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Starfield: How to Heal Addiction

Drugs or stimulants, known as "Starfield," operate in a similar manner to their counterparts in the Fallout series. Excessive consumption of these sub...

Phil Hayton Sept 08, 2023
Starfield: How to Heal Addiction

Drugs or stimulants, known as "Starfield," operate in a similar manner to their counterparts in the Fallout series. Excessive consumption of these substances can lead to addiction and result in a multitude of impairing effects. However, there may be situations where their usage becomes necessary. By ingesting a Squall during combat, you undergo a transformation into a swift and agile killing machine, ultimately enabling you to eliminate the Terrormorph that has been wreaking havoc on a civilian outpost.

There exists a myriad of stimulants that offer enticing statistical bonuses and effects. Nevertheless, one should steer clear of these addictive and perilous substances. However, there are diverse methods available to suppress and cure chemical dependency.

What Does Addiction Do?

Starfield How To Cure Addiction

Each time you consume a stimulant, there is a possibility of becoming addicted and experiencing the Stimulant Dependency status effect. The Stimulant Dependency effect will bestow upon you the following impairments:

  • 20 Carry Capacity pentalty
  • 20 percent O2 Recovery Rate pentalty

This debuff effect will only disappear when you consume additional stimulants. Unlike previous Bethesda titles, you are not required to consume the same type of stimulant to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms, as it is a general addiction stemming from the use of stimulants.

You will be notified when you are affected by stimulant dependency. Additionally, you can access the status of your character through the menu to view all active effects in detail.

One could argue that stimulant dependency is not as significant of an issue as in the Fallout series, as you can combat the symptoms with each stimulant. However, the last thing you want while exploring a remote planet is oxygen deprivation.

When you run out of oxygen, carbon dioxide will accumulate in your spacesuit, indicated by a red bar. Once it is completely filled, you will start losing health points.

How To Cure Addiction

Starfield How To Cure

If you find yourself addicted to stimulants, do not panic! There are a variety of ways to alleviate your addiction:

  • Doctors can cure your stimulant addiction for 450 Credits.
  • Addichrone - a stimulant that can be taken to fight symptoms of withdrawal until you find a doctor. Its effects last ten minutes and cost 380 Credits from vendors.
  • Junk Flush - a stimulant that can be inhaled to cure Stimulants Addiction costing 665 credits from vendors.

Not all merchants offer Addichron and Junk Flush, so it is advisable to trade with doctors as they are more likely to have them in stock.

Finding a doctor is by far the best choice to cure stimulant dependency. However, doctors don't just sprout from the ground on a remote planet - you can only find doctors in larger settlements and cities, such as the Springs of New Atlantis.

Therefore, we recommend that you carry a few Junk Flush and Addichrone with you for safety, in case you become addicted to stimulants in a remote area.

Addichron suppresses the effects of stimulant dependency for ten minutes, and we recommend purchasing it from merchants only if you don't have any in your inventory. Otherwise, look for pharmaceutical kits as they always contain medical stimulants.

How To Craft Stimulants

Starfield How To

You can utilize the pharmaceutical laboratory to craft stimulants and medical items. However, you need to complete pharmaceutical research projects in the research laboratory and invest skill points into the chemistry skill.