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Starfield "Eye of the Storm" Quest Walkthrough

Starfield offers a greater number of seriously impactful narrative choices compared to other modern Bethesda games. At least, it feels that way, and w...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 07, 2023
Starfield "Eye of the Storm" Quest Walkthrough

Starfield offers a greater number of seriously impactful narrative choices compared to other modern Bethesda games. At least, it feels that way, and when you reach the quest "Eye of the Storm" at the end of the UC SysDef/Crimson Fleet questline, you will quickly understand why. The significance of your decision here will have far-reaching consequences across the stars.

You've made it this far, so you've probably already been contemplating whom you will ally with. However, before we delve into that, let's analyze this epic quest step by step.

The Quest Begins

Starfield Eye Of The Storm Quest Walkthrough

We pick up where we left off in the previous quest, and now it's time to speak with Delgado, whom you should find near Jazz's usual location. During the conversation, Jazz will task you with uploading the Genedyne data, installing a Conduction Grid Module, and acquiring a ComSpike Module.

What this means for us is that we now need to speak with Jazz to install the modules. Please ask her for assistance with your ship (usually the bottom option). Enter the shipbuilding mode, select "Add," then "Equipment," and there you should see both the Conduction Grid Module and the ComSpike Module. Simply place them where their position in the shipbuilding menu is indicated as blue and not red.

Now dock at the UC Vigilance to deliver your latest information. We need to report to Commander Ikande, but you can choose to be either sincere or charming with him. Ultimately, it's up to you what happens with this treasure.

Ghost Ship

Starfield Eye Of The Storm Quest

Set course for Bannoc IV, conveniently located in the Bannoc star system. Upon your arrival, you will witness a rather cool space backdrop as the shadow of a legendary spaceship slowly unveils itself as you approach. This will be marked as an Unknown Signal on your screen. The storms out here will eventually destroy your ship, so find that shadow and board it as quickly as possible.

Now that you're on the Legacy, rest assured that two things are true: First, the hull of your ship is now in good shape. Second, the Starfield target marker is as helpful as ever, meaning it's generally quite useful, although sometimes it can be faulty.

We can follow the target marker fairly confidently to reach our destination, but in the true style of adventure and role-playing games, there is a universal truth on the Legacy: Go in the direction opposite to where the target marker leads first, as there you will find a large number of voice recordings worth listening to, as well as a few loot items.

Your enemies here are all mechanized. Turrets and robots in Starfield can destroy shields in seconds, so approach things methodically and don't hesitate to rely on stealth skills to get the jump on the machines.

When you reach your destination, take note that it requires something called a Transfer GalBank Module. Retrieve it from the nearby corpse. Proceed further into the heart of the Legacy, and when you come across an area with a door secured by a lock, go ahead and pick it if you have the required Security skill level. This way, you'll be better prepared to deal with the upcoming automated defense systems. Otherwise, simply prepare yourself for a tougher fight through the opposite door.

Escaping The Legacy

Starfield Eye Of The Storm

More doors with intricate paths await you, but as always, the way forward is ultimately quite clear, marked by your destination marker. Always interact with terminals when you see them. Some will give you an advantage over turrets and robots or even deactivate them completely if you possess the corresponding abilities.

The vault itself is impressive and equipped with some additional robotic resistance. However, things will only get serious a little later. The transfer module is located in the center of Jasper's considerable number of credsticks. (It goes without saying that you should grab them all.) You will also want this unique weapon, the Revenant.

Flip the nearby switches. You should now be able to interact with the nearby module locks. Follow the game's instructions here. Brace yourself for some "fun" once you take the core. There's a reason why we named this section "Escape from the Past"!

When leaving the past, there are no new detours. Instead, the new environmental hazards can wreak havoc over time. Rely on various pharmaceuticals if needed, but if you run out of supplies for wound treatment, don't worry. It's not the end of the world. It just means that your escape will be somewhat... unpleasant.

You don't need to have memorized the path. Your scanner will display the footprints ahead that you need to follow in order to return to your ship.

Determine Your Final Allegiance

Starfield Eye Of The

Starfield doesn't sugarcoat it; before you can free your ship from the past, you must decide whether you want to make a gravitational jump to the UC SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. So, let's talk about the consequences.

Should You Side With UC SysDef Or Crimson Fleet?

First, the obvious: You should consider your own feelings when making your decision. We find the crew of the Crimson Fleet more intriguing, although we hesitate to agree that the absence of galactic oversight is necessarily advantageous for the average citizen. On the other hand, UC SysDef doesn't necessarily seem like the dark side of what the United Colonies military can be – you just have to look at the UC Vanguard questline that got you into this whole mess.

But aside from that, we're certain that players also want to know the specific consequences, and we would be dishonest if we said that hasn't influenced us partially.

Siding with UC SysDef

Siding with Crimson Fleet

Space battle against Crimson Fleet ensues

Space battle against UC SysDef ensues

Either kill or persuade Delgado

Either kill or persuade Ikande

Lose access to the Key

Keep access to the Key

You'll earn the UC SysDef uniform

You'll maintain access to the Crimson Fleet Mission Board

250,000 credit reward

Same 250,000 credit reward

Most companions will approve

Fewer companions will approve