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Starfield feels like a job

When I first heard about Starfield, I envisioned a magnificent space adventure. I hoped to encounter companions with whom I would forge close friendsh...

Gina Vivinetto Sept 14, 2023
Starfield feels like a job

When I first heard about Starfield, I envisioned a magnificent space adventure. I hoped to encounter companions with whom I would forge close friendships, to traverse the galaxy at high speeds, and to discover new and surprising things wherever I looked. Furthermore, I desired to spend time relaxing on distant planets and admiring breathtaking vistas. However, what I did not anticipate nor expect from the game was the feeling of cumbersome progression, making it challenging to even play the game.

Firstly, I never have enough credits to engage in something enjoyable. I desire to purchase a new ship as the starter ship is rather subpar. My gravitational drive lacks the necessary power to transport me directly to a desired destination, and I have already run out of storage space. I have no inclination to construct my own ship due to its daunting nature and my inherent laziness. My only viable solution lies in purchasing a superior vessel from one of the numerous providers, yet I cannot afford any of the decent options. Acquiring a house is also beyond my means, although it does not pose as urgent a problem for me since I am not a fervent interior designer, and shaping the perfect abode for my character holds little interest for me.

So, what can I do then? I had no other choice but to set out and earn money. The problem lies in the absence of appealing opportunities to do so. The most apparent option is to sell all my loot, which I have indeed done, but I have accumulated so many provisions that I eventually wish to cook with that there isn't much left for me to sell. My already full ship inventory and the incredibly vexing burden system hinder me from collecting all the loot I could actually gather and unload at merchants.

Starfield Feels Like A Job

My next option is to utilize the mission boards. In my opinion, this is the most dreadful choice as it involves utterly meaningless tasks. One could undertake deliveries to other systems, hunt pirates, or simply - and this is the worst part - explore planets. It's truly a grim endeavor, something I would never do for the sake of enjoyment, but I'm not doing it for fun. I'm doing it for credits, so that I can engage in activities that genuinely bring joy. Hey, just like in real life! Alternatively, I could plunder random ships for loot and cash, which feels a tad wicked considering I'm striving to portray a virtuous character.

It's even worse that I not only have to grind for credits but also to make the game enjoyable in the first place. I've seen my fellow players in the endgame, effortlessly hovering in the air, becoming invisible, and taking down multiple enemies simultaneously. It looks like a cool way to play the game - too bad I don't have access to it because I haven't trained hard enough and invested all my skill points into those specific abilities! I've invested my points in skills that make the game more entertaining for me, be it stealth, weapon proficiency, or security. Many of the things that facilitate experience point accumulation, such as constructing outposts, hold no appeal to me whatsoever.

Starfield Feels Like A

I don't want to do all these things just to progress in the game; I simply want to play the game. I want to love Starfield, but it keeps forcing me to confront its worst aspects time and time again.