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Starfield: Every member of Constellation, ranked by rank

In the world of Starfield, Constellation is an organization that was founded by Sebastian Banks in the year 2275, with its headquarters located in New...

Patrick Smith Sept 08, 2023
Starfield: Every member of Constellation, ranked by rank

In the world of Starfield, Constellation is an organization that was founded by Sebastian Banks in the year 2275, with its headquarters located in New Atlantis. Its primary focus lies in the exploration of stars beyond the settled systems. By the year 2330, the influence of Constellation has waned, and only a select few are aware of its continued existence.

Despite the diminished influence of Constellation within the settled systems, the organization still maintains a small group of dedicated members. These members come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from former pirates, theologians, cowboys, to scientists. It is evident that membership in Constellation is based more on character than background, and that each member of the organization can contribute something to the goal of space exploration.

10 Matteo Khatri

Starfield Every Constellation Member, Ranked

Matteo Khatri serves as the theologian of Constellation, primarily engaged in seeking a deeper understanding of humanity's place in the universe through a spiritual perspective. With good intentions, he is incredibly dedicated to contributing his skills to Constellation. However, regrettably, he also tends to be remarkably perplexing.

Matteo is so unabashed in his convictions that they can inadvertently impose an uncomfortable influence. There are occasions when he will urge the astronaut to take sides in debates or conflicts with other members of Constellation, and that can become overwhelming. While Matteo brings a spiritual orientation to Constellation, and his intentions are sincere, he still has much to learn and grow from in his journey of personal development.

9 Walter Stroud

Starfield Every Constellation Member,

Walter Stroud serves as the financier for Constellation, and he ensures that everyone is well aware of it. Stroud amassed his wealth through the establishment of Stroud-Eklund, one of the prominent shipbuilding companies within the settled systems, and as the CEO, he possesses more than sufficient credits to sustain Constellation for as long as he lives.

Unfortunately, or perhaps unsurprisingly, Stroud can come across as brusque and classist. After meeting the astronaut when they delivered an extraterrestrial artifact to Constellation, Stroud expressed objections regarding their mining background and questioned their character. Thankfully, Stroud is mature enough to recognize when he has been impolite and will admit to his shortcomings. It's challenging to warm up to him, but his financial contributions to Constellation make him an integral part of the organization.

8 Vasco

Starfield Every Constellation

Vasco is one of the many Model A robots found within the settled systems. Model A robots are observed assisting miners in the Mars colony of Cydonia or technicians in the ship manufacturing facilities of HopeTech on Polvo. However, Vasco is entirely devoted to Constellation's mission of exploring and comprehending the galaxy.

As a robot, Vasco doesn't possess much personality beyond his enthusiasm to assist and fulfill his standard duties. However, despite being programmed to support Constellation, his loyalty and robotic charm make him a valuable standout member.

7 Noel

Starfield Every

Noel is one of the most brilliant minds within Constellation. After being recruited into the organization by Constellation's leader, Sarah Morgan, Noel has demonstrated her capability as a valuable member of the organization.

Noel primarily focuses on conducting scientific research within Constellation. They study and analyze extraterrestrial artifacts, organic compounds, and much more. Therefore, when it comes to scientific endeavors or challenges, Noel is highly motivated to tackle them.

6 Vladimir Sall


Vladimir Sall is the primary operator of "The Eye," a satellite orbiting above New Atlantis that Constellation utilizes to search for extraterrestrial artifacts. On an ordinary day, Vladimir is up there all alone, sifting through data and diligently training to maintain his physical condition. However, his true nature reveals itself when he receives visitors.

Vladimir is one of the more sociable members of Constellation, always greeting others with a booming voice and a wide smile. It's hard to believe that he was once part of the Crimson Fleet, the most feared pirate organization within the settled systems. Fortunately, he was able to leave his past behind and become one of the finest members of Constellation.

5 Cora Coe

Cora Coe is the daughter of Sam Coe, the local space cowboy of Constellation. Despite being only 12 years old, Cora's intelligence and charm prove to be essential to the spirit of Constellation.

However, Cora cannot contribute much to the organization just yet. While other members of the group can embark on missions on behalf of Constellation, Cora must remain on the sidelines. Nevertheless, her witty remarks and haikus make her a unique and beloved member of Constellation.

4 Andreja

Andreja is the combat specialist of Constellation and has proven her ability to hold her own in many different precarious situations. With skills in stealth and particle beams, she is an excellent choice as a companion for covert or open combat operations.

She is shrouded in an air of mystery - not much is known about her past, and she prefers to keep it that way. However, she is willing to open up to those who show her compassion and support. Ultimately, Andreja is just as valuable as a combat companion as she is as a friend, and she is an integral part of Constellation.

3 Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is the leader of Constellation, and it is evident that she is perfectly suited for this role as she is incredibly articulate and has proven herself capable of making decisions that advance the goals of Constellation.

Sarah is also well-versed in astrodynamics and laser technology, making her an excellent companion to assist in space exploration and combat missions. However, she is not solely focused on business and is ready to crack jokes and have fun whenever possible. While Sarah may be the leader of Constellation, it is clear that she values being a good person and a friend.

2 Barret

Barrett is the first member of Constellation that the astronaut encounters before his journey into the inhabited systems, and his charm is evident from the moment he speaks. If Barrett were to be kidnapped, his rescuers would catch him engaging in conversations about philosophy and space exploration with his captors.

Apart from his magnetic personality, Barrett is also a valuable companion for space travel, as he possesses extensive knowledge in spacecraft engineering and particle beam weapon systems. His skills enable ships to fly faster and shoot stronger, making him one of the best in Constellation.

1 Sam Coe

Sam Coe has that typical cowboy charm. He is stoic but not emotionless. Direct but not indifferent. He walks his own path but also takes care of his daughter Cora during his travels through the inhabited systems. He possesses the charm, looks, and empathy that make him the most charismatic member of Constellation.

Sam is also an excellent companion who is always there. He is skilled in flying and handling firearms, which means he can provide more energy to the ships during flight and can also hold his own in combat. He is also proficient in handling cargo and can increase a ship's cargo capacity by ten percent. With his practical skills and cowboy charm, Sam proves to be the best in Constellation.