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Starfield: The Top 10 Player-Created Ships We've Seen So Far

The players of Starfield create incredibly creative and clever ship designs as they spend more and more time with the game.Some designs aim to reduc...

Jennifer Jett Sept 14, 2023
Starfield: The Top 10 Player-Created Ships We've Seen So Far

The players of Starfield create incredibly creative and clever ship designs as they spend more and more time with the game.

Some designs aim to reduce damage in ship-to-ship combat, while others mimic the appearance of famous spaceships from pop culture.

These recreations from pop culture, ranging from the "Magic School Bus" to the Pelican dropship from Halo, have caught the attention of the Starfield community.

In Starfield, you spend a lot of time in space, exploring the stars and jumping from planet to planet, while discovering new species, battling space pilots, and unraveling the mysterious nature of the artifact you discover at the beginning of the game.

Of course, you want to have a reliable spaceship that can meet all your needs, no matter how practical or impractical they may be. The spaceship creation tool in Starfield allows you to build ships according to your own imagination, and the players of Starfield create some incredibly creative ships in the process.

10 Gate 2 Hell By ChaosVisionGames

Starfield The 10 Best Player Created Ships We

At first glance, ChaosVisionGames' ship appears completely impractical. Being a tall rectangle, the ship's maneuverability is most likely compromised, there is plenty of unused space for additional cargo, and it simply looks peculiar. Despite all that, it is likely one of the cleverest ship designs in Starfield.

Shortly after the launch of Starfield, a Reddit user named Solace_of_the_Thorns discovered that enemy ships target the center point of your ship, which is calculated by the intersection of the X, Y, and Z axes of your ship. Therefore, if a ship doesn't have a center point, your ship is effectively protected from damage. Ship designs by Solace_of_the_Thorns and another Reddit user named Morfalath utilized this concept to create invincible ships. However, ChaosVisionGames' design stands out from the competition due to its sophistication and appealing aesthetics.

9 The Magic School Bus By SP7R

Starfield The 10 Best Player Created Ships We

Buckle up, please! If this ship brings back some long-forgotten childhood memories for you, you're probably not alone. Reddit user SP7R recreated the Magic School Bus in the ship editor of Starfield, and it's one of the many ships they have created that caught the attention of the Starfield community.

Although Ms. Frizzle isn't at the helm, this Magic School Bus is a fully functional spaceship capable of navigating through the inhabited systems. If you choose to land it at the spaceport in New Atlantis, you might receive some strange looks, but nobody does it quite like the Frizz.

8 Imperial Star Destroyer By Basically_A_Banana

Starfield The 10 Best Player Created Ships We

When Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope was released in theaters in 1977, it changed pop culture and science fantasy forever. From this film series, so many iconic spaceships emerged. X-Wings, Y-Wings, TIE Fighters, and many more. However, one ship stands out among them all: the Imperial Star Destroyer.

Reddit user Basically_A_Banana has brought the iconic Imperial Star Destroyer closer to home by recreating it in Starfield. Unfortunately, building the ship for console players requires mods like "Ship Builder Unrestricted" by kur00e and "Shipyards Unlocked" by Velken. However, the accuracy of the ship compared to the original design makes it an outstanding creation in the Starfield community.

7 Practical Maxed Out Ship By Echolog

Starfield The 10 Best Player Created Ships We

Not every ship needs to be famous to stand out. Reddit user Echolog has created an incredibly practical ship that boasts maximum speed, agility, and gravity jump range. The ship is also equipped with impressive weapons and defense capabilities. As a cherry on top, it offers 3,000 kilograms of cargo space, making it perfect for storing the variety of resources you will collect on your adventures in the inhabited systems.

Fortunately, Echolog has also published a construction guide on how to build the ship yourself. However, Echolog points out that it may take some time to meet the requirements for constructing the ship. This includes achieving a high rank in flight control and spaceship design.

6 The Planet Express By SP7R

Starfield The 10 Best Player Created Ships

Good news, folks! Have you ever dreamt of flying the Planet Express from Futurama? Well, thanks to SP7R, you can now do that! The experienced Starfield ship builder is back with his outstanding ship creations, and this time, he has built one of the most iconic ships in animation.

This time, SP7R has created a shipbuilding guide so that you can build the Planet Express yourself. Unfortunately, the construction guide does not include classic Futurama characters like Bender or Fry, but if you want to perform some space deliveries in a stylish manner, this is the right ship for you.

5 The Normandy By Bizzle94588

Starfield The 10 Best Player Created

The SSV Normandy SR-1, commonly known as the Normandy, stands as one of the most iconic spacecraft in the realm of video games. Originating from Mass Effect, the Normandy distinguishes itself through its graceful silhouette, setting it apart from the multitude of other spaceships encountered in gaming. It was merely a matter of time until someone recreated it in Starfield.

There have been numerous recreations of the Normandy by other Starfield players, but the rendition by Reddit user Bizzle94588 stands out due to its elegance and closer adherence to the original design. Bizzle94588 has also crafted a construction guide for their version of the Normandy, in case you're seeking a dose of Mass Effect nostalgia.

4 UNSC Pelican By SteamingHotDataDump

Starfield The 10 Best Player

The Halo series has showcased some of the most iconic spaceship designs in the realm of video games. From the "Forward Unto Dawn" to the "High Charity," Halo ships possess a visually unique and distinctive quality that sets them apart from other spacecraft. However, the Pelican is widely regarded as the most iconic ship in the series.

Reddit user SteamingHotDataDump was able to recreate the Pelican in the shipbuilding feature of Starfield, complete with a visual construction guide, and the result is truly impressive. All the key design features of the Pelican are present, from the wings to the placement of the engines. It's a rare opportunity to be able to fly a Pelican in Halo, but now you can pilot one in Starfield at any time.

3 The Black Widow By SP7R

Starfield The 10 Best

What is more frightening than a massive spaceship that could shoot you down in an instant? Spiders. Taking the last spot on this list by SP7R, it assumes the form and name of one of the world's deadliest spiders - the Black Widow.

The Black Widow is an visually impressive ship, showcasing the iconic black and red colors of the deadly spider. It may be small, with a crew capacity of only two people and a cargo capacity of 340 kilograms, but despite its impracticality, it captivates with uniqueness and outstanding design.

2 The Audacity By Amagical

Starfield The 10

Sometimes, you simply need a larger ship. One that unequivocally makes it clear to your enemies that you mean business. A vessel that causes pirates of the Crimson Fleet to flee in fear and sends shivers down the spines of fanatics of House Va'Ruun when they engage in a space battle with you, knowing they will not emerge alive. Sometimes, you require the audacity.

The Audacity is the creation of Reddit user Amagical, and its design pushes the boundaries of Starfield's shipbuilding tool. It offers all the amenities one could desire, including practical facilities like workshops and luxurious spaces such as a VIP room. It is also equipped for combat with a massive Gauss cannon, a Helion beam array, and four railgun turrets. If you wish to construct the ship yourself, Amagical has provided a handy visual guide to help you get started.

1 Republic Cruiser By DaMightyMilkMan

Starfield The

The shipbuilding tool in Starfield offers a multitude of components that allow you to recreate other spaceships from iconic franchises like Star Trek or Mass Effect. However, these ships never look exactly the same. Player-created ships can come close, but they are usually not 100 percent identical. However, this is not the case with the Republic Cruiser created by Reddit user DaMightyMilkMan from Star Wars.

In his Reddit post, DaMightyMilkMan mentioned that he had to employ some tricks to achieve it, but in the end, he has created a nearly perfect reproduction of the Republic Cruiser from Star Wars. With a silhouette that is nearly identical to the version from Star Wars, DaMightyMilkMan's ship stands as the most accurate replica of a Star Wars vessel thus far.