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The 10 Most Terrifying Backstories of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon

Pokémon can be strange, and we're all here for it. From the forced contortions of Pokémon and humans into inevitable nightmares to legendary and mythi...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 14, 2023
The 10 Most Terrifying Backstories of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon

Pokémon can be strange, and we're all here for it. From the forced contortions of Pokémon and humans into inevitable nightmares to legendary and mythical variations, it can be unsettling. Many Pokémon reflect the human condition and embody the best and worst in all of us.

Aside from alleged accidental murders and returns from the dead, some of the rarest Pokémon have chilling origin stories. With more mysterious Pokémon set to come later this year, let's take a look at some of the strangest and creepiest background stories of legendary and mythical Pokémon.

10 Xerneas and Yveltal

10 Most Terrifying Backstories of Legendary And Mythical Pokemon

Xerneas' ability to grant eternal life to those it deems worthy can be seen as eerie. It is said that when Xerneas unleashes its power, it can restore energy to withered plants and heal injuries. This power blurs the boundaries between life and death, which is, to say the least, somewhat unsettling.

Yveltal's connection to death is reinforced by its signature move, "Oblivion Wing," which absorbs the life force of its enemies. It is believed that when Yveltal reaches the end of its life, it absorbs all the life energy from its surroundings, causing massive destruction. The lore surrounding Xerneas and Yveltal suggests that their awakening could lead to a catastrophic event.

9 Ho-Oh

10 Most Terrifying Backstories of Legendary And Mythical

Ho-Oh is often associated with the mythical phoenix, a legendary bird known for being reborn from its ashes after death. Just think about how eerie that is. It is speculated to be responsible for the burning of the Brass Tower in Ecruteak City, suggesting that Ho-Oh possesses immense power and may not always use it for benevolent purposes.

The fact that Pokémon possess the power of revival and immortality through the sacred Ash item made from Ho-Oh's feathers is disturbing. It raises questions about the ethical implications of such power and the potential consequences if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

8 The Weather Trio: Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza

10 Most Terrifying Backstories of Legendary And

Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, the Primordial or Weather Trio, control the land, the sea, and the sky. Groudon's ability to intensify sunlight can lead to severe droughts and crop withering, making life unbearable. Kyogre's ability to summon storms and floods can flood entire regions and threaten countless lives.

Rayquaza is often seen as a mediator between Groudon and Kyogre, possessing the power to appease their conflicts. Its Mega Evolution is so powerful that it surpasses the powers of the others, raising questions about the potentially devastating consequences of its intervention. Imagine a world torn apart by earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, and storms, all caused by these colossal creatures.

7 Manaphy

10 Most Terrifying Backstories of Legendary

Manaphy is known for its ability to grant eternal life to the sea. That may initially sound appealing, but immortality often carries unsettling implications. What happens when the sea becomes overcrowded with life, leading to ecological imbalances and catastrophic consequences? Manaphy possesses an ability called Heart Swap, which allows it to exchange emotions between individuals. Any Pokémon that juggles with emotions appears eerie, as this power could be maliciously exploited.

Manaphy communicates with others through a unique form of telepathy. It conveys thoughts and emotions to humans and Pokémon, potentially revealing deeply rooted fears, worries, or hidden secrets that reside within those it communicates with. In some legends, Manaphy is depicted as the guardian of the sea. While this may seem noble, it suggests the presence of threats in the ocean that require a protector, which is also somewhat unsettling.

6 Deoxys

10 Most Terrifying Backstories of

The backstory of Deoxys is rooted in a cosmic event - a laser beam from space mutated it. The idea of being struck by cosmic radiation and undergoing a sudden mutation is frightening and a testament to the unpredictability and vastness of the universe. In some versions of its legend, Deoxys arrives on Earth with a meteorite, evoking the threat of extraterrestrial life crashing onto our planet. Doesn't anyone else worry about that?

Deoxys' mutation abilities are sometimes portrayed as contagious, meaning it could potentially infect other life forms with its alien energy. If mutations and transformations weren't bad enough, Deoxys also possesses strong psychic powers, including telekinesis and mind control. A creature with such abilities raises questions about what it could do if its intentions were malicious.

5 Darkrai

10 Most Terrifying Backstories

Darkrai is the "Pitch-Black" Pokémon, known for causing terrible nightmares to both humans and Pokémon. Its association with darkness and fear is unsettling, as it can plunge individuals into a world of their worst fears while they sleep. Darkrai's origins are shrouded in mystery, and some versions of its legend suggest that it emerged from an accident involving lunar energy, adding a tragic and disturbing aspect to its existence.

Victims of Darkrai's nightmares find it difficult to wake up or escape from the dream. This feeling of helplessness and being trapped in an endless nightmare is terrifying and reflects Darkrai's tendency to hide its emotions and not express them openly. This emotional suppression and its preference for solitude can be disconcerting, as they leave much room for speculation about what lies beneath its mysterious exterior appearance.

4 Mewtwo

10 Most Terrifying

Mewtwo was created through genetic experiments, which is already dark and questionable. Scientists manipulated the Mew genome to create a clone with enhanced powers. These powerful psychic abilities can be used to manipulate and control other Pokémon and humans. This power can be used for destructive purposes and, in the wrong hands, could potentially have catastrophic consequences.

An existential crisis accompanies Mewtwo's awakening. It questions its existence and the purpose of its creation. This inner turmoil weighs heavily on a Pokémon as Mewtwo grapples with profound questions of identity and meaning. Mewtwo serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of human arrogance and scientific hubris. Its existence serves as a stark reminder of the moral and ethical implications of genetic experiments and the consequences of tampering with the powers of nature.

3 Celebi

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Celebi can travel through time, which can potentially be deadly. Time travel can disrupt the natural order and lead to paradoxes and unintended consequences, giving Celebi and the world an increased complexity and excessive risk. In Pokémon lore, Celebi's actions can create alternative realities or timelines. This means countless branching paths of existence are influenced by its time-traveling, some of which could lead to dystopian outcomes. Multiple potentially nightmarish realities, anyone?

It is said that Celebi has lived for centuries or even millennia, allowing it to experience countless events and changes, including moments of joy, triumph, tragedy, and destruction. Celebi's greatest fear is falling into the wrong hands and having its powers used for evil purposes.

2 Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem


Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem are often depicted as embodying fundamental forces. Reshiram represents ideals, Zekrom represents truth, and Kyurem represents the absence or void of these concepts. This dynamic reflects existential themes that make their bond strange and unsettling. Reshiram and Zekrom exist in a constant state of tension. This ideological conflict mirrors real conflicts by illustrating how these powerful beings are trapped in an eternal struggle.

Kyurem can capture and merge with either Reshiram or Zekrom to create even more powerful and unsettling forms (White Kyurem and Black Kyurem). The violent merging of two opposing forces can be seen as a disturbing metaphor for extreme measures taken to gain power at any cost. The legend of the trio often hints at a sense of destiny or predetermined roles, as the original dragon created them for specific purposes. The idea of being born into a predetermined fate is unsettling and questions the concept of free will and autonomy. Profound, isn't it?

1 Regigigas

Regigigas is often described as one of the most powerful Pokémon of all. Its strength is so immense that, with the help of its loyal servants, the Regi trio (Regice, Registeel, and Regirock), it could move entire continents. That is impressive, but what if Regigigas were to lose control and become the harbinger of doom? To encounter this colossal Pokémon, trainers must overcome complex puzzles and challenges involving the Regi trio. This process adds a layer of mystery and fear of the unknown, as players must prove their dedication and determination to gain access to Regigigas.

Its presence suggests that it has witnessed countless historical events and could outlast all living creatures, including ancient powers and Pokémon that may have aided in the creation of the Dragon Titan, Regidrago, and the Electric Titan, Regieleki. The concept of immortality and the weight of history can be unsettling, especially when this Pokémon sleeps for thousands of years, only to unleash its unimaginable power one day.