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Starfield's Top 9 Shotguns, Ranked

In Starfield, there is a wide range of options and variations of weapons available for players to choose from. Each weapon serves a different purpose,...

Patrick Smith Sept 26, 2023
Starfield's Top 9 Shotguns, Ranked

In Starfield, there is a wide range of options and variations of weapons available for players to choose from. Each weapon serves a different purpose, can be used in different scenarios, inflicts different types of damage, and has various effects.

Starfield offers a wide selection of impressive ship weapons, allowing players to choose among excellent handguns and some of the best rifles available in the game. Additionally, players have the option to incorporate a powerful shotgun into their arsenal or make it the main focus of their build. In either case, here are some of the most remarkable shotguns in Starfield.

9 The Coachman

Starfield 9 Best Shotguns, Ranked

The Coachman is an immensely powerful weapon that can inflict 62 points of physical damage on your targets, despite its limited range of 20 and accuracy rating of 38.4 percent.

The Coachman is not only one of the most potent handheld weapons in Starfield but also one of the visually appealing shotguns in the game. It boasts a magazine capacity of two rounds and a rate of fire of 47. What makes the Coachman even more impressive is its seven available mod slots, allowing players to further enhance this already outstanding weapon.

8 The Pacifier

Starfield 9 Best Shotguns,

The Pacifier is an incredibly powerful shotgun that delivers devastating shots, each dealing a significant 71 points of physical damage. As expected from a shotgun, the Pacifier has a low fire rate and limited range, both set at 20.

However, considering it is a shotgun, the Pacifier's accuracy percentage of 45 is quite impressive and makes it well worth the cost of 4,590 credits to acquire. Moreover, this weapon offers six mod slots that allow players to further enhance its capabilities.

7 Old Earth Shotgun

Starfield 9 Best

The Old Earth Shotgun possesses a distinctive and unique aesthetic when compared to other weapons in Starfield. It is a simple shotgun without any lasers, platinum beams, or similar futuristic elements.

Although it may appear plain and unexciting, the Old Earth Shotgun holds a unique significance from a role-playing perspective. It distinguishes itself from the other weapons and serves as a reminder of the world and era humanity inhabited before venturing out to conquer the stars. This weapon would complement other old earth weapons such as Livingstone's pistol and Gallows's Reach rifle, allowing players to achieve a complete old Earth aesthetic.

6 Shotty

Starfield 9

The Shotty is a remarkable futuristic shotgun that inflicts 60 points of physical damage with each shot. Despite its simple name, this weapon should not be underestimated. It has a range of 20, an accuracy rating of 35.2 percent, a rapid fire rate of 60, and a magazine capacity of 12 rounds.

The Shotty boasts an impressive eight available mod slots, allowing for beneficial modifications such as an EM-charged shot, an extended magazine, and slug shots. These modifications can significantly enhance the effects of the weapon, even doubling or tripling its effectiveness. Furthermore, the Shotty is quite affordable at a cost of only 7,368 credits, making it one of the more budget-friendly options among high-quality weapons that you can acquire.

5 Rapidshot


The Rapidshot is an incredibly powerful weapon, capable of causing immense destruction. With each shot, it delivers a staggering 99 points of physical damage. The weapon maintains a standard shotgun rate of fire at 18. It offers a range of 24 and an impressive accuracy percentage of 56.9 percent.

In addition to its impressive 99 points of physical damage, the Rapidshot possesses the maximum number of mod slots, allowing for extensive improvements. However, what sets the Rapidshot apart is its rare effect that boosts attack speed by 25 percent after every few shots, further enhancing its devastating capabilities.

4 Experiment A-7

In addition to its intriguing name, the Experiment A-7 shotgun boasts an array of remarkable statistics and effects that contribute to its allure as one of the top weapons in the game.

The Experiment A-7 shotgun delivers an astounding 119 points of physical damage with each shot. Notably, it possesses a relatively high accuracy percentage of 50.6 percent, which is remarkable for a shotgun. Adding to its appeal, the Experiment A-7 shotgun features a rare effect called "Exterminator," granting it a 30 percent bonus damage against aliens.

3 Breach

The Breach shotgun inflicts a staggering 119 points of physical damage, making it the highest damaging shotgun in the game. It has a fire rate of ten, a range of 20, and an impressive accuracy percentage of 55.3 percent.

The weapon possesses an impressive eight mod slots, which is the maximum number available for any gun. With these mod slots, you can potentially double the weapon's effectiveness, granting you one of the most destructive tools in the game. What makes it even more exceptional is that you can initially purchase this weapon for just 6,780 credits.

2 Big Bang

The Big Bang is a unique weapon in that it utilizes a particle beam, setting it apart as one of the game's most effective and valuable weapons. With each shot, it inflicts 32 points of physical damage and 94 points of energy damage. Additionally, the Big Bang boasts an impressive accuracy rating of 54.7 percent, making it one of the most precise shotguns in Starfield.

The fusion of the devastating power of a shotgun and the effectiveness of a particle beam weapon makes the Big Bang one of the most valuable shotguns you can acquire in Starfield.

1 Boom Boom

The Boom Boom has the ability to unleash complete annihilation upon any adversaries you encounter. It delivers a formidable 99 units of physical damage from a range of 25. Its fire rate of 60 is notably high for a shotgun, and it boasts a magazine capacity of 20 rounds, allowing for a reckless discharge of shotgun ammunition.

The Boom Boom boasts an accuracy percentage of 43.3, which is among the highest for shotguns in the game. Additionally, it possesses a rare effect that sporadically unleashes explosive rounds upon your foes, resembling a grenade launcher. When you combine its destructive power, the unpredictable explosive rounds, and the availability of eight mod slots to enhance its devastation, it becomes evident that the Boom Boom stands as the quintessential shotgun and the ultimate choice to obtain in Starfield.