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Starfield: The best crew members, ranked in order

Starfield is a vast open-world role-playing experience where you assume the role of an intergalactic spaceship captain, traveling through the universe...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 14, 2023
Starfield: The best crew members, ranked in order

Starfield is a vast open-world role-playing experience where you assume the role of an intergalactic spaceship captain, traveling through the universe with your spacecraft, completing quests, and encountering various people and creatures, both hostile and friendly.

The game gives you control over various aspects of your life as a space captain. From the maintenance, appearance, and modifications of your spacecraft to your partners and crew. There are multiple options for non-playable characters who can join your crew, ranging from engineers and scientists to combat experts and individuals who can manage your outposts. This article evaluates the very best of them.

10 Vasco

Starfield The Best Crew Members, Ranked

Vasco is one of the first characters you encounter during the opening sequences of the game. After acquiring your ship, Vasco becomes a standard member of your crew and accompanies you on your initial voyages and quests.

Vasco is a charming robotic companion module with valuable attributes such as Fusion (one point), defense systems (two points), and EM weapon systems (one point). As the first crew member you encounter, Vasco's abilities are well-balanced and enhance the capabilities of your spacecraft.

9 Barrett

Starfield The Best Crew Members,

You encounter Barret at the same time as Vasco; he is another solid crew member if you have the opportunity to recruit him. Barret possesses excellent skills in engineering (four points) and particle beam weapon systems (three points), making him a solid addition to your crew due to his contribution in both offense and defense.

Barret is a free crew member that you can recruit after completing one of the earlier quests. His witty conversations and remarks also make him an exciting character to engage with.

8 Sam Coe

Starfield The Best Crew

With Sam Coe in your crew, who provides four points in piloting, your mobility and maneuverability will take a significant leap; he also offers two points in the "Payload" ability, allowing you to carry more loot and cargo.

His intriguing background story makes him an exciting character worth having around, and he can be recruited for free after completing one of the main quests.

7 Gideon Aker

Starfield The Best

In the vast and hostile landscape of space, there are many potential enemies that you could efficiently encounter. Enhancing the firepower and combat capabilities of your spacecraft is an absolute necessity, and that's where Gideon Aker comes into play.

If you're willing to spend 13,000 credits at the New Atlantis Viewport Lounge, you can recruit a crew member who significantly enhances the weapons of your ship. Gideon's abilities include two points in weapon systems and two points in missile weapon systems, giving you an advantage over many enemy ships.

6 Omari Hassan

Starfield The

In certain space combat situations, you will find that you need as much defensive strength as offensive strength. A solid amount of shielding abilities and the ability to repair your ship's systems more effectively during combat.

If you ever find yourself in the bar of the city Akita with 12,000 credits in your pocket and have the desire to reduce the risk of being blown up by enemy spacecraft from outer space, you should recruit Omari Hassan. He brings three points in the area of defense systems and one point in spacecraft engineering.

5 Supervisor Lin


Supervisor Lin is the very first character you interact with in the game, and she introduces you to the world of Starfield. She provides you with some mining tutorials that kickstart the main story.

Throughout the game, you will need to establish outposts that serve as operational bases for you and your crew on various planets. As a member of your crew, Lin contributes three points to outpost management to keep your outposts in good condition. As for the offensive side, Lin is also an explosives expert, and when she is in your crew, the blast radius of your explosives is improved by 25 percent.

4 Andromeda Kepler

Andromeda Kepler offers excellent services both as a member of the ship's crew and as part of the outpost crew. In the ship's crew, she enhances the ship's power output with her ability in the field of 38 Aneutronic Fusion.

As a member of the outpost crew, Kepler offers two points in outpost construction, enhancing research and the construction of superior modules. She can be recruited for 15,000 credits at the Broken Spear Bar in Cydonia on Mars.

3 Heller

Heller is another character you encounter during the opening sequence of the game, and he is a fantastic crew member who can be stationed at your outposts. An important part of the Starfield game is mining rare materials on various planets, and with Heller on your team utilizing his geology ability, you have a better chance of finding great resources.

He also enhances outpost construction with his three-point ability in that area, improving research and the construction of outpost modules in larger quantities. It's also worth mentioning that Heller can be recruited for free after a main quest mission and has a few witty lines that make him an interesting character worth having around.

2 Rafael Aguerro

Aguerro is another crew member who is useful for both outposts and the ship's crew. He provides skills in outpost construction and management that are invaluable in the early stages of building your outposts, especially when working in conjunction with the right team of outpost crew members.

On your ship, Aguerro's two points in spacecraft engineering are also a welcome addition, as they increase the effectiveness of your ship's damage mitigation by a significant 25 percent, which makes a big difference in combat situations.

1 Sarah Morgan

Sarah is another crew member that you can recruit for free after completing a mission, and she is also the second and the first human crew member that you recruit during the course of the game.

She offers many excellent skills for your ship, including a four in astrodynamics, a three in lasers, a two in leadership, and a one in botany. This wide range of diverse skills makes her one of the most versatile and best crew members that you can recruit for your ship.