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Starfield Outpost Guide

Whenever you embark on an open-world game such as Starfield, the notion of base building immediately springs to mind. The game encompasses over 1,000 ...

Hope Bellingham Sept 06, 2023
Starfield Outpost Guide

Whenever you embark on an open-world game such as Starfield, the notion of base building immediately springs to mind. The game encompasses over 1,000 planets, practically all of which you can explore right from the beginning. Once you come across a planet that appeals to you, you can establish your base by utilizing an outpost.

Right from the start, you have the opportunity to construct an outpost, although there are certain aspects of the entire process that may prove challenging to comprehend. Furthermore, the location of your outpost holds tremendous significance if you wish to make the most out of it.

What Are Outposts?

Starfield Outpost Guide

Put simply, outposts are personal spaces that you can establish to create a location for various tasks, such as constructing your own home, acquiring resources, or utilizing them as storage areas. Once you place an outpost on a planet, you can land directly on it with each subsequent visit to the planet.

Moreover, a distinct symbol appears above the star systems and planets where you place an outpost. This occurs because you can only position a limited number of outposts (eight initially, though this quantity can be increased through an ability). If you run out of available outposts, you must remove one.

How To Set Up Outposts

Starfield Outpost

To establish an outpost, you must first locate a desirable planet. The planet on which you wish to set up your base can vary depending on what you intend to accomplish with it.

  • If you simply want to make a home for yourself, you'd be looking for a beautiful planet that doesn't have any dangerous planetary conditions at any time of the day.
  • On the other hand, if you're planning to extract some resources from an Outpost, you'd want to find a planet or a moon that has the most resources that you're looking for.

On planets with extreme conditions, you are unable to construct outposts, but this limitation can be overcome by upgrading the planetary colonization ability.

Once you have found a suitable planet, the next step is to explore and locate a fitting site for the outpost. For instance, if your intention is to gather resources, you would want to establish an outpost near multiple resource deposits. You can assess the resources you can acquire through an outpost as you endeavor to construct it.

Retrieve your scanner and you will find a button labeled "Outposts" at the bottom of your screen, along with the number of available outposts. By clicking on this button, the construction interface will appear, allowing you to navigate your screen and position the outpost at a desirable location.

Once you have erected the outpost, you can utilize the construction viewing mode to facilitate the placement of the remaining buildings.

How Do Outposts Work


Once you have placed an outpost on any given planet, you can observe its designated area highlighted in yellow within the scanner mode. Within this area, you can position various buildings, though you will need to upgrade the "Outpost Construction" ability to unlock superior structures. To commence construction, re-enter the outpost screen and proceed to the building area.

On this screen, you will encounter various items categorized into multiple sections. Some of these items may require a power source to operate, and in turn, the power sources may require helium to function. You will need a diverse range of resources to craft these items, and you can keep track of them in case you do not have an ample supply.

If you wish to establish another outpost on the same planet, you must position it at a considerable distance from the first one.

This is because the areas of two outposts must not overlap.

How To Customize Outposts

Once you have placed multiple buildings within an outpost, it is quite straightforward to move them. Simply approach the structure you wish to relocate and briefly press the "Quick Menu" button. This will open a small menu where you can find the option to "Move." Additionally, you can also set up exit connections from this menu.

These connections are used to transfer resources from extractors or small storage units to larger storage facilities or transfer containers. When you move a structure, all input and output connections will be relocated accordingly. You can also delete a structure through the quick menu if it is no longer needed.

If you wish to delete a connection between two structures, you can utilize the outpost mode through the scanner.

Finally, if you want to completely remove an outpost, you can approach the main structure and press and hold the "Remove or Rename" button. However, please note that this will instantly remove any other structures that were placed within the outpost's area.