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Starfield: The Best Methods to Acquire Helium-3

As an open-world interstellar role-playing game, Starfield features a multitude of resources that can be accessed through various methods. These resou...

David K Sept 15, 2023
Starfield: The Best Methods to Acquire Helium-3

As an open-world interstellar role-playing game, Starfield features a multitude of resources that can be accessed through various methods. These resources can be utilized for crafting, constructing outposts, upgrading your equipment, or simply sold to different merchants in order to swiftly earn some cash. Helium-3 is one such resource, belonging to the gas group.

Apart from its usage in the aforementioned mechanics, Helium-3 is also employed as fuel for powered generators or cargo connections. This makes the resource quite significant, although it might prove challenging to locate and gather it at the beginning stages of the game.

How To Harvest Helium-3

Starfield Best Ways To Farm Helium-3

The optimal approach for beginners to acquire Helium-3 is to visit random planets within inhabited systems and locate one that possesses this resource. This can be achieved by entering a specific star system and clicking on one of its planets or moons. On the left panel, you will be able to view the available resources, and if you come across "He-3," it signifies that the planet/moon contains Helium-3.

Occasionally, you may need to set a course towards specific planets if you wish to observe the resources present on them. Some of the star systems at the beginning of the game where you can easily find He-3 include:

  • Narion
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Sol
  • Tau Ceti

It is more common to find Helium-3 on various moons within a star system. Considering the multitude of moons where it occurs, one might assume it to be a frequent resource. However, stumbling upon an actual Helium-3 deposit is quite rare. To locate one, you should search for structures covered in visibly toxic gas.

You need to approach the structure and press the interaction button (typically the E key on the keyboard or A button on the controller). Try to perform this action swiftly as lingering too long in the toxic gas can have negative consequences.

Building A Helium-3 Extractor

Starfield Best Ways To Farm

Extractors are undoubtedly the most effective means of obtaining a specific resource in Starfield, including Helium-3. To construct one, you must first locate a Helium-3 vein on a planet that possesses the resource, and then establish an outpost nearby. These veins can be identified by searching for green-colored terrain in scanner mode.

Once an outpost is established, you can navigate to the "Extractor" section in the building menu and construct the Helium-3 extractor there. Naturally, you will also need to build a power source to initiate the extractor. As mentioned earlier, certain power sources such as the powered generator also require this gas to function. Therefore, you have two options:

  1. Build various power sources that don't require any He-3 to function. You can easily find them in the Power tab in the Build Menu, but they provide much less power and you might have to build a couple of them to make the Extractor work.
  2. You can also build a Fueled Generator and supply it with a bit of Helium-3 at first. Next, you can make a chain between the Generator and the Extractor to continue this supply while you use the rest of its power to get something else.

After the extractor is constructed, you can connect it to a fluid storage, transfer container, or cargo link to accumulate a large quantity of Helium-3 in a short amount of time.

Buying It From Vendors

Starfield Best Ways To

The final and easiest way to obtain a large quantity of Helium-3 is simply by purchasing it from various merchants in the major cities of Starfield. Here are some merchants where you can almost certainly find this resource:

  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis)
  • UC Distribution Center (New Atlantis Commercial District)
  • Trade Authority

You can visit any of these merchants and browse their inventory to find Helium-3 in the resources tab. Typically, you will find over 15 units of it available from a single merchant. If you need more than that, there is no need to visit another merchant. Simply take a seat on a nearby chair and wait for 24 hours, as this will replenish their stock.