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Starfield: The Top 10 Casual Outfits

While your spacesuit protects you from harsh environments in Starfield, your casual clothing showcases your personality and style as you explore safe ...

Linda Carroll Sept 15, 2023
Starfield: The Top 10 Casual Outfits

While your spacesuit protects you from harsh environments in Starfield, your casual clothing showcases your personality and style as you explore safe areas such as outposts and settlements. Essentially, this cosmetic option typically provides only a minor armor increase and a small statistical bonus, but significantly alters your outward appearance.

Additionally, you can choose to showcase this outfit whenever you're in settlements, so you're not constantly stomping around in a heavy metal suit. If you're curious about the various outfits that this space role-playing game offers, take a look at the list below to make sure you always look good.

10 Argos Jacked Jumpsuit

Starfield 10 Best Casual Outfits

Since you start the game as an employee of Argos in a remote mining operation, it makes sense to continue your loyalty to this mining company. The Argos Jacked Jumpsuit is a vibrant version of the regular Argos Mining Jumpsuit, but this version comes with a brightly orange-colored jacket that enhances your personal style.

Furthermore, by wearing this special casual outfit, you gain an additional five health and oxygen points, just by wearing the garment. Although the jacket in this outfit is certainly stylish, we recommend using it mainly in the early stages of the game, as there are other outfits that provide a larger bonus.

9 Space Rogue

Starfield 10 Best Casual

As you progress through the main story of Starfield, you will become an incredibly skilled pilot. Therefore, it is only fitting that you dress accordingly to your new status in the universe. The Space Rogue casual outfit consists of a two-piece combination of leather jacket and pants, which would be a perfect fit both in the United Colonies and in a wild city like Akila.

Furthermore, if you're someone who enjoys collecting random items found in various areas of the game, then the bonus of this outfit is perfect for you. Whenever you wear the Space Rogue outfit, your inventory carrying capacity increases by an additional five slots.

8 Sari Dress

Starfield 10 Best

Just because you spend most of your time exploring the vastness of space or engaging in dangerous shootouts doesn't mean you should skimp on your personal style. The Sari dress is inspired by traditional Indian clothing and can be worn by your character to increase persuasion chance by five percent.

This outfit is perfect if you're playing an Indian character as it showcases how this culture has survived across generations and even continued in the vastness of space.

7 Red Pirate Captain Gear

Starfield 10

If you happen to be playing a violent smuggler, the Red Pirate Captain's attire might suit your aesthetic sensibilities when visiting a seedy bar or stopping by a trading post to deliver some contraband. This outfit consists of green armor and a long leather skirt adorned with brown and red patches.

Overall, the color scheme is both intimidating and appealing and pairs perfectly with a cowboy hat from the Freestar Collective. Lastly, don't forget that wearing this outfit increases your critical hit damage by five percent.

6 Genevieve Monohan's Suit


In the galaxy of Starfield, there are many different politicians and corporate owners, each with their own interests and goals. One of them is Geniveve Monohan, the Head of Marketing at Ryujin Industries, a company in the game.

Her business attire can be obtained from her character and exudes an aura of corporate power and coldness, as the entire garment is made of leather and features a dark color scheme with small white and red accents. Since this outfit is typically worn in a professional environment, wearing it underneath your spacesuit increases your persuasion chance by five percent.

5 Hadrian's Outfit

Hadrian is another NPC in the game who wears a unique outfit that can either be stolen or taken from their body. In this case, Hadrian is a researcher for the United Colonies who is not afraid to get their hands dirty by traveling to a specific research center.

Although this piece of clothing is a color variant of a readily available cosmetic item in the game, this particular color scheme blends well with a variety of different playstyles, making it an excellent choice for a casual mid-game outfit. Additionally, this outfit provides an extra ten hit points, which will help you effortlessly navigate through dangerous situations.

4 Shinya Voss Outfit

Shinya Voss is an NPC associated with the Crimson Fleet who specializes in cybernetics and manages the bank accounts of this illegal organization. Although he is not the most important NPC, his casual outfit is one of the most unique in the game, as it features a muted color palette but sports a large piece of cybernetic equipment on the chest.

Furthermore, one of the sleeves of the jacket is completely deconstructed, creating a cool pattern and showcasing one of your character's arms. This piece of clothing also increases your critical hit damage by five percent, allowing you to always deliver a serious blow in combat.

3 Striker Maskwear

If you happened to choose the Neon Street Rat starter feature, the Striker Maskwear fits perfectly with your character's story. Specifically, this masked casual outfit is characterized by a metallic orange coat that shines wherever you go, and a dark undershirt that contrasts with the vibrant appearance of the outfit.

Additionally, this outfit is equipped with an intriguing mask that perfectly complements the desired feature, as it can be used to disguise oneself as a covert outlaw. Keep in mind that wearing this outfit increases your critical hit damage by five percent.

2 Va'Runn Ambassador Outfit

Although the Va'Runn have a rather terrifying influence and legacy in the Starfield galaxy, their outfits are definitely stylish. This religious faction constantly attacks people indiscriminately, all in the name of a god they call the "Great Serpent," which instills great fear among citizens throughout the galaxy.

That being said, their completely black outfits are incredibly appealing, as they are simple enough to fit any character you create. Additionally, you should not forget that wearing this outfit increases your persuasion chance by five percent.

1 Masako Imada's Outfit

Interested in dressing like an evil mastermind? Then you should consider plundering Masako Imada's outfit, as she is the CEO of Ryujin Industries, with whom you will interact while completing the Ryujin Industries questline.

Unfortunately, obtaining this outfit is somewhat challenging as you have to steal it from her bag when she's not looking or take it from her body after completing her specific questlines. Keep in mind that wearing this outfit provides a five percent boost to your intimidation techniques, enabling you to easily avoid certain hostile interactions just by talking to your adversaries.