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The 11 Best Starfield Mods

Starfield is Bethesda's most promising and highly anticipated game since the Fallout series, giving players hope that it will bring back the same feel...

Anne Ostler Sept 07, 2023
The 11 Best Starfield Mods

Starfield is Bethesda's most promising and highly anticipated game since the Fallout series, giving players hope that it will bring back the same feeling they had when they first played a Bethesda game. And it certainly wouldn't be a Bethesda game without a ton of mods for it.

To engage in pickpocketing, you need the skill "Thievery." Once you have it, you can sneak up on anyone and successfully steal something from them without anyone noticing. A success rate of 100 percent means that NPCs will never get upset or catch you while stealing.

8 Detailed Inventory UI

Starfield 11 Best Mods

The inventory system in Starfield is kept simple in its organization, but this can make things difficult when trying to analyze which weapons to keep and which to sell. Not enough information is displayed, which some people do not like.

The Compact Inventory UI mod by Stentorious shows more than just the item's title and weight. With this mod, you can see the price of each item without having to hover over it, and it allows you to display the information on the screen in a compact manner.

7 Enhanced Player Healthbar

Starfield 11 Best

The color palette of Starfield can be somewhat dull and gloomy. Your health bar and statistics are white and do not change color when you have low stamina or health. The "Enhanced Player Healthbar" mod by SilverEzredes changes this.

With this mod, your health bar will change color when you take damage. If you have critically low health, your health bar will turn red. This color change typically helps players better perceive their health bar so they can heal accordingly.

6 Easy Speech

Starfield 11

"Easy Speech" by NexusMods user Ixion XVII allows you to persuade anyone anywhere. Just like the pickpocketing mod, "Easy Speech" ensures that persuasion becomes a 100 percent success rate.

No matter where you go, you will be able to persuade NPCs to do or believe what you want. Normally, this requires investing many skill points into the "Persuasion" skill, but this mod makes things much easier, saving you time and skill points.

5 Low Gravity


Forget about wasting skill points on upgrading your technical skills and using boost packs. With "Low Gravity" (Endless Jetpack) by Ixion XVII, you can fly freely. That's right - instead of unlocking and using a jetpack, this mod allows you to fly freely.

All you have to do is jump high into the sky and start floating and flying. The same NexusMods user also has a mod called "Jetpack Overhaul" that allows you to use jetpacks more effectively and without much effort.

4 Pride Collection

NexusMods user SnowIsQueer is working on a collection of custom clothing to support LGBTQ+. Their mod, "Pride Collection," includes variations of saris, comfortable attire, a poncho, and an axe.

These outfits feature various pride symbols for everyone. The creator plans to add another set of garments and is open to adding clothing that players desire and look forward to.

3 Goodbye Green Tint

Starfield has a dull, greenish tint throughout the game, which can make things feel boring and stuffy. "Goodbye Green Tint" by DIRECREEP removes this greenish, washed-out filter and makes the colors of the world more vibrant.

Without vibrant colors, the world appears sluggish and unexciting. Colors captivate the eyes. By removing the greenish tint, the world will appear more lively. This will make the gaming experience more immersive and less like viewing through a screen.

2 Better Flashlight

The flashlight in Starfield is quite weak, and although it has an atmospheric effect, it doesn't help much with visibility in the dark and has a peculiar line of sight. "Real Flashlight" by Double You will assist you by completely adjusting your flashlight.

With "Real Flashlight," your light will be much bigger and wider, covering more space. In the original version, the brightest part would be a horizontal line in the middle, but now the brightest part should encompass the entire circle, allowing you to see better.

1 Steam Deck Essentials

Even though some games claim to be compatible with the Steam Deck, there may still be performance issues that may lead you to prefer playing on a PC instead. "Steam Deck Essentials" by Hybred enhances overall optimization on the Steam Deck when playing Starfield.

This mod compresses textures and files, allowing the game to run smoother on the Deck. Additionally, it adjusts animations and FPS to ensure that interactions don't feel sluggish. If you plan on playing Starfield on the Steam Deck, you'll want to use this mod for a clear gaming experience.