The 10 most useful rewards of the Achievement Diary in Old School RuneScape are: | GAME3A

The 10 most useful rewards of the Achievement Diary in Old School RuneScape are:

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers various unlocks throughout the game. These include new areas, bosses, equipment, and quests, some of which can be u...

Patrick Smith Sept 01, 2023
The 10 most useful rewards of the Achievement Diary in Old School RuneScape are:

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers various unlocks throughout the game. These include new areas, bosses, equipment, and quests, some of which can be unlocked more easily than others, but all provide additional content to enrich your OSRS journey. The Achievement Diaries are no exception, as completing them can be challenging, but the rewards they offer are valuable and enhance your in-game character and overall gaming experience.

From the familiar hometown of Lumbridge to the scorching island of Karamja, each Achievement Diary stands as a milestone of your accomplishments. The rewards are worth both the effort and the exertion, as they can reduce travel time, increase yields, and grant you access to some of the best equipment.

10 Zaff's Battlestaves

Old School RuneScape 10 Most Useful Achievement Diary Rewards

If you complete the Varrock Achievement Diary (Easy), Zaff, the sales assistant in the residential area located northwest of Varrock's central fountain, will sell you 15 battlestaves each day at a reduced price of 7,000 coins. As a highly traded item, battlestaves on the Grand Exchange tend to cost around 8,000 coins each. This means that if you have only completed the Easy Diary, you will make a daily profit of 15,000 coins for free with very little effort or time investment.

However, this advantage is further expanded as you progress through the various tiers of the diary. With the Elite Diary, you can purchase 120 battlestaves from Zaff daily, resulting in a daily profit of 120,000 coins. Over a 30-day month, this amounts to a total of 3.6 million coins if done daily, and all of this with just a one-minute time investment per day.

9 Increased Pharaoh's Sceptre Charges

Old School RuneScape 10 Most Useful Achievement Diary

Apart from free carpet rides and unlimited teleports to the Kalphite Cave, the Desert Diaries are often considered inferior. The rewards do not measure up to the required efforts and are therefore often forgotten or completely ignored. However, one overlooked advantage is the Pharaoh's Sceptre.

With a price tag of 2.5 million coins and initially only a measly three charges, it's not worthwhile to ever bother recharging it, due to the time required to travel to the location where this is possible, as well as the average cost of 36,000 coins per charge. However, the number of charges increases dramatically when completing the various tiers of the Achievement Diaries: ten, 25, 50, or 100 charges, making it a more worthwhile item.

8 Rada’s Blessing (4)

Old School RuneScape 10 Most Useful Achievement

Equipping blessings in the ammunition slot of your RuneScape character provides a valuable bonus to your Prayer stat. This enhancement proves particularly advantageous in combat, as maximizing your Prayer bonus is important. A higher Prayer bonus results in a reduced depletion rate of Prayer points, allowing you to endure longer in battles.

While the majority of blessings offer a modest +1 bonus, Rada's Blessing (4) stands out from the Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary as it increases this boost to +2. This means that Rada's Blessing (4) is a crucial piece of the puzzle if you want to assemble the best equipment and ensure that your character has the best possible advantage.

7 The BoneCrusher

Old School RuneScape 10 Most Useful

The Bonecrusher is a reward for completing the Morytania Hard Diary and can be obtained from the Ghost Disciple at the Ectofuntus. When it is in your inventory and charged with Ectoplasm Tokens, it automatically destroys bones dropped by monsters and grants half the experience that would have been gained from burying the bones normally.

If you have completed the Morytania Elite Diary, the effect of the Bonecrusher is enhanced, granting you the full experience you would have received if you had buried the bones yourself. This makes the item perfect for training Slayer or Hunter, as the number of bones dropped will earn you passive experience points in the Prayer skill.

6 Ardougne Cloak's Farming Patch Teleport

Old School RuneScape 10 Most

Farming is an essential component of OSRS, especially for Ironman players. However, it requires a lot of running and time to reach all the different farming patches. Fortunately, there are various items in the game that either teleport you near or directly to specific farming patches. One of these items is the Ardougne Cloak.

With the Ardougne Medium Diary, you are rewarded with three daily teleports to the Ardougne farming patch. This is increased to five with the completion of the Hard Diary and further enhanced with the completion of the Elite Diary, granting you unlimited teleports. This makes the latter an exceptional advantage worth obtaining.

5 Noted Dagannoth Bones

Old School RuneScape 10

Players often target the Dagannoth Kings to secure loot such as the Berserker, Seers, and Archer rings. Additionally, there is a 1 in 128 chance of obtaining a Dragon Axe from them, which is a particularly valuable find for Ironman players.

Their guaranteed drop consists of their bones, which have a value of 8,000 coins. Unfortunately, collecting these bones for sale is often neglected due to the significant inventory space required to carry supplies and equipment for combat against each king, as well as the time investment required to reach them.

Completing the Elite Fremennik Achievement Diary changes this. Once achieved, the Dagannoths start dropping their bones in the form of notes. This change allows you to stack these bones in your inventory, thus maximizing the potential profit.

4 50 Percent More Runes From Barrows

Old School RuneScape

Barrows is a low-level bossing activity where you dig into the grave of each Barrows brother and defeat them. Once you've done that, you go underground and loot their chest in the center of the crypt. The chest contains unique equipment with special effects, as well as plenty of supplies to aid you in your adventures in Gielinor.

A large portion of the supplies you receive from Barrows are runes that aid you in Magic training. They also serve as compensation for the runes used while killing the Barrows brothers. When you complete the Morytania Hard Achievement Diary, you unlock 50 percent more runes with each plunder of the Barrows chest, making the boss even more rewarding.

3 Increased Chance At Higher Level Ore When Mining Paydirt

Old School

Mining is by no means a popular skill among fans; however, with the Motherlode Mine, it becomes somewhat more bearable due to its AFK nature and increased profitability. By successfully completing the Elite Falador Achievement Diary, miners gain a significant advantage when cleaning their concentrate in the Motherlode Mine.

The reward consists of an increased chance to obtain high-quality ores, significantly boosting the profit potential in the mine. However, the greatest advantage of unlocking this reward lies in being able to bypass the overcrowding and competition at the adamantite and runite ore deposits. Players often find it practically impossible to mine at these locations, so the increased chance of obtaining them through concentrate reduces the potential effort required for crafting higher-level equipment.

2 Hands-Free Fairy Rings


If you've ever run to a fairy ring but forgot your Lunar or Dramen staff, you know the pain of having to use up your teleports to quickly retrieve one from your bank and run back. However, with the Lumbridge and Draynor Elite Achievement Diary, that is now a thing of the past.

After completing the diary, you can leave your staffs in the bank and travel to any desired location via the fairy ring as many times as you want. This is not only a great quality-of-life advantage in the game but also saves weight and inventory space. As a result, you can reach your destinations faster and carry more supplies on your journey.

1 Elite Void

Obtaining Elite Void is by no means easy. First, you have to play Pest Control for hours to earn the initial Void equipment. Then, you must complete the Hard Western Provinces Diary and collect an additional 400 Pest Control points to upgrade it to the Elite version. However, don't be discouraged. Elite Void is one of the best equipment sets the game offers, and it is definitely worth the effort to obtain it.

Increasing both accuracy and damage dealt is one of the main advantages of this set. This proves invaluable against bosses and other high-level monsters in the game, where precision and stronger attacks can make a difference. The Elite Void top and bottom also provide a +3 prayer bonus per item, effectively contributing to prolonging battles.