarely useful. The table above includes the most useful console commands we have found, ranging from notable cheats to helpful debugging tools for faulty quests. For a complete list of item IDs, consult the Starfield Wiki by IGN.

Skipping The NG+ Grind

Starfield Console

This section contains spoilers for Starfield's main quest and the New Game Plus system.

Unlocking 240 temples to maximize your powers is an extremely laborious process that can take over 50 hours to complete. If you want to maximize all powers without completing the NG+ cycle multiple times, you can enter the console commands listed below. You need to unlock the power before you can level it up, and you enter the level command nine times to fully maximize a power. Credit goes to Reddit user pwn3dbyth3n00b for discovering these power IDs.

NG+ Rewards


Player spellbook. Unlocks every power at rank 1.

additem 21C77F 1

Generates the Venator Starborn space suit (NG+10 armor).

player.placeatme 00180F18

Spawns the Starborn Guardian Ship.

Power IDs

Anti-Gravity Field

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2BACBA
  • Level: player.addperk 25E19C

Create Vacuum

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5390
  • Level: player.addperk 25E19B

Creators' Peace

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C538D
  • Level: player.addperk 25E19A


  • Unlock: player.addspell 2BACB5
  • Level: player.addperk 25E199

Elemental Pull

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5391
  • Level: player.addperk 25E198

Alien Reanimation

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C538F
  • Level: player.addperk 25E19D

Eternal Harvest

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2BACB4
  • Level: player.addperk 25E197

Grav Dash

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C538C
  • Level: player.addperk 25E196

Gravity Wave

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2BACB7
  • Level: player.addperk 25E195

Gravity Well

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5A62
  • Level: player.addperk 25E193

Inner Demon

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5399
  • Level: player.addperk 25E192

Life Forced

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C538B
  • Level: player.addperk 25E191

Moon Form

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5A4E
  • Level: player.addperk 25E190

Parallel Self

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5A67
  • Level: player.addperk 25E18E

Particle Beam

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5A66
  • Level: player.addperk 25E18D

Personal Atmosphere

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5389
  • Level: player.addperk 25E18C

Phased Time

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5A63
  • Level: player.addperk 25E18B


  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C538A
  • Level: player.addperk 25E18F

Reactive Shield

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2BACB6
  • Level: player.addperk 25E19E

Sense Star Stuff

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5A54
  • Level: player.addperk 25E18A

Solar Flare

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5A59
  • Level: player.addperk 25E189

Sunless Space

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5388
  • Level: player.addperk 25E188


  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5387
  • Level: player.addperk 25E187

Void Form

  • Unlock: player.addspell 2C5A53
  • Level: player.addperk 25E186