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Starfield: The 10 Best Supporting Characters in the Game

The game features numerous NPCs and supporting characters, some of whom can join your crew or become romantic interests.The article lists some of th...

Jennifer Jett Sept 16, 2023
Starfield: The 10 Best Supporting Characters in the Game

The game features numerous NPCs and supporting characters, some of whom can join your crew or become romantic interests.

The article lists some of the best supporting characters in the game, including the fanatic fan, Vasco, Barret, Heller, Andreja, Sam Coe, Vladimir Sall, Walter Stroud, Kibwe Ikande, and Sarah Morgan.

Starfield's vast and wondrous inhabited systems are filled with many different activities, interesting locations, exciting quests, and useful materials that you need to familiarize yourself with to enhance your role-playing experience. Another thing that Starfield has in abundance is NPCs and supporting characters.

These numerous supporting characters offer intriguing quests, potential members for your crews and outposts, and even some with whom you can be romantically involved and marry. Out of all the supporting characters in Starfield, which ones are the best? This list will rank some of the top supporting characters you will encounter during your intergalactic adventures in the many worlds of Starfield.

10 The Adoring Fan

Starfield The 10 Best Side Characters In The Game

The Fanatic Fan is a recruitable supporting character whom you can access by selecting the "idolized hero" trait during the character creation process. If you have this trait, simply go to Starfield, New Atlantis, and he will find you.

The adoring fan starts off as exactly that - a fan who adores you and showers you with praise and gifts during your journeys. However, his companionship can quickly turn sour as it becomes apparent that his relentless adoration and borderline obsession can become excessive and annoying. Nevertheless, he does offer a few interesting dialogue options, and having an adoring fan isn't all that bad. Plus, you can always "get rid of him" if you've had enough.

9 Vasco

Starfield The 10 Best Side Characters In The

Vasco is one of the first supporting characters you encounter during the opening sequences. He is also the first crew member you travel with before you decide which type of ship you want and subsequently select your crew.

Vasco is also an interesting supporting character. He is an intelligent robot with pleasant dialogue options and balanced abilities. He significantly enhances the capabilities of your ship, especially at the beginning of the game. Although he is a robot, his relationships with you and other companions feel almost emotional, making interactions with him heartwarming. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want a robot in their space crew?

8 Barret

Starfield The 10 Best Side Characters In

Barret is the funny, quick-witted member of the constellation whom you encounter at the beginning of the game, and he is the one who recruits you for the constellation.

From the moment Barret starts speaking, it becomes clear what kind of character he is. He is a freedom-loving charmer with a skillful way with words and a talent for getting into trouble only to talk his way out of it. He is an intriguing character with many great lines of dialogue, an amazing crew member you can recruit without spending credits, and a potential love interest as he is one of the romantic characters in the game.

7 Heller

Starfield The 10 Best Side Characters

Heller is one of the first characters you encounter during your brief stint as a miner. He is one of your initial interactions in Starfield and could be a free companion you can add to your crew if you need his services.

Heller's abilities offer you a unique advantage in an area that not many other companions provide: resource mining. Aside from his unique ability, Heller acts as a humorous character who lightens up serious situations and always tries to make you laugh. His dialogue is truly funny.

6 Andreja

Starfield The 10 Best Side

Andreja is a fascinating and mysterious supporting character whom you will encounter during the main campaign of Starfield. She is a member of the Constellation and, as such, has a strong moral compass and a personality that guides her actions.

Andreja is also one of the few character options in the game that allows players to experience a deeper role-playing experience. You can romantically pursue her and even marry this fascinating supporting character if you are captivated enough.

5 Sam Coe

Starfield The 10 Best

Sam Coe has an interesting background story that you can experience during one of the story missions. He is a brave and honorable hero type and a dedicated and loving father to his daughter.

Sam is a highly skilled free companion who adds many useful abilities to your ship's crew. He is also a great option for romance if you are drawn to the thoughtful hero type with a compelling past.

4 Vladimir Sall

Starfield The 10

The life of Vladimir Sall can only be described as fascinating and unusual. A former pirate turned explorer and member of the Constellation, he can be found in "The Eye," a star station orbiting Jemison.

Vlad is an eccentric character with an interesting and dark past as a former member of the Crimson Fleet, one of the most dangerous threats in Starfield. He also offers some of the best prices for any survey data chips you have for sale.

3 Walter Stroud

Starfield The

Walter Stroud is one of the owners of Stroud-Ecklund, one of the most successful spaceship manufacturers in Starfield. He is also an aspiring entrepreneur and the main source of funding for the Constellation faction in the settled systems.

Despite his surroundings of explorers, his position at the helm of an incredibly successful space company, and his funding of an organization primarily focused on space exploration, Stroud seems to have no interest in exploration himself. Even the artifacts do not pique his particular interest. Instead, his focus lies solely on financial gains, which explains his remarkable achievements in the business realm. He stands apart from the other enthusiastic explorers and ruthless mercenaries in the game. He is a strict businessman, making him a unique character in the game.

2 Kibwe Ikande


You can find Kibawe Ikande in Jemison, serving as a high-ranking officer of the UC Navy (United Colonies System Defense). There is nothing particularly distinguishing about Kibawe compared to other supporting characters, except the possibility of unlocking something through an encounter with him.

If you get arrested in Jemison, you will be brought to Kibawe, who gives you the choice to work off your crimes by going undercover and infiltrating the pirate crew of the Crimson Fleet to dismantle them from the inside. This is definitely one of the best side quests in the game. Ikande also has an incredible spaceship that might potentially be made available to you.

1 Sarah Morgan

Sarah is the brilliant and charismatic leader of the Constellation and a potential companion whom you can recruit for free during the main story of the game.

From the moment you encounter Sarah, you can immediately recognize that she is a visionary and a true leader who is willing to dive into the fire to realize her vision, rather than passively waiting for others to execute her orders. She is an intriguing character and could also be a potential love interest.