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The 5 best classes for solo players in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, archetypes serve the same purpose as classes in other games. These archetypes shape your character and can be selected based on your pre...

Chantal Da Silva Aug 27, 2023
The 5 best classes for solo players in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, archetypes serve the same purpose as classes in other games. These archetypes shape your character and can be selected based on your preferred playstyle and preferences. Whether you are playing alone or with friends online, there may be moments when you are on your own and have no companion, or perhaps you simply want to approach the game independently.

If you decide to embark on a solo adventure, it is crucial to choose the archetype that effectively carries you through the entire game. However, note that the game provides the flexibility to use two archetypes simultaneously, allowing you to switch between them during gameplay.


Remnant 2 5 Best Classes For Solo Players

Although the Medic archetype may not initially seem like the best choice for a solo adventure, its abilities are extremely compelling. Despite being labeled as a supportive class that primarily focuses on healing and buffs for allies, it is important to note that these benefits also apply to you. This means that you can embark on your journey independently without relying on assistance.

Thanks to your self-healing abilities that you can rely on, you will be only minimally dependent on relics and should save them for serious situations.

Although offensive options are not the main focus, the Medic remains reliable due to their effective healing abilities and the ability to strengthen themselves in combat.


Remnant 2 5 Best Classes For Solo

Choosing the Summoner as one of your archetypes can be extremely advantageous, and here's the reason why. This particular archetype focuses on summoning root minions that provide both offensive and defensive support in combat. Since you are playing the game alone and facing numerous enemies, additional support can be highly valuable.

With the Summoner archetype, you gain the ability to summon three different types of minions. Additionally, the outstanding ability "Ruthless" allows you to enrage these minions, increasing their damage and speed.

However, it is important to note that summoning these minions comes at a cost: your health. For this reason, it is recommended to prioritize the attribute "Vigor" early on. This investment will increase your maximum health, allowing you to summon minions without having to choose between summoning them and preserving your health. Additionally, consider acquiring the Amber Moonstone, as it enhances your defense when your health is at a lower level.


Remnant 2 5 Best Classes For

The Hunter archetype specializes in long-range combat, and when playing alone, it is advisable to conserve your relics, especially since the game begins with only three relics. Its benefits focus on increasing damage from a distance, exploiting weaknesses, and improving reload time.

Choosing this archetype grants you access to the ability "Hunter's Mark," which marks all nearby enemies. This approach allows you to navigate encounters strategically without getting too close, and all marked enemies become more susceptible to increased damage.

Additionally, this archetype possesses another unique ability called "Hunter's Shroud," which effectively makes you invisible.

With these abilities, you won't have to worry about being ambushed by enemies, and you will be able to traverse entire dungeons effortlessly, with minimal need for healing and without major challenges.


Remnant 2 5 Best Classes

The Engineer specializes in handling powerful heavy weapons that can be deployed in turret mode. Although these turrets are stationary and cannot move, they provide valuable cover, especially when dealing with numerous enemies, which you will frequently encounter in Remnant 2.

With the Engineer archetype, you have access to three different heavy weapon options that you can use and deploy in turret mode.

Two more reasons why the Engineer stands out as a strong choice are the outstanding Prime Perk called "High Tech," which allows you to enhance your weapons through overclocking. This results in infinite ammunition and a damage boost that can be lifesaving when you run out of ammo and engage with enemies.

Secondly, the attribute "Fortify" enhances the effectiveness of your armor, thus increasing your defensive capabilities. This archetype offers versatility in both offensive and defensive aspects, making it a comprehensive option for a solo journey in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 5 Best

The Handler is arguably the best archetype for a solo run in Remnant 2, simply because of their loyal canine companion. Dogs are not only remarkable companions in real life but also excellent allies in video games.

This archetype revolves around your loyal canine companion and offers three different modes to control its actions. You can command it to stay close to you, attack enemies at a specific location, or put it into an enhanced state to increase its effectiveness.

This canine partner not only engages in combat but is also adept at distracting enemies.

Furthermore, this loyal dog possesses a truly outstanding ability: it can actually revive you, provided you have a charge from your relic. This ability is undoubtedly its strongest feature.

Imagine you're in the midst of a solo run, down to your last chance in a boss fight, and then you get defeated. The resulting frustration can be immense, but with the Handler, you don't have to worry because your loyal companion will revive you.

This aspect eliminates the need for an additional player to intervene, and you can easily complete a solo playthrough of Remnant 2 with just the Handler.