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Starfield Quest "All That Money Can Buy" Walkthrough

After speaking with Barrett and reaching "The Lodge" for the first time in the main story of Starfield, you will embark on a quest to hunt for various...

Gina Vivinetto Sept 04, 2023
Starfield Quest "All That Money Can Buy" Walkthrough

After speaking with Barrett and reaching "The Lodge" for the first time in the main story of Starfield, you will embark on a quest to hunt for various artifacts alongside the members of the Constellation. In one of these quests, Walter Stroud will ask you to accompany him to Neon and assist him in striking a deal to acquire another artifact.

The residents of Neon are not easy to deal with, as they are well-versed in the intricacies of every deal. Once you set foot on the planet, you will be working towards a goal that requires you to make a variety of crucial decisions.

How To Reach The Seller

Starfield All That Money Can Buy Quest Walkthrough

After entering the city, Walter will initially take you to his wife, as he needs to ask her for the financial means to carry out the deal. During this conversation, she will request you to take some precautions, including gathering information about the seller and speaking with the security of the Astral Lounge. Walter will only give you 1,000 credits to handle both matters.

Here, you need to be very cautious with your decisions if you don't want to spend money from your own pocket. Here's how you can complete both steps with just 1,000 credits:

  • The bartender at Astral Lounge will ask you to give him 4,000 Credits for a VIP membership initially. This membership is important for the quest, but you can Persuade him to lower the cost to 1,000 Credits. Give him the required money once it's gone down.
  • Head up to the VIP suites in Astral Lounge and interact with the door system of the room you're supposed to meet the buyer in.
  • Finally, head over to the shopkeeper who can give you information on the buyer and Persuade him to give it for free. This will lead you to a computer where you'll learn that the buyer is desperate to make this sale.

After successfully dealing with all these scenarios, you can meet up with Walter and go with him to the Astral Lounge for the deal.

Where To Find The Seller

Starfield All That Money Can Buy Quest

Once you enter the lounge, Walter will inform you that the buyer will be carrying a large briefcase, and you will be asked to locate it. You can find it at the back of the bar near the bartender you spoke to earlier. He will be leaning against a wall, and next to him, there will be a white briefcase on the floor.

Talk to the seller and choose the option "I'm with Ramsay and Travers." After this dialogue, he will head to the VIP room, and you need to do the same with Walter. Once you're in the room, sit down with the seller and choose the following options to obtain the briefcase without resorting to violence:

  1. I'll sit. No sense making anyone uncomfortable.
  2. Be reasonable. We can't just come up with double out of nowhere.
  3. No you won't. You still need the money.
  4. Do the smart thing. Take the money.

As you leave the room after completing the deal, you will be confronted by an employee of Slayton who claims that the artifact is their property. This is where your VIP badge comes into play, as you can simply ask the nearby security personnel to intervene and instruct the employee to leave. However, you will still have to deal with Slayton, as he will seize your ship.

How To Deal With Slayton

Starfield All That Money Can Buy

When you enter Slayton's Aerospace, you have two options to reach the executive floor where you are supposed to meet him:

  • Persuade the receptionist to make an exception and give you the Execute Level Pass to meet Slayton.
  • Or head into the nearby room with a blue marker and steal the card when no one's looking. Keep in mind that this room is restricted and the guards will start shooting you if they find you inside for too long.

Starfield All That Money Can

Once you enter the elevator, Slayton will see through your plans, and you will need to rely on Issa's guidance to escape the area. She will instruct you to go into the ventilation shafts on your right side after exiting the elevator and follow them. Eventually, you will come across a hole where you can drop down and follow the conduit path.

Note that this entire mission must be conducted in stealth mode. If you are discovered, you will have to defeat many enemies.

At the end of the path, you will find another ventilation shaft above, and then another hole that you can jump into. If you fall down, she will open the door to your right to allow for an alternate path. Do not wait too long in a room as security personnel patrol there and they may discover you. Issa will also ask you to wait for the robots at specific times until they have passed.

Starfield All That Money

Once you are outside, you will see a few guards in the area, but here you can start shooting them if you've had enough of sneaking. You need to defeat a total of four guards, but it's much easier than trying to get past them. Additionally, your scanner will mark the wrong path here. The correct path goes directly underneath the staircase where one of the guards was standing, and then turns left.

You will see another staircase there that will lead you directly to the blue marker where you can confront Slayton. While talking to him, you will constantly have the opportunity to attack, but that will result in a fight against every employee and soldier in the building, so it is recommended to avoid it. Instead, use the following options for a non-violent outcome:

  1. Call off your guards, Slayton. And release my ship.
  2. Any options other than the one with [Attack].

What Should You Do With Musgrove?

Starfield All That

Slayton will ask you what you want to do with the thief who stole his artifact, and you will have the option to let him go, hand him over to the police, or kill him. Regardless of which option you choose, Slayton will agree with your decision and let you go, but Walter and your companion will not be pleased if you choose to kill him.

Furthermore, it is recommended to hand him over to the police, as some companions will appreciate that. Once you have chosen Musgrove's fate, you will need to make your way back to the ship and take off to initiate the Starborn quest.