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Starfield Greenhouse Guide

One of the most fascinating aspects of Starfield is the ability to extract resources from various planets. These resources are extremely valuable as t...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 24, 2023
Starfield Greenhouse Guide

One of the most fascinating aspects of Starfield is the ability to extract resources from various planets. These resources are extremely valuable as they can be used for both weapon and armor upgrades, as well as numerous crafting recipes. Although they can often be purchased from merchants, this can quickly become a costly endeavor.

Instead of constantly squandering your hard-earned credits on merchants, you can ensure long-term success by setting up your own greenhouse. This will consistently harvest resources for you, granting you greater freedom and a more substantial budget for crafting endeavors. You can even transfer these resources onto your spacecraft.

How To Build A Greenhouse

Starfield Greenhouse Guide

In order to construct a greenhouse, you must first establish an outpost. You should locate a planet that possesses the necessary resources (or plants that appeal to you). Additionally, you will need to possess the Botany skill and have researched the first level of Horticulture at a research station.

The planet will require certain types of flora, and you will know that you can establish an outpost when the flora is marked as "Permissible Outpost Production" on the scanner.

If you have met all the requirements and cannot find the greenhouse in the construction menu, you may be on a planet that does not support outpost production for flora. In this case, it is advisable to search for another planet.

To construct the greenhouse, you will need the following materials:

  • Reactive Gauge (3)
  • Fluorine (4)
  • Sealant (3)
  • Adaptive Frame (5)

Once you have gathered everything, proceed to your outpost, open the construction menu, and place your greenhouse. You will find it in the "Builders" tab of the outpost construction menu.

How To Set Up A Greenhouse

Starfield Greenhouse

After you have constructed your greenhouse, you will need to provide it with power and water. The greenhouse requires three units of energy, so you should either build a solar panel or a wind turbine to supply it with electricity.

You will also need a solid storage container to collect your resources, and you will require a water extractor. With these components, your greenhouse will be almost ready for operation. All you need to do is fully scan the surrounding flora. To do this, access your scanner, select the specific flora you wish to gather, and then press the A button on your controller or the E key on your PC.

Ensure that you establish output connections from these components to the greenhouse to ensure its proper functioning.

How To Cultivate Flora


To cultivate flora, you must fully scan it on its native planet. Afterwards, you can access it in the greenhouse to see how much water it requires to thrive.

If it is not possible to place water purifiers on the desired planet, a liquid storage container can be used. However, you will need to manually fill it with water.

Once it is fully researched, you can use the console on the greenhouse to select the organic resource you wish to produce. This will fill the greenhouse with the corresponding flora.

You can enhance your greenhouses by researching horticulture at a research station. This will enable you to produce more organic resources over time.

With that, you are ready to cultivate flora throughout the galaxy. However, please note that you can only have a maximum of eight outposts simultaneously. Therefore, ensure that you harvest all the necessary resources you need.

Do not forget - you can craft a transfer container to easily load resources as cargo onto your ship.