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The 7 Best Starfield Quests to Complete First

Starfield is a massive game. It's an RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios, which goes without saying. However, we still mention it because approxima...

Josh West Sept 10, 2023
The 7 Best Starfield Quests to Complete First

Starfield is a massive game. It's an RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios, which goes without saying. However, we still mention it because approximately an hour into playing Starfield, we couldn't help but emphasize the obvious, regardless of our prior familiarity with BGS titles.

If there's one thing BGS is known for, it's the vastness of their games. However, the potentially overwhelming nature of it all is not far behind. Having knowledge of which quests take priority early on can be invaluable, as it provides us with a sense of progress and helps us navigate these worlds. Starfield is no exception, so read on for a few of our suggestions.

7 Keeping The Peace

Starfield 7 Best Quests To Do First

You will encounter Sergeant Yumi shortly after your arrival in New Atlantis. It is highly likely that Sarah will have a brief conversation with him during the first main quest, in which she accompanies you. This quest will be triggered once you have gone through the introductory scenes at the Lodge.

By accepting "Keeping the Peace," you can quickly earn 2,000 credits by simply taking a stroll to MAST. Afterwards, you can almost immediately take on another mission (Yumi may take a while to point it out), earning another swift 2,000 credits by resolving a minor lovers' dispute. Additional activities that allow you to earn easy money will appear from time to time, making Sergeant Yumi a surprisingly reliable source of income.

6 Supra Et Ultra

Starfield 7 Best Quests To Do

Similar to "Keeping the Peace" and Sergeant Yumi, you can also naturally encounter "Supra et Ultra" and Commander Tuala during your tasks with Sarah Morgan. You will come across Tuala one way or another, and he will attempt to impose his "UC Vanguard Sales Presentation" on you, but he relents, acknowledging that there will be plenty of time for that later.

Why wait? Speak with Tuala as soon as possible and participate in his examination process to become certified as a brand-new member of the UC Vanguard. The Vanguard is a good choice for the first faction you can join, as its early missions are not too difficult. By going through the Museum of United Colonies History during the examination and encountering the main character of the questline, you will quickly gain a deeper understanding of the lore of Starfield.

5 Tapping The Grid

Starfield 7 Best Quests To

You can find "Tapping the Grid" by wandering around the impoverished district of New Atlantis, called the Well, for a few moments. Just pass by the ambient conversations, and someone will inevitably say something that triggers an activity in your logbook, leading directly to this quest. Alternatively, you can likely just find the quest giver, Louisa, and manually initiate the quest.

This is a good quest to start early in Starfield because it is straightforward, available in an easily accessible area, and leads to another quest that is even more lucrative than the first one. However, be cautious of the robot enemy in the deceased person's apartment halfway through, as it can dismantle you if you're not careful!

4 Red Tape Blues

Starfield 7 Best Quests

"Red Tape Blues" is the first part of a fantastic trilogy of Starfield side quests that take place on Mars. Your initial objective is as standard as can be: acquire ten iron pieces after meeting Trevor in the mining area of Cydonia. Things escalate quickly, from a job interview and some sneaky hacking actions to thrilling conversations with the governor of Cydonia and much more.

As with many of our recommendations, you'll receive a nice amount of credits for the early game, as well as some thoughtful - and entertaining! - world-building events.

3 Lair Of The Mantis

Starfield 7 Best

How about if you could get a fantastic equipment set, an amazing spaceship, and loads of valuable weapons just a few hours into starting Starfield? Who wouldn't want that, right? Remarkably, all these things can be yours as long as you pay active attention to a data tablet that you'll surely stumble upon after taking down some spacers.

The titular lair of the Mantis is a challenging place, but not so difficult that it would be insurmountably challenging for characters around level 15. While "Lair of the Mantis" ranks behind most of our other early quest suggestions in this article, you are still fairly early in your exploration, and the rewards here are practically ridiculously good.

2 First Contact

Starfield 7

Once you've gained the complete freedom of exploration with the Frontier, visit the Porrima system, specifically Porrima II, where you'll come across a distress call from Chief Sugiyama on the planet's surface. Not coincidentally, there is an unidentified ship in orbit, and you should definitely dock there first to learn all the details about what is going on.

We love "First Contact" because it feels like a classic science fiction story, complete with the popular Bethesda approach of offering different paths that make you feel like a hero, a villain, or simply an absolute pragmatist. Regardless, the story of a generation ship in conflict with a megacorporation is one of the best narrative elements of Starfield.

1 Into The Unknown


Yes, indeed. Our biggest tip for early quests that should be completed in Starfield relates to "Into the Unknown" - a main quest - and the few missions leading up to it. While it may seem unusual to advise other fans of Bethesda Game Studios to directly follow the early main storyline, Starfield plays by its own rules in some important aspects. This includes unlocking a core set of your key combat abilities in the first act or so of the overarching galactic narrative.

Yes, you should proceed at your own pace as much as you want, but be advised that we consider it a great idea to largely complete the Constellation missions before venturing too far into the stars. You'll be able to unlock cool abilities that we don't want to spoil here, but rest assured, they are a nice addition to the moment-to-moment combat in Starfield, helping to keep things from getting boring when you're storming your 30th Eclipse mercenary base.