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The 15 best Fairy-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Fairy-type Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet are a formidable addition to any team, particularly for countering Dragon and Fighting Pokémon.Florges, Hatte...

Amy West Sept 16, 2023
The 15 best Fairy-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Fairy-type Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet are a formidable addition to any team, particularly for countering Dragon and Fighting Pokémon.

Florges, Hatterene, and Grimmsnarl are exceptional Fairy-type Pokémon in the game, each possessing distinct strengths in defense, offense, and support respectively.

Other notable Fairy-type Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet include Azumarill, Gardevoir, Mimikyu, Iron Valiant, Scream Tail, Tinkaton, Flutter Mane, Magearna, Zacian-Crowned, Enamorus, Diancie, and Klefki.

The Fairy type is the latest addition to the Pokémon type chart, offering a wide range of classics that have acquired this type over time, as well as new and impressive Pokémon that embody what a Fairy-type Pokémon can be. Powerful Dragons already tremble in their mere presence.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet offer a wide selection of fantastic Fairy-type Pokémon, and it's a really good idea to include at least one of them in your team. Fairy is a very strong type with the ability to defeat Dragons and troublesome Fighting-type Pokémon.

Updated on September 15, 2023 by Doruk Kaptan: Although the Fairy type is the newest type of all, many iconic Pokémon with this type have been revealed in the last ten years. Even though not all of them are available in Scarlet and Violet, the integration of Pokémon Home has opened the doors.

Many iconic and also some problematic Fairy-type Pokémon are now available in Scarlet and Violet. This is both good and bad news when considering the balance of the game. Nevertheless, here are the best Pokémon currently available in the game.

15 Florges

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 15 Best Fairy-Types

When we first encountered the Fairy type, Florges was the archetypal example that all others were compared to, sort of like the Gardevoir of Kalos. With beauty and a high level of elegance, its design is definitely top-notch.

It's great that Florges also makes for a very good addition to a competent team. A Moonblast from Florges will leave a nasty dent in any opponent that lacks resistance against Fairy-type attacks, and it's a specially defensive powerhouse on top of that. Unfortunately, most opponents you encounter in Scarlet & Violet are physically oriented, which makes Florges' immense special defense less useful.

14 Hatterene

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 15 Best

From Gardevoir in Kalos to Gardevoir in Galar, Hatterene with its dual Fairy and Psychic types is an impressive presence. As the name suggests, Hatterene's hat is of utmost importance, lending the design a fittingly witch-like atmosphere.

While Florges was more defensively oriented, Hatterene leans more towards offense with an enormous special attack stat and a repertoire of strong moves. Equip Hatterene with Calm Mind and Psychic, and you have an absolute fighting machine.

13 Grimmsnarl

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 15

Grimmsnarl is based on mischievous fairies from British folklore, which is reflected in its ability Prankster, granting priority to its status moves. Grimmsnarl can use this to great advantage and employ fantastic moves like Foul Play, Trick, and Spirit Break. Therefore, Grimmsnarl is an extremely effective supportive Pokémon.

That's not to say that Grimmsnarl isn't a conventional threat. With a high attack stat and a wide selection of moves, no one is truly safe from this ever-grinning, folkloric mischief-maker. Scarlet & Violet have bestowed upon Grimmsnarl a unique move called Spirit Break, a very powerful Fairy-type attack that can lower the opponent's special attack. When strategically deployed, this can seriously disrupt an opponent's plans.

12 Azumarill

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

There are many Water-type Pokémon with round bodies and a soothing blue color, and Azumarill combines this with an adorable smile and rabbit-like ears. That's an easy ten out of ten in terms of design, and it's good news that using Azumarill in a serious team is completely feasible.

While Thick Fat and Sap Sipper are good defensive abilities for Azumarill, it truly shines when it has the ability Huge Power. This doubles its attack stat, making it a quite formidable attacker right from the start. Combine that with Belly Drum and teach it Play Rough, Aqua Jet, and Liquidation to achieve an easy sweep.

11 Gardevoir

Pokemon Scarlet &

Gardevoir is the... uh... Gardevoir of Hoenn. Since the third generation of Pokémon, Gardevoir has been very popular among fans due to its cool design, versatile moveset, and effectiveness as a special attacker. The introduction of the Fairy type has greatly boosted Gardevoir and granted it access to a variety of useful moves such as Moonblast.

Gardevoir has the same type and fulfills a similar role as Hatterene. Although Hatterene has a higher special attack, it also has a dismal speed stat, which means it will likely have more trouble keeping up. Gardevoir does not share this weakness, which is why it ranks much higher on this list. Both Choice Band and Choice Specs are excellent options for this iconic sweeper.

10 Mimikyu

Pokemon Scarlet

Is there anything cuter and more melancholic than a Pokémon that wants to be so popular that it completely changes its appearance? Mimikyu is extremely fascinating due to the abundance of personality it displays and its incredibly versatile dual Ghost and Fairy typing.

When you add Mimikyu's high attack stat and versatile moveset, you have a complete package. This imitator Pokémon can obliterate entire teams with its powerful attacking moves, and its unique ability, Disguise, will protect it from potential threats while it tries to set up with moves like Play Rough or even better, Swords Dance.

9 Iron Valiant


Iron Valiant is the Gardevoir of the future. Iron Valiant is the first paradox Pokémon on this list and can only be naturally caught in Pokémon Violet. If you want one in Scarlet, you'll have to trade for it. The fact that it is a Pokémon-robot hybrid from the future instantly gives Iron Valiant coolness points, but its design takes it to new heights. The blade-like arms are reminiscent of Gallade, while the petal-like skirt recalls the mega evolution of Gardevoir, thus representing a blend of the two iconic Pokémon.

When it comes to stats, Iron Valiant is a beast. With high attack, special attack, and speed, this paradoxical Pokémon can shine with any moveset, and it has a plethora of fantastic moves to choose from, such as Close Combat, Moonblast, Psycho Cut, and Shadow Ball, an attack that Iron Valiant shares only with Grimmsnarl.

8 Scream Tail

Scarlet & Violet have achieved something truly impressive by making Jigglypuff look cool and giving it one of the best support movepools in the game, with great options like Wish, Stealth Rock, and Calm Mind. Scream Tail will perform amazingly well in battles against trainers with many Pokémon, as it can withstand most threats.

Although it would be more useful with higher attack stats, Scream Tail is a great choice for endgame if you want to try out a paradoxical Pokémon. Unlike Iron Valiant, Scream Tail is only accessible to those who own Pokémon Scarlet.

7 Tinkaton

Is Tinkaton just a meme, or is there real power behind this hammer? Well, the answer is both. One cannot deny that a significant portion of Tinkaton's appeal comes from its brutal Pokédex entries (in which it has a natural animosity towards Corviknight), contrasting with its adorable appearance. However, Tinkaton poses a very real threat whenever one encounters it, thanks to one of the strongest attacks in the game, the Gigaton Hammer.

Do yourself a favor and give Tinkaton a try. It is extremely satisfying to take down much stronger Pokémon with a single strike, and when you combine the Gigaton Hammer with powerful moves like Playful Piglet, Bug Slap, and Ice Hammer (through a picnic with Crustle), victory becomes effortless.

6 Flutter Mane

Are you familiar with the term "glass cannon"? If not, let us introduce you to Flutter Mane, the most powerful cannon made of the most fragile glass. With absolutely enormous special attack power and speed, this exclusive paradox Pokémon from Scarlet may never have to worry about defense, as your opponents will fall like dominoes before they even have a chance to strike back.

With a fantastic movepool packed with coverage options, including the rare moves Myst Fire and Power Gem, Flutter Mane truly has an answer to everything you throw at it. And with the flexible move relearning in Scarlet & Violet, there is never a shortage of these answers.

5 Magearna

Steel type is the best defensive type in the game, while Fairy type is undoubtedly one of the best offensive types. Considering that, Magearna holds its ground solely based on its type. When you add amazing coverage and a Special Attack stat of 130 to the mix, you get a fantastic sweeper.

With moves like Calm Mind, Shift Gear, Volt Switch, Trick Room, Fleur Cannon, and Aura Sphere, Magearna is an incredibly versatile Pokémon. You can even use Terrain Pulse to mitigate its weaknesses against Ground and Fire types, making it better than ever before.

4 Zacian-Crowned

When it comes to strong Fairy/Steel Pokémon, Zacian is likely the strongest Pokémon to emerge from the franchise. With an incredible Attack stat of 150 and a Speed stat of 148, Zacian was designed as an outstanding physical sweeper.

But that's not all. Zacian has the nearly overpowering ability, Dauntless Shield, which grants it an Attack boost upon entering the battlefield. Sword Dance, Behemoth Blade, Playful Piglet, and Close Combat are just a few of its useful moves. In this generation, it becomes even more problematic for opponents as Terrain Pulse can easily give you one or two extra turns. Zacian is back and more dangerous than ever.

3 Enamorus

Enamorus is the latest addition to the group of Genie Legendary Pokémon and is introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. As with any Pokémon from this game, it is interesting to see how it translates into a classic battle system. Fortunately, Enamorus appears to be simply amazing.

A Special Attack stat of 135 and a Speed stat of 106 are already great. Enamorus also has access to a variety of coverage moves like Earth Power, Mystical Fire, and Psychic, all of which work perfectly in a Choice Specs set. You can also go the setup route with Calm Mind. While Enamorus may not tear the game apart or anything, it is certainly a solid choice for any team in need of a Fairy-type.

2 Diancie

Diancie is an interesting Pokémon. When it was first revealed in the sixth generation, it was already great thanks to its overwhelming Defense and Special Defense, both sitting at 150. Then came Mega Diancie, which changed the metagame with its amazing stats and abilities. Although it is nowhere near as strong as its Mega form, Diancie is still quite good.

Diancie is also versatile as it works perfectly both as a special tank and a supportive Pokémon. With moves like Stealth Rock, Diamond Storm, Heal Bell, and Pressure, you can play Diancie with very wall-like characteristics. Thanks to Terrain Pulse, you don't even have to worry about pesky Steel types knocking you out with a single hit, which is wonderful.

1 Klefki

Lastly, we have the keychain Pokémon, Klefki. This little rascal was quite controversial upon its release, as it was another example of an inanimate object becoming a Pokémon. And somehow, it turned out to be good too?

Klefki has the amazing ability Prankster. This grants it priority on all status moves it uses, and that's the real strength of Klefki. Spikes, Light Screen, Reflect, and even weather moves are available to you with priority when using Klefki. While it may not be as game-changing as some other Pokémon, Klefki is definitely respectable.