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Starfield - Step-by-step guide for the quest "Further into the Unknown"

The main storyline of Starfield will take you on a journey throughout the entire galaxy. While the search for artifacts may be your primary objective,...

Luke Plunket Sept 23, 2023
Starfield - Step-by-step guide for the quest "Further into the Unknown"

The main storyline of Starfield will take you on a journey throughout the entire galaxy. While the search for artifacts may be your primary objective, it is not always a straightforward endeavor. Recovering the artifact on Neon led to a tense encounter with a new adversary.

While the members of the Constellation debate what to do with the Starborn, Vladimir has provided you with some new clues to follow. Upon completing the "Starborn" quest, the journey continues with "Into the Unknown," where you must pursue artifact leads in both the Tau Ceti system and the planet Magreth.

Travel To Tau Ceti

Starfield Further Into The Unknown Quest Walkthrough

There is an artifact on Tau Ceti VIII-d that you must track down. This moon orbits the planet Tau Ceti VIII in the Tau Ceti system. Here, you should perform a gravitational jump and aim to land at the abandoned cryolab site.

Once you reach the laboratory, you will be greeted by a few low-level Eclipse adversaries around the building. After disposing of them, proceed down into the frozen underground facility.

Get Artifact Theta In The Abandoned Cryo Lab

Starfield Further Into The Unknown Quest

Upon reaching the first main junction inside, you will encounter a ventilation shaft on the left side and a corridor on the right side. If you choose to go right, you will discover the body of a scientist with healing items scattered around them.

If you return to the ventilation shaft and proceed further, you will overlook a room where additional Eclipse adversaries are patrolling. You will have to engage in combat to pass through. Some of them will be low-level foot soldiers, but you will also encounter Eclipse mercenaries and some Eclipse members with additional armor.

Within this room, there are cylindrical gas containers that explode into ice crystals upon being shot. Use this to your advantage when any of the Eclipse adversaries are in close proximity to them.

As you proceed along the next corridor, you will come across another ventilation shaft and a small cabinet containing some additional items that you can collect. Eventually, you will reach a cafeteria area.

Upon entering the next room from here, you will encounter a few secured access doors that require a key to open, specifically for the cryogenics research lab. You will be able to find an item that aids you in gaining access to these rooms further within the facility.

In the abandoned cryolab, you will also encounter several Eclipse adversaries in various rooms. Keep your eyes open.

Starfield Further Into The Unknown

As you continue exploring the corridors, you will come across a closed door next to an open elevator shaft. Both paths lead you to a large, multi-level underground chamber. Make your way to the other side of the room, and you will find yourself in a staircase that you can descend to proceed further.

However, if you choose to take the path up towards the staircase, you will come across a collapsed section of the steps. Jump and use your boost pack to fly across it, and you will discover a frozen worker with a cryogen utility key and a data tablet titled "Final Report."

This cryogen utility key can assist you in bypassing the security measures on the secured access doors you encountered earlier. On your way out, you can use lockpicks to open these doors, granting access to rooms containing several useful items such as positron batteries and drilling equipment.

As you delve deeper into the underground laboratory, you will eventually come across rocky tunnels that should be familiar to you at this stage of your journey. Eventually, you will encounter the familiar gravitational anomalies and Caelumite, indicating the presence of an artifact.

Fight The Starborn For Artifact Theta

Starfield Further Into The

Unfortunately, one of the Starborn has followed you to this artifact and will ambush you either before or after you extract it from the Caelumite deposit.

The Starborn is at level 30 and will be wearing camouflage armor. At times, it will be nearly invisible, but you can identify its location by observing visual distortions taking the form of a body.

Shotguns can be particularly effective in close-quarters combat against the Starborn.

Defeat the Starborn, extract Artifact Theta, and then retrace your steps out of the cryolab. Make sure to pause in the rooms on your way out to collect additional crafting materials and items to sell.

While you are in this system, you will come across a scanner anomaly that points you towards Tau Ceti VIII-b. The Temple Theta is located on this moon, and you can go to this temple to acquire a new power.

Travel To Magreth

Starfield Further Into

Another lead to an artifact takes you to the barren planet Magreth in the Narion system. Once you reach the planet, you will be instructed to land at the Hillside Cave. You will need to travel a distance from your landing point to reach the cave.

Get Artifact Tau From The Hillside Cave

Starfield Further

When you enter the Hillside Cave, there will be few enemies remaining. However, there will be several Turret MK1s inside the cave. Pay attention to the red laser targeting points, which will indicate the direction of the turrets.

In the upper levels of the cave, there is also a smuggler's hideout. It has a master-level lock that you would need to hack in order to access the goods inside.

There are multiple tunnels and pathways throughout the cave, and there is even a possibility of reaching an exit without finding the artifact. You should look for a triangular path within the cave that you can follow.

Once you have accomplished this, look down to the right, and you will see an open area where you can jump. The path here will lead you directly to the artifact.

Fight The Starborn For Artifact Tau

After you have reached the artifact in the Hillside Cave, you will be ambushed once again by a level 30 Starborn. Watch out for visual distortions to locate them when they become invisible. Use your weapon of choice to take them out and retrieve the artifact from the cave.

Return The Artifacts To Constellation


After everything is said and done, you will want to bring your two new artifacts back to Alpha Centauri. By adding the artifacts to your collection, you will be able to hear some new thoughts from various members of the constellation.

Next, Vladimir wants to speak with you to complete the quest "Further into the Unknown" and start the next main quest, "Shortsighted." Your rewards for completing "Further into the Unknown" are experience points, three Amps, and 9000 Credits.