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Starfield Jemison Survey Guide

Starfield offers thousands of planets to explore, but you will often return to Jemison during your journey through the universe. As the home of the Un...

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Starfield Jemison Survey Guide

Starfield offers thousands of planets to explore, but you will often return to Jemison during your journey through the universe. As the home of the United Constellations (UC) headquarters and the Constellation Lodge, you will undertake many trips to New Atlantis. You will investigate Jemison by gathering all data on its fauna, flora, and resources, and exploring every planetary feature that Jemison has to offer.

This is no easy task, as Jemison harbors a rich ecosystem with diverse biodiversity. Although exploring Jemison poses a significant challenge, it is a mission that would make even David Attenborough proud. However, it is worth it, as you can sell the Jemison Survey Slate for a considerable amount of credits.

How To 100 Percent Survey Jemison

Starfield Jemison Survey Guide

To complete the planetary exploration of Jemison, you must scan all types of flora, fauna, and resources and discover the planetary features of Jemison. These include:

  • Eight types of Flora
  • Nine types of Fauna
  • Five types of Resources
  • Three Planetary Traits

As you can see, you have a lot to do. However, you can quickly complete the exploration of Jemison if you know how to scan these items optimally. Resources are the easiest to scan since you only need to scan them once.

Mining or harvesting the resource will automatically scan it.

Since the progress of planetary exploration is based on a simple checklist, you cannot see which items you have already investigated. However, examined flora, fauna, or resources will be highlighted in green, while a blue outline indicates an item that can still be scanned. So, if you come across a blue-highlighted alien creature or plant, it means you have already scanned it.

Every time you scan a plant or creature in Starfield, you will receive useful information such as the resource it provides, the creature's temperament, its strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, the biome it inhabits. You can quickly explore Jemison by searching for creatures in the right locations.

Once you have completed the planetary exploration of Jemison, you will travel to the Eye, a space station orbiting Jemison, to sell the planetary exploration data to Vladimir.

Biomes Of Jemison

Starfield Jemison Survey

Jemison offers four different biomes that you can explore:

  • Deciduous Forest
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Mountains
  • Frozen Mountains

The majority of flora and fauna can be found in the leafy forest. However, the dense forests and bushes can make it challenging to locate scannable flora and fauna. The frozen mountains are an excellent biome for exploring flora and fauna.

Once you have scanned every possible flora, fauna, or resource in a biome, the message "Biome completed" will appear on each scannable category, indicating that you need to travel to a new biome.

Jemison Survey Checklist: Fauna

Starfield Jemison





Apex Parrothawk


Deciduous Fores


Despite their horrific features and Terrormorph-like face, Seabat Geophages have a peaceful temperament.

Outpost Production is allowed, and you can loot Metabolic Agent non-lethally from them.

These creatures can be difficult to find due to their small size and tendency to fly high in the sky. They are weak to physical damage but have a staggering attack ability.

Jemison Survey Checklist: Flora





Cold Cave Nettle

Deciduous Forest

Coniferous Forest


Jemison Survey Checklist: Resources

The extraction or harvesting of a resource is considered a scan for planetary exploration.

You only need to find five inorganic resources on Jemison to complete the exploration.

  • Water (H2O)
  • Chlorine (Cl)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Argon (Ar)
  • Chlorosilanes (SiH3Cl)

Finding resources on Jemison is easy since you can use the starmap to scan the planet for resources. However, note that Argon and Chlorine are gas resources, which means you'll need to find gas vents to scan them. Additionally, water and chlorosilanes are abundant on the planet in the form of springs.

You need to mine ice in the Frozen Mountains biome to obtain water. Ice appears on rocks similar to lead and other inorganic materials.

How To Discover Jemison's Planetary Traits

Jemison features three Planetary Traits:

  • Global Glacial Recession
  • Ecological Consortium
  • Sentient Microbial Colonies

To discover planetary features, you must visit the unknown areas marked on your scanner while exploring Jemison.

Once you reach the location, you need to search for scannable objects. In the case of the Ecological Consortium, you need to look for peculiar, pointed pillars.

Although these locations of planetary features do not offer anything valuable except data for planetary exploration, often in these areas, dung heaps and piles of stones with valuable loot can be found, strange as it may sound!

To quickly discover planetary features, travel to a new landing zone. This will usually generate new unknown locations.