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Starfield: The Top 6 Ranked Helmets

In Starfield, there are three main types of armor, and they all have a suitably space-adapted flavor. There are space suits, helmets, and booster pack...

George Marston Sept 14, 2023
Starfield: The Top 6 Ranked Helmets

In Starfield, there are three main types of armor, and they all have a suitably space-adapted flavor. There are space suits, helmets, and booster packs. We have articles where we go through our favorites in each category, but as you may have already guessed, today we are focusing on helmets.

Here are seven of our most durable, fully equipped head protectors. But remember, if you'd rather not look like a lunar traveler while walking around your apartment on Neon or hanging out at The Rock for a drink, you can always adjust your settings to hide the helmet in safe zones!

6 Mercury Space Helmet

Starfield The 6 Best Helmets, Ranked

First up, we have the Mercury helmet, whose protective capabilities against physical, energy, and electromagnetic hazards are good but not outstanding. However, it makes up for that by reaching 15 points in all four environmental risks - airborne, corrosive, radiation, and heat. As a result, the Mercury is one of the top equipment items you'll find in Starfield and is suitable for forays into distant worlds with adverse weather conditions.

You can acquire this along with the Mercury space suit and the Mercury pack during the main quest. It's a late stage of the game when you arrive here, but you should still want to take it for future adventures.

5 Experimental Nishina Space Helmet

Starfield The 6 Best Helmets,

Available through the main quest "Entangled," the Experimental Nishina Space Helmet is similar to the Mercury Space Helmet in that its basic properties are not outstanding, but its environmental protection compensates for this. Apart from the air hazard, it has something to offer, and the cool design of the helmet makes it an ideal space for some of Starfield's devilishly powerful mods.

4 Mark I Space Helmet

Starfield The 6 Best

The major three defensive attributes of the Mark-I Space Helmet are 66-64-68, with 20 for heat to protect you from extreme heat and the like. Solid stuff, no doubt, but what really makes it shine is how ridiculously early you can obtain it.

Once you're inside the lodge and have met up with your fellow members of the constellation, placed the first artifact on the altar, and gone through the whole dance, head to the cellar rooms. On the other side, you'll see this (with the appropriate spacesuit and backpack) 'locked' in a display case. But if you crouch down and find the right spot, you can inexplicably open it and take everything without the master lock, which means you've already obtained such good equipment within an hour of gameplay.

3 Trackers Alliance Space Helmet

Starfield The 6

Bounty hunters don't compromise, and if you're part of the Trackers Alliance, you'll want a superior headgear. We're not quite sure why we started this entry like a sales pitch, but here we are. The Trackers Alliance Helmet emphasizes damage reduction at the cost of mediocre environmental assistance, but with physical, energy, and electromagnetic protection ranging from 68 at the top end to 60 at the lower end, it's a great entry-level set; enhance it with modifications to compensate for its weaknesses, and it becomes fantastic.

2 Bounty Hunter Space Helmet

Starfield The

And then there's the space helmet with the words "Bounty Hunter" right on the packaging, and it's overall slightly better than the Trackers Alliance variant. The energy protection decreases to 58, but the physical protection increases to 72, EM to 64, and it boasts a respectable 20 for thermal and 10 for radioactive damage. It's an all-around good helmet unless corrosive and airborne damage are your main threats for some reason.

However, the most beautiful thing about the Bounty Hunter Space Helmet is its availability. People have reported snagging these helmets from the remains of ordinary spacer enemies, albeit at slightly higher levels. Still, name a Starfield session full of exploration that doesn't end in at least one shootout with either Ecliptic or Spacers.

1 Old Earth Space Helmet


The Old Earth Helmet is our choice for the best helmet in Starfield, at least at the time of this recording. Future support from Bethesda will likely offer even more, but for now, a helmet with 74 physical defense is simply top-notch. 58 energy and 66 EM ensure that you have balanced protection - uh, headgear - wherever you go.

When it comes to helmet communication, we are aware that it ultimately comes down to numbers, but we have something to say in honor of the Old Earth Helmet - it looks good. If you don't want to disable the visibility of the helmet in cities and other safe havens, you at least want to look cool wearing it. Besides, doesn't it give off a certain mysterious aura when wandering through populated systems with something like that?