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Starfield Terror Brew Quest Walkthrough

After centuries of space exploration, one constant in the lives of people in Starfield is their love for coffee. Regardless of their location in the g...

Jennifer Jett Sept 27, 2023
Starfield Terror Brew Quest Walkthrough

After centuries of space exploration, one constant in the lives of people in Starfield is their love for coffee. Regardless of their location in the galaxy, individuals rely on a cup of hot coffee to navigate their day. Without it, time seems to stretch on, leaving them feeling lethargic.

While a cup of coffee from TerraBrew may satisfy the majority, there are those among the elite who crave more sophisticated flavors and premium blends of coffee beans. However, their pursuit of finer tastes comes with a price. Searching for the finest coffee beans in the galaxy is no easy feat, and you are not the only one who has been dispatched on this mission.

How To Start The Terror Brew Quest

Starfield Terror Brew Quest Walkthrough

To initiate this quest, make your way to Dawn's Roost located in the Residential District of New Atlantis. In the back corner of the establishment, you'll spot Markieff Sutherland sitting at a table, expressing his dissatisfaction with the coffee.

When you engage in conversation with him, he'll express his discontent with the coffee and boast about his refined palate. However, be cautious not to mention TerraBrew. He will claim to know the secret of making superior coffee from a single bean that has passed through the digestive system of an alien creature.

Naturally, the previous individual he hired for the task ended up being consumed. If you're willing to take on the challenge, he offers a payment of 2,000 Credits to recover his belongings.

Where To Find The Predator

Starfield Terror Brew Quest

The quest marker directs you to the Serpentis System, which is a considerable distance away from New Atlantis. Set your course for Serpentis III and land in the vicinity of the abandoned relay station.

The recommended level for this quest is 55, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle. However, if you choose to explore this area early in the game, exercise caution.

The fallen beast is encircled by Va'ruun zealots. You have the option to either eliminate them or stealthily navigate around the back of the relay station to approach the beast.

There aren't a significant number of zealots, but their levels can vary from 14 to 46, so remain vigilant. If you have electromagnetic (EM) modifications on your weapons, you can temporarily incapacitate enemies before engaging in melee combat, saving ammunition in the process.

Starfield Terror Brew

Upon looting the creature, you will discover the fermented beans and Kieran Cooper's Slate, which unveils an optional objective. As you read Kieran's slate, you will realize that the job was significantly more complex than anticipated, and Markieff is not an entirely trustworthy individual.

However, there is a bonus. Kieran had already arranged another buyer for the beans.

Should You Give The Beans To Markieff Or The Other Buyer?

Starfield Terror

Once you possess the beans, you can return to Jemison. At this point, you are faced with a decision: will you hand over the beans to Markieff or sell them to his competitor?

Although Markieff has not directly harmed you, he is undoubtedly a cunning connoisseur who shows little concern for the well-being of others.

If you choose to give the beans to Markieff, you will receive a reward of 2,000 credits.

While you can mention that Kieran had intended to sell the beans to someone else, being honest about it will not result in any additional bonuses or the ability to negotiate for more credits.


Instead, you have the option to directly sell the beans to the other buyer.

Proceed to the TerraBrew location in the Commercial District and meet the manager outside. Inquire about Kieran, and you will discover that TerraBrew desires the beans to be destroyed.

If you hand them over, you'll get 3,000 credits.

In the end, the decision is up to you. You can either supply an arrogant coffee connoisseur with the experimental beans or opt to have them destroyed, ensuring that no one becomes aware of a better alternative to TerraBrew. If the offered credits are not sufficient to persuade you, then follow your moral compass and make your choice accordingly.