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Starfield player finds crew in unexpected location

Starfield players have uncovered errors, glitches, and surprises in the game that have led to interesting and unique discoveries.A player found thei...

Hope Bellingham Sept 06, 2023
Starfield player finds crew in unexpected location

Starfield players have uncovered errors, glitches, and surprises in the game that have led to interesting and unique discoveries.

A player found their crew members standing in space on their spaceship, which was an absurd and glitchy situation.

While there have been some non-essential visual glitches, some players have expressed concerns about performance issues on Intel GPUs. Overall, Starfield has received mostly positive feedback.

A Starfield player accidentally found a few of their crew members in a very unexpected location. The game has been available for just a week for those who purchased the premium or constellation edition of Starfield. Even in this short period of time, fans have not only dedicated themselves to playing and exploring the game but have also discovered humorous situations within it. The vast scale of Starfield has led to many interesting and unique discoveries.

In the game, there are many bugs, glitches, and even surprises to discover. While some of these issues are mostly random and unintentional, there are others that give the player an early advantage. One such example is the Starfield trick to obtain a high-quality spacesuit early in the game. Players continue to uncover unconventional approaches to enjoy the game as there are many secrets they strive to find. However, there are also a few puzzles that players may not solve easily, which sometimes leads to unconventional discoveries in the game.

This is what happened to a Reddit user who thought some of their Starfield crew members were missing. The player decided to take an exterior photo of their spaceship in space and was shocked to discover two crew members casually standing on top of it. Realistically, this shouldn't be possible as there is no air in space. So, it could be a minor glitch where the game placed these two characters in that location. In the comment section, more humorous observations in the game world were shared, such as finding food on the ground of toxic planets or a Styrofoam cup on a 381-degree hot inferno, to name a few.

Starfield Player Finds Crew in Unexpected Place

These are mostly just visual and not necessarily gameplay-relevant glitches that don't necessarily affect the gameplay. However, these discoveries contribute to maintaining the illusion. There are simply some things that are too absurd, even for a science fiction game. Nevertheless, these issues are mostly non-game-breaking, unlike some concerns raised by PC players. Many reports indicate that Starfield has performance issues on certain Intel GPUs, and these are the concerns that have excited fans.

Despite all these issues and concerns, Starfield is still receiving positive feedback. The feedback it has received is mostly positive. Aside from some problems, many fans from around the world are impressed with the game's functionality. Ideally, Bethesda still has some patches to work on to provide players with the perfect experience they desire. But the game is already a great start, even with some minor hurdles.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Reddit