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Starfield: How to Court Barrett

In Starfield, there are many companions with whom you can fight side by side, but none offer as much depth as the Big Four from the Constellation. Amo...

Patrick Smith Sept 03, 2023
Starfield: How to Court Barrett

In Starfield, there are many companions with whom you can fight side by side, but none offer as much depth as the Big Four from the Constellation. Among them, Barrett is the first one you will encounter, but like two ships passing in the night, he will soon be gone... leaving his ship in your hands. Wait, that's not how it works.

In any case, you will meet Barrett again, and if you wish, you can even engage in a romance with him. The ship still belongs to you, so he is evidently a generous person. Here's how you form the bond - but keep in mind that you will need to connect some bittersweet loose ends with Barrett beforehand.

Everybody Hates Ervin

Starfield How To Romance Barrett

Before you can even begin embarking on a romance with Barrett, he must return to your life after the brief time he spends with you at the beginning of the game. To accomplish this, you need to complete the initial handful of main quests in Starfield, particularly up until "The Empty Nest." At this point, you will have three objectives to choose from, and it is entirely up to you in which order you select them. And don't worry, if you choose Barrett as the last option, nothing will be disrupted.

Once Barrett has been officially reenlisted into the Constellation, make him your active companion. In Starfield, you truly cannot achieve anything in terms of romances with characters unless they are out in the field with you, aboard your ship, or in whatever situation may arise.

Barrett's affection will increase when you do things that he enjoys. As his affection grows, he will eventually feel the need to have conversations that will soon touch upon his deceased ex-husband, Ervin. Before we delve into all of that, here's what you should keep in mind regarding Barrett's affection increases. He is a humorous guy and values a similar sense of humor. Essentially, he is a good person and will respond positively to any signs of decency and generosity from you.

Now, back to Ervin. Initially, you should not delve deeper into the topic; Barrett will appreciate it more if you give him later opportunities to talk about his deceased lover. Over time, he will share a lot about him, and apparently, poor Ervin died with a significant flaw in his code of honor. Barrett believes he didn't deserve that.

Breach Of Contract

Starfield How To Romance

Fairly soon, your conversations with Barrett will address his need for financial support to investigate the circumstances surrounding Ervin's alleged misconduct. The total cost amounts to several thousand credits. While we can respect frugality, you won't be able to advance a potential romance without contributing, so go ahead and do it.

Things will reach their climax, and Barrett will want to travel with you to Gagarin. As gameplay continues and objectives become clear, you'll be searching for evidence. We've heard that you can testify even without all the evidence, but honestly, that's a terrible idea; the outcome is less than impressive.

For the best outcome, choose Doctor Kaela in the next decision. We're confident that not getting everything perfect won't completely exclude you from a romance with Barrett, but why not strive for complete success?

When all is said and done, and Ervin's reputation is restored, the final step in your effort to win over your colleague's affection is the most obvious of all: Choose to court him instead of just being friends with him. Congratulations, and... do we hear wedding bells in the distance?