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Starfield Kreet Investigation Guide

Starfield has thousands of planets and moons to explore, yet every player, including you, will land on the remote, dusty moon of Kreet. Don't confuse ...

Nancy Ing Sept 05, 2023
Starfield Kreet Investigation Guide

Starfield has thousands of planets and moons to explore, yet every player, including you, will land on the remote, dusty moon of Kreet. Don't confuse Kreet with Crete; you won't find Greek white sandy beaches or beautiful blue lagoons. Instead, you will discover strange alien fauna and flora, as well as valuable resources.

Exploring planets in Starfield is a great way to earn some extra credits. Scanning any type of creature, plant life, and resources on a planet rewards you with experience points (XP) and valuable data that can be sold for credits. You will also receive information about the planet and gain insights into the creatures that inhabit the world, such as their weaknesses and abilities.

How To 100 Percent Survey Kreet

Starfield Kreet Survey Guide

To complete a planet investigation 100%, you must scan every fauna, flora, and resource on the planet and discover the characteristics of the planet.

Fortunately, Bethesda has listed the number of each type of item that needs to be scanned on a planet. This information can be displayed on your HUD when you activate the scanner.

Everything you need to scan will be highlighted in blue; once you have completed the scan, the creature or object will be displayed in green. Remember that you may need to scan items multiple times to capture them fully.

You will visit Kreet during the main mission "One Small Step." There, you will need to eliminate the Crimson Fleet Pirates from an abandoned research lab. You can find all three fauna creatures in this area.

Be careful, as your scanner is limited to a measly range of ten meters until you upgrade the scanner ability in the skill tree.

Although the scanner indicates that there are only three different types of fauna on Kreet, you can actually discover numerous additional species, such as Heatleeches, Xenogrubs, and the relentless Terrormorph! A top predator. However, you do not need to scan them to complete the investigation.

Kreet Survey Checklist

Kreet Fauna



Found Biome


Kreet Grazer

Starfield Kreet Survey



Frozen Volcanic

Trilobites are small crustacean-like creatures similar to the horseshoe crab of Earth. They are not aggressive and can be found all over Kreet.

Kreet Flora



Found Biome


Dust Root

Starfield Kreet

Frozen Volcanic

Frost Reeds are only found in the Frozen Volcanic biome and are very easy to spot thanks to their striking red color. You can harvest fiber from them.

Finding Resources On Kreet


You can expedite the process of scanning and resource gathering by using the starmap to identify areas rich in specific resources. To do this, select the "Show Resources" function while viewing a planet or moon. Then, use the table on the left side to locate your desired resource.

Remember that some resources are rarer than others. Therefore, you may need to zoom in on the planet or moon to find the areas with the desired resources.

Scanning resources works slightly differently than scanning flora and fauna. Although there are eight types of resources on Kreet, you only need to scan each resource once to add it to the investigation.

  • Iron (Fe)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Silver (Ag)
  • Argon (Ar)
  • Neon (Ne)
  • Alkanes (HnCn)
  • Water (H2O)
  • Helium-3 (He-3)

You will automatically discover Helium-3 (He-3) when you land on Kreet, and you can harvest Argon, Neon, and Alkanes by simply going to the gas vent and collecting them.

Kreet Biomes

Kreet has three biomes that you need to explore in order to scan every plant and resource on Kreet:

  • Mountains
  • Volcanic
  • Frozen Volcanic

You can view each biome in the system menu of the starmap.

Once you have scanned all scannable objects in a biome, it will be marked as 100% completed.

How To Discover Kreet’s Planetary Trait

Every planet and moon in Starfield has planetary features that need to be discovered in order to complete the investigation.

"Boiled Seas" is the only planetary feature of Kreet. To discover it, you need to scan an eroded reef ledge.

You can find this curved, rocky, yet natural feature by moving towards the indicated natural point of interest on the map. Since these features are procedurally generated, we cannot provide you with the exact location of the reef. However, we found the reef in the frozen volcanic biome.