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Starfield Mob Mentality quest walkthrough

Mob Mentality is a side quest in Starfield that takes place in Neon. A city dominated by crime, drugs, and ruthless corporations. Neon is not a place ...

Isaiah Colbert Sept 24, 2023
Starfield Mob Mentality quest walkthrough

Mob Mentality is a side quest in Starfield that takes place in Neon. A city dominated by crime, drugs, and ruthless corporations. Neon is not a place for the inexperienced explorer. There is always something shady happening, and like Tevin Anastas, you cannot rely on Neon Security to protect you, no. Neon is the Wild West of space.

Tevin Anastas is the proprietor of the Emporium located in the Neon Core Bayu Plaza High Street. While his merchandise may consist of a collection of old knick-knacks, assisting him with his predicament involving Headlock could yield a substantial payout of credits for you.

How To Start The Mob Mentality Side Quest

Starfield Mob Mentality Quest Walkthrough

In order to initiate the side quest "Mob Mentality," you must travel to Neon, a city located on Volii Alpha in the Volii System. As you meander through the main street of Neon Core, you will become aware of Tevin's struggles in managing his shop and being terrorized by Headlock, a newcomer to the Seokguh gang.

You can go directly to the Emporium on the main street of Neon Core and inquire Tevin about his problem with Headlock. There, you have the opportunity to select the dialogue option "I will take care of this thug Headlock" to initiate the quest "Mob Mentality."

When you inquire Tevin about Headlock, he will explain that Headlock is usually seen lurking somewhere in Ebbside, near Frankie's Grab 'N Go.

Ask Frankie About Headlock

Starfield Mob Mentality Quest

Now that you have a lead on where Headlock might be, enter Ebbside from the main street in Neon and follow the marker to Frankie's Grab 'N Go.

Digger Zemin will warn you about the area and explain that the Disciples gang will attack you. Digger will then ask for payment for the tip, but do not give him any money and instead reply, "I knew you had an agenda, but not this time." Digger will then leave you alone.

Once you finally reach Frankie's Grab 'N Go, speak with Frankie and explain that you are not looking for trouble but rather in search of Headlock. Frankie will deny knowing anything unless you either convince her or pay her 500 credits.

After you have convinced or paid Frankie, she will reveal that Headlock is located in Warehouse 04. Additionally, she will ask why you are searching for him. You can play this role however you like, as it has no influence on the story.

Confront Headlock At Warehouse 04

Starfield Mob Mentality

All that remains is to confront Headlock at Warehouse 04 on the outskirts of the city. You will encounter Headlock there along with some gang members. Keep in mind that they will attack you if you initiate an attack on Headlock.

You have two options in how you can approach Headlock:

  1. Kill Headlock and the other gang members.
  2. Persuade Headlock to stop bothering Tevin.

Should You Kill Or Spare Headlock?

Starfield Mob

There are no consequences if you kill Headlock, as it will neither affect your payment nor your companion's opinion of you. By eliminating Headlock and the gang members in Warehouse 04, you will have the opportunity to loot them.

It is possible to persuade Headlock and earn ten experience points, or to kill him and the gang members in the warehouse to maximize your experience points and loot. You will receive the same reward from Tevin regardless of whether you kill Headlock or persuade him.

If you're playing as a Paragon character, it makes sense to spare Headlock. However, by doing so, you will miss out on the loot.

Return To Tevin At The Emporium


Regardless of how you dealt with Headlock, return to Tevin at the Emporium to collect your reward of 3000 credits and 100 experience points.