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Starfield's Best Ship Thrusters

Starfield encompasses a multitude of intergalactic voyages, traversing galaxies from planet to planet aboard a spacecraft under your command, along wi...

Luke Plunket Sept 14, 2023
Starfield's Best Ship Thrusters

Starfield encompasses a multitude of intergalactic voyages, traversing galaxies from planet to planet aboard a spacecraft under your command, along with your chosen crew. Throughout these journeys, you will encounter numerous perils and adventures that necessitate having one of the finest ships in order to endure and thrive.

As you journey across vast distances spanning light-years, engaging in encounters with numerous hostile combat vessels aiming to blast you out of deep space, and maneuvering through turbulent regions of the cosmos, you will require a powerful propulsion system to drive your ships. Take a look at some of the top engines from Starfield in this list.

9 SAE 5220 Engine

Starfield Best Ship Engines

The SAE 5220 engine has a thrust rating of 15,270 and a maneuverability rating of 4,590. It may not be the fastest engine and doesn't possess the best maneuvering capability. However, it is the top SAE engine in the game, and with a cost of only 10,735 credits, it is the most affordable high-quality engine among all available engine lines.

Its thrust capabilities will still serve you well, especially when combined with other ship components or if you aim to build a very specific ship type that doesn't solely focus on speed.

8 White Dwarf 3030 Engine

Starfield Best Ship

The White Dwarf engine line has the highest number of engines in Starfield, with the White Dwarf 3030 being the best among them. It boasts an impressive thrust rating of 21,930 and a maneuverability rating of 3,210.

This immensely high thrust provides you with a speed advantage over most enemy ships. The engine requires a rank three in spacecraft design. However, the White Dwarf 3030 comes with a hefty price tag of 19,950 credits to acquire.

7 Supernova 2200 Engine

Starfield Best

The Supernova 2200 engine is the top-tier engine in the Supernova series, and its thrust rating of 25,770 and maneuverability rating of 7,650 precisely demonstrate that.

For 25,770 credits, you can acquire one of the faster and better maneuvering engines in Starfield for your ship, provided that your ship meets the required rank four in spaceship design.

6 Amun Dunn-X 300 Engine


The Amun Dunn-X 300 has a thrust of 25,890 and an impressively high maneuverability of 8,400 (only surpassed by two other engines), making it the perfect balance of these two important engine metrics, both of which are on the higher side.

Unfortunately, this engine has a price of 42,845 credits and requires a ship design rank of four, which could deter most captains. However, if you ever seek the right balance between engine power and maneuverability and have a large amount of credits at your disposal, you should consider the Amun Dunn-X 300 engine.

5 Nova 1050 Engine

The Nova 1050 engine is the flagship product of the Nova engine lineup and is among the best engines in Starfield overall. To have it on your ship at all, a required ship design rank of four is assumed.

This engine significantly enhances your speed and maneuverability by providing 22,170 thrust and 4,500 maneuvering power, all for the price of 23,655 credits.

4 Hercules DT160 Engine

The Hercules DT160 engine has a thrust of 24,300 and a maneuvering thrust of 4,650, providing you with an outstanding balance of these two important engine metrics.

The fact that the balance in these statistics is slightly higher qualifies this piece of ship equipment for this list. The engine costs 28,405 credits to acquire, and you must have Rank Four in spaceship construction to obtain it.

3 Dunn-71 Engine

The Dunn series of engines in Starfield offers the second-longest range of engine variations to choose from and provides you with a variety of options if you happen to prefer the line.

The Dunn-71 is the best in the series and has the matching statistics. With an impressive 26,580 thrust in the propulsion range and 5,250 thrust in the maneuvering range, this motor, priced at 39,140 credits, is one of the best in the game.

2 Poseidon DT-220

The Poseidon DT engine series is undoubtedly the best engine series in the game, so it should come as no surprise that the DT-220 still deserves its place on this list, even though it is not the flagship product of its series.

The high maneuvering and propulsion values of the Poseidon DT-220 are among the best in the game, surpassed only by the top ship thrusters in Starfield. The Poseidon DT-220 costs 24,415 credits, which, considering the fact that it outperforms nearly every other top-tier engine in the game and is only slightly inferior to the impressive DT-230, which is nearly twice as expensive, represents excellent value for money. To acquire this engine, you need to have Rank Three in spaceship construction.

1 Poseidon DT-230

The Poseidon DT-230 is the fastest ship thruster in Starfield with an impressive propulsion thrust of 34,520. The impressive propulsion thrust, combined with its maneuvering thrust, which is also the highest in the game at 11,600, makes it the best engine you can have on your ship.

Obviously, this impressive piece of ship equipment will cost you a significant amount. However, if you can afford the 40,280 credits and meet the required Rank Four in spaceship construction, you can acquire a truly phenomenal piece of ship equipment.