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Starfield: How to Defeat Terrormorphs

In Starfield, the only good Terrormorph is a dead Terrormorph found throughout the galaxy. These apex predators are the scourge of humanity. These ali...

Bradley Russell Sept 11, 2023
Starfield: How to Defeat Terrormorphs

In Starfield, the only good Terrormorph is a dead Terrormorph found throughout the galaxy. These apex predators are the scourge of humanity. These aliens are extremely dangerous, equipped with razor-sharp claws and a jaw full of teeth, making the prospect of escaping their jaws grim. Additionally, they possess powerful psychic abilities that make them deadly even from a significant distance.

Terrormorphs are unique alien creatures that do not conform to the multitude of beings and fauna in the galaxy. They cannot be scanned to uncover details, so everything we have learned about combating them has been discovered through experimentation.

Where Can Terrormorphs Be Found?

Starfield How To Defeat Terrormorphs

Terrormorphs can be found on any planet or moon in the galaxy, as they are robust creatures that thrive even in the most hazardous environments. However, on Toliman II of the Toliman system in Alpha Centauri, one can encounter a multitude of Terrormorphs, making it an excellent location for leveling up, provided you have sufficient firepower and ammunition.

To reach Toliman II, select the Alpha Centauri system and scroll down using the directional pad to the Toliman system.

You can also encounter Terrormorphs on Kreet, a moon you visit in "One Small Step," the first story mission in the game. Through reading plaques and computer files within the Kreet research facility, we learn that xenobiological warfare scientists conducted experiments on alien creatures to create the perfect biological weapon.

Terrormorphs are rare encounters. However, if you join the UC Vanguard and wish to complete the questline of the UC faction, you will become intimately familiar with these grotesque killing machines.

You will already encounter Terrormorphs in the mission "Grunt Work," the second UC faction quest. However, during this encounter, the odds will be in your favor as you will be able to program turret lines to kill the Terrormorphs.

In subsequent missions like "Eyewitness," you will encounter these wild aliens and new variations face to face, without the help of turrets, meaning you will have to do most of the work yourself.

Terrormorph Variants

Terrormorph Variant



Starfield How To Defeat

Terrormorph Abilities

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Unfortunately, Terrormorphs have few weaknesses that can be exploited, which is a stark contrast to their numerous strengths.

Terrormorphs are capable of moving sideways, allowing them to evade shots and close the distance to you. They can also burrow into the ground to avoid danger and sneak up from behind, further increasing the difficulty in combat against these creatures.

You are fast and capable of hitting you with powerful close-range and long-range attacks. In addition, their screams can mentally control nearby people and creatures to join them, and their projectiles will stun you while reloading.

Although they have a long-range attack, we recommend getting to higher ground as Terrormorphs cannot climb. From there, you can shoot at them from above.

Do Terrormorphs Have Weak Spots?

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On the internet, there are claims that Terrormorphs have weak spots on their back; however, this is not the case.

The backs of Terrormorphs have repulsive growths that could appear as logical weak spots in video games. However, due to the random critical hit chance, players might mistakenly assume that Terrormorphs have weak spots on their backs.

In an experiment, we focused on shooting at the back of a Terrormorph, which resulted in some critical hits. However, we achieved significantly more critical hits when shooting at the head of the Terrormorph. Therefore, we concluded that the head is the weak spot of the Terrormorph.

What Is The Best Equipment To Fight Terrormorphs?


In general, you should have an explosive weapon ready for Terrormorphs. Explosives are the way to inflict maximum damage. However, some unique weapons and armor should be acquired for the battle against these alien horrors.

  • Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit.
  • Armor-Plated Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Pack.
  • Incendiary Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Space Helmet.
  • X-989 Microgun Exterminator.

All three parts of the UC Antixeno spacesuit equipment from Sentinel can be found during the Hostile Intelligence UC Faction mission at Forward Base 441.

X-989 Microgun Exterminator

The X-989 Microgun deals 30 percent additional damage to aliens and is therefore the perfect weapon when combined with the unique spacesuit and helmet that provide an additional 30 percent alien damage bonus.

However, be cautious as the X-989 Microgun consumes ammunition rapidly. You can exhaust a thousand 7.77 rounds in just a few minutes since it fires at a rate of 350 rounds per minute.

By investing skill points in the "Heavy Weapons" and "Explosives" abilities, you can significantly increase your damage against Terrormorphs, provided you are using the appropriate weapon.

Increase Your Damage Output With Chems

Fighting Terrormorphs is no easy task, and while it is possible to take down one or two Terrormorphs with your conventional rifles and pistols, you will need a significant amount of ammunition. However, you will require much more firepower if you have to defend yourself against a whole group while exploring the snowy planet Toliman II.

If your firepower is simply not enough, consider using chemicals to increase your movement speed and damage output. Remember that to boost the damage of your ranged weapons, you need to use chemicals that enhance "ranged damage."

Use chemicals like Infantry Alpha and Panopticon. Don't worry if you become addicted to chemicals, as this can be relatively easily remedied and is a good compromise for temporary additional damage or damage resistance.