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Starfield: How to Seduce/Romance Sarah

Sarah Morgan is not the first member of Constellation you will encounter in Starfield, but she is the first Constellation member who won't abandon you...

Phil Hayton Sept 14, 2023
Starfield: How to Seduce/Romance Sarah

Sarah Morgan is not the first member of Constellation you will encounter in Starfield, but she is the first Constellation member who won't abandon you five minutes later (we love you, Barrett). As such, Sarah serves as your early glimpse into the inner workings of the organization, as well as several key elements of the intricately designed world of Starfield.

As you conclude your initial assignment within Constellation alongside her, you may develop a stronger connection to this soldier turned explorer. Like all main companions in Starfield, Sarah has her own quest that you must undertake before she becomes your loyal companion - or perhaps even something more.

Why Romance Sarah Morgan?

Starfield How To Romance Sarah

If you are interested in having your character in Starfield engage in a romance and have a weakness for clever intellectuals brimming with enthusiasm to explore everything in the universe, you will hardly find a better match than Sarah Morgan.

Sarah has her fair share of past demons, and you will learn all about them if you spend enough time with her. However, she adheres to an explorer's code, driven by a genuine desire to advance humanity in a benevolent and profound manner. In general, she is simply a kind-hearted woman, so you can feel quite secure with Sarah if you're not seeking a partner who would bat an eye twice if you were to transform into a notorious killer.

How To Earn Affinity With Sarah

Starfield How To Romance

Similar to other companions, Sarah will occasionally open up with new conversations during your shared journeys. There are two ways to ensure this happens. Firstly, simply travel with her. We've mentioned it before, but it's a necessary step. You won't trigger these conversations if you merely look for her in the lodge or keep her as a crew member aboard your ship without actively engaging in travel.

The other thing you must do to expedite the process is to engage in activities that Sarah approves of, thus winning her sympathy. It's a good approach to assist organizations with seemingly noble goals. For instance, the UC Vanguard is a preferable place to be when Sarah is involved, as opposed to the Trade Authority.

In fact, Sarah despises the Trade Authority, so if you are determined to undertake her quests together, make sure to conduct yourself towards them as nobly as possible. Sarah is just one of several companions who greatly appreciate players behaving in a charitable manner. In Starfield, you will undoubtedly encounter characters plagued by misfortune to the extent that the game offers you the opportunity to spend 20,000 credits on their behalf. Consider these (very costly) guaranteed acts of support.

Sarah's Companion Quest

Starfield How To

Once you have sufficiently raised Sarah's sympathy and - equally important - gone through every conversation leading to this quest, you will receive the task of speaking with Admiral Logan at the Ministry of Defense of MAST. Given what you have learned about his shared history with Sarah, it comes as no surprise that he is not exactly thrilled about divulging the data we need. Attempt to cheer him up with your persuasion skills, but ultimately, he will relent no matter what happens.

With the data in her hands, Sarah asks us to travel to Cassiopeia. The system here is at a relatively low level, so if you unlock this quest, "In Memorium," early on, it shouldn't be too challenging. That being said, if you are particularly under level 20, make sure to have a high-quality spacesuit and preferably a powerful rapid-fire pistol or similar equipment. Some of the enemies on Cassiopeia are less forgiving than their levels might suggest.

Starfield How

Exercise extreme caution when it comes to the conspicuous fauna near the target in the canyon, after you have found the old capsule. They can gather and ambush you once you have retrieved the item. Our advice? Keep your distance by staying significantly higher up in the rocks. These beasts appear unable to reach you, much like many of the deadly extraterrestrial enemies in Starfield.

Once the data has been decrypted, it's a journey through more of Cassiopeia from another landing site, and you will eventually encounter a girl. We don't want to spoil anything, but after initial tension, you must venture out alone to find dog tags. The flower-like creatures here are not too problematic, but the "silverfish" enemies, especially the one with a noticeably higher level, can be challenging. Dispatch them from a distance and prepare yourself to deal with multiple weaker enemies upon your return to the girl's house.

Whether the girl leaves her home is up to you. If she does, she will move to the lodge. All in all, we believe it's for the best, but it's one of those decisions that relies more on your intuition than what you gain from it.

Whether you have flirted with Sarah up to this point is not as important as you might think, but to ensure progress, if you are determined to pursue a romance with her, you should indeed do so. Only after resolving the issue with the girl and returning to New Atlantis, Sarah will ask you to meet her at the waterfall, and it is here that things take their fateful course. This is where you will choose to either engage in a romance with her or not.

We believe that it is possible to rekindle the flame if you choose against it now, and we will update this article once it is confirmed. However, to be sure, you should do it now. After some time, a wedding will follow, and you will experience a happy ending with your fellow explorer.