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Starfield - No Sudden Moves: Quest Walkthrough

When you first encounter the Starborn in Starfield, the main story begins to unfold. After completing some repairs for Vladimir at The Eye, he learns ...

Amy West Sept 25, 2023
Starfield - No Sudden Moves: Quest Walkthrough

When you first encounter the Starborn in Starfield, the main story begins to unfold. After completing some repairs for Vladimir at The Eye, he learns that an old rival of his is in possession of an artifact and has no intention of selling it.

After completing "Short Sighted," Vladimir will tell you to go to Captain Petrov's ship and that you may even have to resort to some illegal measures to obtain the artifact. Here is a guide to the various ways to acquire the artifact, as well as several locked rooms on the Scow that you can sneak into.

How To Enter The Scow

Starfield No Sudden Moves Quest Walkthrough

First of all, you need to travel to the moon Procyon V-b, which is located in the Procyon A system.

You will arrive in a debris field and see the ship Scow in the distance. There are two ways to enter the Scow: you can either gain entry diplomatically or attack and forcefully gain access.

Gaining entry diplomatically is relatively easy, as many options can work. Here are a few to try:

  • I’m from Constellation. We want to purchase one of Petrov’s relics. (1st turn)
  • I’ve heard stories about your magnificent ship… (2nd turn)
  • Do you even know who I am?... (2nd turn)
  • I’m being nice by asking first… (2nd turn)
  • I’ll bust through if I have to… (1st turn)

If you instead choose to attack, you will need to disable the engines of the Scow to forcefully board it. The Scow is a level-10 ship and is supported by three nearby particle turrets that can inflict significant damage upon you.

If you haven't upgraded your flying skills or other ship-related abilities, it will be easier to rely on persuasion instead.

What Is Behind The Locked Doors Before Captain Petrov

Starfield No Sudden Moves Quest

After entering the Scow, you will navigate through an abandoned and devastated ship to reach Captain Petrov. However, there are a few places where you should make a stop before that. Make sure you are prepared to move stealthily, as the guards will not be pleased if they find you in areas where you shouldn't be.

To obtain most of the mentioned items, you will naturally need to be willing to steal.

Locked Doors #1

Eventually, you will enter a corridor that branches off into several paths you can continue on. In front of a locked door stands a guard. The door is equipped with an advanced-level security lock, and you can incapacitate the guard to open it.

In the areas leading up to reaching Captain Petrov, the Scow guards are scattered and few in number. You can easily take out most of these guards silently if you choose to do so.

Once inside, there will be two additional guards on each side, fortunately, they are facing away from you. In the middle of this area, there is another door with an advanced security lock that leads back to the main corridor.

At the end of this area, there is another locked door next to a coffee vending machine, this time with an expert-level security lock. Hack into this room to obtain a range of items, including:

  • Crafting items such as Hallucinogens and a Zero-G Gimbal
  • Ammo cases with shotguns shells and various mines
  • A Refined Navigator Pack and White Neon City Poncho

Locked Doors #2A alien skull is on a stand next to a stairwell that leads up, and one that leads down.

After this area, on the left side of the ship, you will see the skull of an alien creature on a stand. Nearby, there are stairs that lead both upward and downward.

The stairs lead to a door with an expert-level security lock. Upstairs, there isn't much, but there is an opening that allows access to the room below. The stairs going down lead to another door with an expert-level security lock, which leads to the same room.

In this room, only one Scow guard patrols, essentially serving as an armory. Here, you will find multiple ammo crates, some weapons, a weapon workbench, and even some credsticks. You can even find a powerful legendary concession blowtorch in this room.

Starfield No Sudden Moves

The last item you need to pick up in this room is the Scow auxiliary weapon key, which is located on a card stand next to the windows. This will be an important item to access a secret room later on.

Talk To Erin September, Bull, And Raptor

Starfield No Sudden

As you continue through the ship, you will eventually reach the main chamber where Captain Petrov sits on a recliner, like a king on a throne. Before speaking with him, you can engage in a conversation with a group of mercenaries.

When speaking with Erin September, Bull, and Raptor, you have the opportunity to uncover additional clues about the Scow. This includes alternative paths to reach the artifact.

Of course, you have to shell out some money to find out more, but it could be worth it.



Information Revealed

First Tip

1000 credits

The Artifact is in a vault with thin walls, and there is a cuttable wall you can get past to enter it from the side.

Second Tip

1000 credits

Petrov has a zoo containing multiple alien creatures, and the trio doesn't like them being held captive. They give you the zoo security password that can free them.

Third Tip

2500 credits

The trio are mercenaries, after all. You can pay them off to help you if a fight breaks out.

How To Persuade Captain Petrov

Starfield No

Captain Petrov is relaxing at the end of a large spaceship-like museum, and you have the opportunity to approach him and talk to him. You can attack him directly if you want, but you also have the chance to persuade him to show you the artifact.

During your first attempt to persuade Petrov, you're likely to have no success, but here are some follow-up options that should help you convince him successfully:

  • Ah, I get it. Your collection is too small. Hardly worth seeing. (2nd turn)
  • I promise, this is just between us. (2nd turn)
  • I'm sure there is a way we can both walk away happy. (3rd turn)
  • What's the good of a vast collection if you can't show it off? (4th turn)

After successfully persuading him, he will lead you through the ship to the vault room where he keeps the artifact. Once you have actually reached the vault room, you will need to speak with Petrov again to make an actual attempt to obtain the artifact.

How To Access Petrov's Office


In the hallway behind Captain Petrov, you can see a room with living quarters on the left. If you take a detour here, you can find several valuable items that you may want to pick up:

  • A copy of Petrov's Vault Key, which can be useful if you don't want to rely on Petrov at all
  • An Expert-level contraband cache that contains six Sentient AI Adapters and four Xenowarfare Tech
  • Some Black Market Antiquities on a shelf

How To Find The Thin Wall

However, if you choose to follow the mercenaries' clues to find the secret entrance to the vault room, you will be searching for the thin wall they mentioned.

Go past Petrov and through the back corridors until you reach a dimly lit hallway that ends with one of those emergency-cuttable walls.

If you go through this passage, you will enter a large room with two Scow guards and a lower area with a conveyor belt system. You should descend to find another cuttable wall that leads directly into the special vault room.

An adjacent room is patrolled by another Scow guard, and you will need to search for a button here to open the display case for the artifact. Once the artifact is openly accessible, you can retrieve it in this manner.

How To Release The Alien Zoo Creatures

The small zoo with alien creatures is also located in the back corridors behind the room where you meet Petrov. It's up to you whether to release the zoo, but you must have spoken to the mercenary trio and learned the security password.

Interact with the computer next to the zoo enclosures while knowing the password, and you can open all the doors. The released animals can cause a very useful distraction if you set them free, as they will attack the Scow crew.

The alien creatures will also attack you, and your companion will likely fight against them. After their release, make sure to run far away to avoid them.

The Locked Door Across From The Zoo

While you are at the zoo, you will come across another set of rooms behind a locked door. This time, the first door has only a beginner-level security lock. There will be a Scow guard in this area.

In this area, there is another locked door that can be opened with the Scow auxiliary weapons key, which you could have found in one of the locked rooms before reaching Captain Petrov. Here you will find the following:

  • A Novalight Particle Beam Pistol
  • A Suppressed Razorback Pistol
  • A Tombstone Rifle

Escape The Scow With The Artifact

Whether you sneaked through the cuttable wall, fought your way through, or followed Petrov to the vault room to see the artifact, you will definitely leave with the artifact.

Although you may have avoided direct confrontations up to this point, you should be prepared to fight your way through if something goes wrong. Make your way back to your ship with the artifact.

Before you leave, you can descend into a lower storage area inside the main entrance of the Scow to gather some crafting materials, digipicks, and credstiks.

Travel back to Alpha Centauri and return to the lodge. To complete the quest, simply add the artifact to your collection.

Adding the artifact to your collection will immediately start the quest "High Price to Pay." Only add the artifact if you are ready to proceed directly to the next main quest.