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Starfield: The 10 Most Useful Materials to Have

If you have journeyed across the Settled Systems of Starfield, it is likely that you are aware of the necessity for numerous elements, tools, and reso...

Josh West Sept 27, 2023
Starfield: The 10 Most Useful Materials to Have

If you have journeyed across the Settled Systems of Starfield, it is likely that you are aware of the necessity for numerous elements, tools, and resources to enhance your weapons, ships, and outposts. Many of these items can be acquired by collecting, mining, or purchasing them.

Nevertheless, discerning which of these materials should take precedence can be a daunting task. Which ones possess the most versatile applications? Which ones will prove most beneficial to your endeavors and in which specific domains? The game boasts a vast array of valuable materials, yet you will be delighted to discover that a select few stand out from the rest and warrant a greater portion of your focus.

10 Fiber

Starfield 10 Most Useful Materials To Have

Fiber possesses numerous applications in crafting and outpost construction, making it an indispensable resource for enhancing your character, companions, and equipment consistently.

Utilizing fiber, you can embark on research projects that unlock decoration levels one, two, and three, thereby enhancing your outposts. Additionally, fiber proves invaluable in crafting armor modifications such as ballistic shielding and graviton composites for your space suits. However, its greatest utility lies in the construction of outpost structures. By employing fiber, you can fashion a spacesuit workbench, chairs, rugs, and even toilet paper, thereby augmenting immersion and personalizing your outposts.

9 Amino Acids

Starfield 10 Most Useful Materials To

Amino acids hold profound significance and value in the realm of research. While their utility may be somewhat limited in terms of the specific research applications, the few endeavors that necessitate amino acids are of utmost importance.

Should you require pharmacology research such as medical levels one and two, possessing amino acids becomes imperative, as they serve as vital ingredients in this research line. Such research endeavors enhance your health and bolster your resilience against hostile encounters. Moreover, amino acids play a critical role in crafting the regeneration pack slot for your armor.

8 Lubricant

Starfield 10 Most Useful Materials

While lubricants may not have a wide range of applications, the few uses they do have are undeniably advantageous. Lubricants play a pivotal role in crafting modifications that enhance weapon handling. It is somewhat ironic, as lubricants are conventionally associated with making things slippery and more challenging to handle.

Lubricant is a requirement when crafting the stabilizing barrel modification, which can be applied to exceptional rifles like the Va'Ruun Inflictor, one of the finest particle beam weapons available, among others.

7 Metabolic Agent

Starfield 10 Most Useful

The metabolic agent possesses a limited array of applications and cannot be employed across a multitude of tasks or research projects.

Nonetheless, the metabolic agent proves indispensable when conducting research on performance enhancement within the pharmacology domain. It is also a vital component for exploring medical treatment level three, another crucial endeavor within the pharmacology department. Both of these research projects yield substantial improvements to your character's statistics and overall health.

6 Polytextile

Starfield 10 Most

Polytextile finds utility in crafting armor modifications such as EM shielding for spacesuits, energy shielding, and the pocketed spacesuit modification. The latter enhances your carrying capacity, enabling you to gather a greater amount of valuable loot.

What makes polytextile material particularly intriguing is that you can craft it using two fibers and one cosmetic item. This implies that you have the option to obtain polytextile material through various means, including purchasing, looting, or even creating it yourself.

5 Cosmetic

Starfield 10

Cosmetic material holds both intrigue and practicality, as it serves a dual purpose. Not only is it employed in crafting modifications, but it also plays a crucial role in researching the very mods it contributes to.

By utilizing cosmetic material, you can delve into the research of helmet mods level one and spacesuit mods level one. Additionally, this material proves instrumental in crafting advantageous modifications, such as ballistic, EM, and energy shielding for enhanced helmet protection. Furthermore, you can craft ballistic and EM shielding modifications for your spacesuits using cosmetic material.

4 Immunostimulant


Within the perilous Settled Systems of Starfield, fraught with pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, spacers, and aliens, constant vigilance and preparedness are paramount. In this regard, the sole application of immunostimulant material proves invaluable, ensuring that you are well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Possessing the finest handguns or the most formidable rifles within the game amounts to naught if life eludes you. The immunostimulant grants you the opportunity to delve into the research of medical treatment level four, a transformative element in terms of your health statistics.

3 High-Tensile Spidroin

The High-Tensile Spidron material significantly enhances the defensive capabilities of all the equipment you carry. These modifications are of utmost importance, particularly as you progress further and encounter increasingly formidable adversaries capable of inflicting substantial damage.

High-Tensile Spidron material plays a vital role in crafting heavy shielding modifications for spacesuits. Additionally, the material is utilized in the creation of heavy shielding modifications for helmets.

2 Polymer

Polymer exhibits exceptional versatility and finds application in various domains, particularly in crafting a multitude of weapon and armor modifications that prove immensely valuable.

By utilizing polymer, you can craft essential weapon modifications such as the focus nozzle and stabilizing stock, which enhance the range, accuracy, and handling of your firearms. Additionally, polymer allows for the creation of mods like EM-charged shots, slug shots, and double barrel muzzles, resulting in increased damage and versatile effects. For improved stealth capabilities, a suppressor can be crafted. Furthermore, polymer can be employed in crafting armor modifications that bolster your defenses, enhance your health, and increase your carrying capacity.

1 Adhesive

Throughout your playthrough, you will come to recognize the indispensable nature of adhesive in all aspects related to your weapons and armor. It serves as a vital component in crafting and modifying numerous essential items, rendering it one of the most crucial materials you can acquire within the game.

Adhesives have versatile applications in crafting various weapon modifications, including armor-piercing rounds for penetrating enemy armor, explosive rounds for greater damage over wider areas, drum magazines for increased ammunition capacity, and electromagnetic beams. When it comes to armor, adhesives can be used to craft energy shielding for spacesuits, explosive shielding, and even explosive shielding for helmets, among other options. If you come across adhesive, it is highly recommended to acquire it as it can prove incredibly useful in your endeavors.