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Starfield - The Empty Nest Quest Guide

Starfield: How to Rescue the Prisoner in the "Well"After completing your first mission with Sarah, there are three main quests that you can pursue. O...

Chantal Da Silva Sept 12, 2023
Starfield - The Empty Nest Quest Guide

Starfield: How to Rescue the Prisoner in the "Well"

After completing your first mission with Sarah, there are three main quests that you can pursue. One of them involves meeting up wit

Travel To Akila

Starfield The Empty Nest Quest Walkthrough

To start the quest "The Empty Nest," you can speak with Sam at the lodge. When you're ready, you should

Akila is a member of the Freestar Collective, so you will encounter their presence upon entering.

How To Save The Hostages

Starfield The Empty Nest Quest

After being informed about the situation by Sam, you have the opportunity to act as a neutral mediator. Here are

  • Don’t you want to get out of there?
  • Talking to me is the only way you’re getting out of here alive.
  • Don’t waste my time with this bullshit. You and I both know you have no choice but to trust me.
  • There’s no good outcome for you here. If you give up now, at least you’ll still have your lives.
  • This is between you and the Marshal. Leave innocent people out of it.

Save right before attempting to persuade them in case anything goes wrong and you

Get The Map For Sam

Starfield The Empty Nest

Once you have the hostage situation under control, you will proceed with Sam to the lower vault room of the bank.

Sam will provide you with a keycard that grants access to several safety deposit

Sam is not particularly keen on openly discussing Jacob, but you can persuade him to tell you.

Jacob is Sam's father, and the two of them do not have a particularly good relationship. However, you

Get The Map From Jacob

Starfield The Empty

Jacob is not thrilled about the idea

During the conversation, allowing Sam to speak on your behalf will earn their favor.

After the initial

  • You can go ask Cora for help.
  • You can have Sam distract Jacob so you can get the map.
  • You can try to persuade Jacob.

The fastest and perhaps easiest option is for Sam to distract Jacob. When

After obtaining the map, talk to Sam. He will examine the map and tell you that he

Reach The Empty Nest

Starfield The

The Empty Nest is located southeast and less than 1000 meters away from the town, so you can easily reach it by

Once you reach the Empty Nest, you will encounter members of the Shaw Gang and robots patrolling the entire area.

Enemy Level

Enemy Type

Lvl. 2, 10

Shaw Gang

Lvl. 6

Shaw Gang Robot


Turret MK 1

Stay in elevated terrain for as long as possible and silently maneuver around to plan a stealthy attack.

The savannah grass around you can catch fire and burn

Get The Artifact Inside The Empty Nest


Once you have dealt with all the outer enemies, enter the Empty Nest. There will

Here, there is an expert-level contraband hiding spot. If your security skills are not sufficiently developed

Turn on your flashlight as the cave is quite dark.

As you traverse through the cave, you will come across antimony, cobalt, aluminum, and nickel. Make

The artifact is buried at the end of the cave. Just like you did on Vect

Deal With Shaw


  • You can try to persuade Shaw.
  • You can pay 4000 credits to leave with your life.
  • You can attack and fight them off.

While you can choose any option, here are some dialogue choices that

  • This is an important scientific discovery. Let us go and you’ll be in the history books!
  • We got past all your crew before. You fight us, you lose.

Regardless of how you choose to deal with Shaw,

If you have persuaded or paid Shaw, the Shaw gang will help you.

If you speak to Shaw after the fig

Return The Artifact To The Lodge

Once the turmoil has settled, you can make your way back to...

Add the artifact to your...

Afterwards, you can recruit Sam to your team, on the condition that Cora also joins you on your ship. Sam