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The 7 finest weapon blades of Lies Of P

A good weapon is essential in Lies of P to deal significant damage to enemies and bosses. The right weapon can enhance your gameplay by finding someth...

Fay Watson Sept 21, 2023
The 7 finest weapon blades of Lies Of P

A good weapon is essential in Lies of P to deal significant damage to enemies and bosses. The right weapon can enhance your gameplay by finding something that suits your playstyle and feels natural in combat. With that thought in mind, this article will show you the best blade weapons you can use in Lies of P if you prefer blades.

From daggers to greatswords to swords: These blades combine effective effects that allow you to withstand devastating attacks, alter the weapon's form, and even inflict terrible status effects on your enemies. Keep reading to discover resilient blades that can turn you into a titan in the game.

7 Puppet's Saber Blade

Lies Of P 7 Best Weapon Blades

The initial Marionette Saber Blade is an ideal all-around blade weapon as it is well-suited for your playthrough and provides swift attacks. Additionally, its heavy attack is excellent for destabilizing bosses, especially in the early stages of the game, as it initiates a two-stage attack that doesn't leave you as vulnerable as later weapons would.

It offers balanced stats, and the grip that comes with it is excellent for increasing your attack damage. While it is balanced in both agility and technique, the versatile style of this weapon makes it a perfect canvas to shape according to your preferences and steer it in the direction you desire.

6 Brambled Curved Sword Blade

Lies Of P 7 Best Weapon

If you want to add additional damage to your attacks, the Thorny Short Sword is a fantastic choice to increase your DPS. The motion sequence of this blade, along with its stats, is excellent, and its fable art is highly effective. By adding a grip that enables powerful attacks or increases damage, it becomes a weapon to annihilate enemies.

The blade's weakness lies in its low durability and the fact that it doesn't offer the best scaling in agility or technique. However, it is a natural upgrade to the Marionette Saber if you prefer a more offensive approach, and it can be easily combined with multiple grips.

5 Fire Axe Blade

Lies Of P 7 Best

The Fire Axe Blade is one of the best weapons found in the early game, and it can trivialize initial boss fights thanks to its fast, heavy attacks and the included grip. The endurance fable art of the grip allows you to ignore incoming damage, similar to the perfect block mechanic, but with a more generous timing window for execution.

It can be a fantastic way to block or dodge brutal attacks and help you put pressure on bosses to throw them off balance. It's an excellent weapon for agility builds, and the fast nature of this blade makes it easy to get accustomed to. Its fable art, "Patient Strike," also deals solid damage.

4 Seven-Coil Spring Sword

Lies Of P 7

The Seven-Coil Spring Sword is a super cool blade that shines with style and effectiveness. The greatsword is excellent for agility builds as it deals a lot of physical damage, but its fable art stands out: The Seven Explosions. If the name doesn't excite you, the effect certainly will, as the Seven Explosions create a wave of explosions (of course) that inflict devastating damage on bosses, especially when they are large, making it easier to land them.

The handle of this boss weapon cannot be altered, but fret not, for there is no reason to change it. The fabled art it possesses is the "Wachparade," which triggers a counter-attack inflicting tremendous damage upon foes and bosses. Although the timing may prove challenging, once mastered, it becomes an effective tool at your disposal during demanding encounters.

3 Acidic Crystal Spear Blade

Lies Of P

This spear is not only a blade but also ranks among the finest weapons in Lies of P, capable of decimating some of the key bosses in the game (I'm looking at you, Romeo). The fabled art of "Radiance" further amplifies its corrosive damage, causing it to dissolve upon striking your target.

The combination of this blade with specific handles, such as the handle of the large pipe wrench, can significantly enhance its effectiveness, allowing you to unleash powerful counter-attacks to punish your foes. Its heavy attack is invaluable, being swift and deadly, making this weapon a must-have when facing resilient adversaries.

2 Bone-Cutting Sawblade

Lies Of

The bone saw delivers a substantial blow and hits like a truck. This monstrosity of a weapon undoubtedly requires great stamina to wield, but it is worth it, as it inflicts incredible damage and has a high chance of staggering bosses. The blade is perfect for those who seek a fantastic offensive approach in combat, and by increasing your vitality along with agility, you will hit your enemies just as hard as they hit you.

Not many foes can withstand the onslaught of the bone saw or withstand its damage, making it a fantastic choice if you enjoy wielding heavy weapons. The fabled art, "Link Chop," strikes hard and then even harder with mighty, powerful attacks. Simultaneously, the handle possesses endurance, a favorite for enduring potent assaults and toppling bosses with incredible ease.

1 Holy Sword Of The Ark


Look no further. If you prefer high-quality blades that deliver incredible performance in all aspects, this is the weapon you desire. The Holy Sword of the Arch is undoubtedly the finest blade in the game. With an outstanding damage reduction rate of 72 percent while blocking, you don't have to execute perfect blocks unless you aim to stagger the boss, all the while its damage decimates bosses.

Its fabled art, "Patient Cut," can be repeatedly employed, dealing substantial damage, but the true secret ingredient lies in its secondary fabled art: "Transformation." It allows you to alter the weapon's form, turning it into an extremely long greatsword resembling a spear. During the transformation, it consumes less stamina to execute attacks, which is fantastic for sustaining your assault, while the blade's range becomes so absurd that even formidable bosses can become trivial.

You can evade the boss's attacks while you wait for a brief moment of pause. At that point, you can utilize the heavy attack, "Alter," to deal damage while the boss cannot retaliate against you. The only drawback of this boss weapon is its considerable weight. Therefore, be prepared to invest in your capacity stat in order to effectively wield it alongside other equipment.