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The 10 creepiest Easter Eggs in non-horror-based video games

Since game developer Warren Robinett secretly hid his own name in a hidden room within the Atari game "Adventure" in 1979, Easter eggs have become one...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 16, 2023
The 10 creepiest Easter Eggs in non-horror-based video games

Since game developer Warren Robinett secretly hid his own name in a hidden room within the Atari game "Adventure" in 1979, Easter eggs have become one of the most enduring and beloved traditions in video games. There has been no shortage of great and unforgettable Easter eggs throughout the course of the past decades of video game history.

While many developers create their Easter eggs in a lighthearted and playful manner, they sometimes take a darker approach as well. Furthermore, they might hide nightmarish Easter eggs and secrets within non-horror games. These Easter eggs not only frighten but also catch an unsuspecting audience completely off guard.

10 Slenderman Appearances - Runner 2

10 Most Terrifying Easter Eggs in Non-Horror Video Games

Back in the early 2010s, Slenderman was the talk of the horror community. Originally created by Eric Knudsen for a Photoshop contest, this tall and pale-faced creature evolved into one of the most well-known icons of the horror and Creepypasta community.

Clearly, developer Choice Provisions is a fan of the monster, as they incorporated it into the cheerful side-scrolling platformer Runner 2. In the forest level called "Bushy Wacky," the menacing Slenderman can be seen silently observing from four different locations in the background of the level.

9 Gyroid Face - Animal Crossing

10 Most Terrifying Easter Eggs in Non-Horror Video

The Animal Crossing series is one of the most charming and relaxing video game franchises ever created. Praised and beloved worldwide, Nintendo's critically acclaimed social simulation games are celebrated for their adorable graphics, heartfelt characters, and almost limitless creative freedom.

This lighthearted tone makes Animal Crossing a perfect playground for some unsettling Easter eggs. Originally and mistakenly classified as a glitch, the eerie Gyroid face appears when you reset your GameCube while traveling to another village, accompanied by a stern warning about resetting.

8 Alien UFO - Outlaws

10 Most Terrifying Easter Eggs in Non-Horror

In the 1990s, there were few developers as prolific as LucasArts. In 1997, the studio released Outlaws, a Wild West-themed first-person shooter that aimed to compete with Quake and Doom in a fiercely competitive FPS market.

Less known is Outlaws for a creepy Easter Egg that leads you to a UFO. Once you arrive there, you can observe a group of aliens conducting experiments on a cow. The aliens will then remove you from the spacecraft and leave you in the dark forever about their intentions.

7 Screams From House - Saints Row: The Third

10 Most Terrifying Easter Eggs in

Known for its crazy humor and exaggerated gameplay, the critically acclaimed open-world game Saints Row: The Third is full of Easter Eggs. While most of these secrets match the game's quirky tone, one of them is significantly more unsettling.

In the lower quarters of Steelport, there is a mysterious and seemingly abandoned run-down house. As you approach the building, you will hear continuous painful screams. There is no way to enter the house or stop the screaming. All you can do is try to push it out of your mind.

6 Unown Radio - Pokemon Gold & Silver

10 Most Terrifying Easter Eggs

Since the Pokémon franchise has existed, it has been filled with secrets. From the famous urban legends like the Mew Truck in Pokémon Red & Blue to the more recent hidden secrets, the series is full of Easter Eggs.

While there are a handful of bizarre secrets in the games, Pokémon Gold and Silver feature the creepiest ones. Go beneath the Ruins of Alph and tune the radio to a specific frequency; you will hear crying that sounds like the Pokémon Unown.

5 The Witch - Payday 2

10 Most Terrifying Easter

It's hard to find a player who doesn't have fond memories of the Left 4 Dead series. However, the developer of Payday, Overkill, decided to take it a step further and create an entire mission set in Mercy Hospital.

The mission "No Mercy" also received a remaster in Payday 2, where most of the secrets and references remained intact. One of the most notable additions is the inclusion of a zombie witch, found inside a closet, waiting to scare anyone who happens to come across it.

4 Exorcism Dummy - Hitman 2

10 Most Terrifying

The long-running Hitman series is packed with Easter Eggs. While most of the secrets are rather amusing, there are also a few mysterious ones among them. However, in Hitman 2, you will find the creepiest Easter Egg of them all.

In the Miami level, if you go to the aquarium and look above the shark tank, you can see a doll nailed to a cross with the words "Live Exorcism in Progress" written on it. If you continue watching, the eerie doll will turn around.

3 Scarecrow's Boat - Batman: Arkham City

10 Most

Prior to the release of Batman: Arkham City in 2011, developer Rocksteady finally revealed in the previous game, Arkham Asylum, that there was a hidden secret room in the warden's office that foreshadowed many of the plot points present in Arkham City.

As expected, Arkham City also had its own secret room that hinted at the story of the future installment in the series, Arkham Knight. Go to a modest boat in the water, and you will uncover Scarecrow's secret hideout. It contains clues about his impending cruel plan, as well as items related to fear that create an eerie atmosphere.

2 4:44 Television - Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town


Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town from 2003 is a cozy farming game that is designed to consume your time. From the first installment on the Game Boy Advance to the remakes on the Nintendo Switch, there is plenty of relaxation to be enjoyed.

However, despite all the friendliness, both in the original and the remake of Friends of Mineral Town, you can encounter a creepy Easter Egg/glitch. Let's say you decide to watch television exactly at 4:44 AM. In this case, your game will freeze, and the dialogue box will repeatedly display the number four.

1 Blackwater Athletics Team Grave - Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the creepiest events in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the fate of the Blackwater Athletics team, which can be found in a mass grave south of West Elizabeth. While this is disturbing in itself, there is actually a connection to the real world.

The fate of these ten young men mirrors the real-life Los Maniceros massacre, where 12 Colombian members of an amateur football team were abducted, with only one survivor. Similar to the real crime, what actually happened to the Blackwater Athletics team remains a mystery.