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The 8 best Electric-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduces a multitude of Electric-type Pokemon, both new and old, into the Paldean Pokedex, presenting players interested i...

Luke Plunket Sept 19, 2023
The 8 best Electric-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduces a multitude of Electric-type Pokemon, both new and old, into the Paldean Pokedex, presenting players interested in this type with a wide array of options.

The Electric-type Pokemon included in the game are selected based on their competitiveness as well as their coolness or cuteness factor, aiming to provide a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

The introduction of Tera-types in the game opens up new possibilities for Electric-type Pokemon and allows players to explore different strategies and combinations to achieve outstanding performances in battles.

If your interest lies in the Electric type, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet offers a substantial number of representatives. New lightning fighters and time-honored favorites come together in the Paldean Pokedex, and the introduction of Tera-types means that the possibilities are boundless if fortune favors you.

We focus on creatures that are inherently electric as they are the ones that will pique the interest of most readers. As for our criteria, it is a combination of competitiveness (reflected in exceptional performance in the main game) and overall coolness, or cuteness, or whatever you may call it – the types of Electric-type Pokémon that truly illuminate a room, so to speak.

Updated on September 18, 2023, by Quinton O'Connor: With the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's first major DLC, Teal Mask, we have added yet another Electric-type Pokémon to our list. Hopefully, Indigo Disk will bring many more dazzling creatures.

8 Ampharos

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 8 Best Electric-Types

Ampharos has already made the block once or twice. With its debut in Pokémon Gold & Silver, this friend with the ball-shaped tail consistently excelled on the single-player side of the series and often fared quite well in competitions as well.

It is the most common blend among Electric-type Pokémon, but Ampharos' high Special Attack (a common trait among its peers) and decent durability (though less pronounced) grant it the ability to take down at least a few opponents before being defeated. However, do not expect swiftness; with a base Speed of 55, it is not particularly high. Nevertheless, this weakness is compensated for elsewhere in its stat pool.

7 Rotom

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 8 Best

Is it just us, or has Rotom experienced a significant upward trend since its introduction in the days of Diamond & Pearl? Often mocked in its early days, it has slowly captured our hearts to the point where its personality is now integrated into central gameplay aspects such as the Pokédex. It also doesn't hurt that Rotom is quite adept at almost anything. And considering that it has forms for various types, you're dealing with something extremely versatile.

Electric is always Rotom's dominant side and certainly dominant enough to make it onto our list. Frost Rotom can unleash electric attacks, of course, but its strength as a potential Dragon slayer of the Ice type comes to the fore. Heat Rotom and Mow Rotom bring the Fire and Grass elements to your team, respectively, if needed, although we are slightly less enthusiastic about the abilities of Wash Rotom.

6 Toxtricity

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 8

Generating a lot of buzz in the Sword & Shield meta, we have Toxtricity, whose separate versions, "Low-Key" and "Amped," bring slightly different flavors of fun. However, you'll want to have the ability "Punk Rock" from one of the two in order to maximize the potential of its sound-based attacks it possesses.

As an Electric/Poison Pokémon, Toxtricity has few weaknesses. A 4x weakness to Ground-type attacks stings, but the only other concern it needs to worry about is a 2x weakness to Psychic-type attacks. At the same time, it is resistant to a total of eight types, including common threats like Fighting and Fairy.

5 Bellibolt

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Oh, hey! Our first native Paldean, and certainly not our last. Bellibolt evolves from Tadbulb. This little guy is so tiny, even in a game with a strangely high number of tiny Pokémon, that it can be hard to spot. Fortunately, though, it is widely distributed and can be found in about half of Paldea.

Evolving Tadbulb into Bellbolt is as simple as obtaining the tried-and-true Thunder Stone, which is more commonly found in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet than in previous generations. You can also obtain it by completing milestones in your Pokédex. What makes Bellibolt work so well, aside from its impressive and lovable appearance, is its sturdy Ampharos-like stature, with the added bonus of being a representative of Scarlet & Violet.

4 Vikavolt

Pokemon Scarlet &

Be sure to explore the new Kitakami region of the Teal Mask DLC to find either Charjabug or its evolution, Grubbin, so you can use a Thunder Stone on Grubbin and obtain a Vikavolt. We love Vikavolt not only for its fantastic design but also for its incredible Special Attack stat of 145, which pairs dangerously well with moves like Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, and even the Grass-type move Energy Ball when you need good coverage.

Vikavolt's Speed is admittedly quite weak, so it's not the right choice if you're looking for a speed demon for your Electric-type team. However, if you're willing to take it a bit slower, you can equip your Vikavolt with the move Rest for the long haul. Alternatively, you can try to maximize its base Speed of 43 to its fullest potential by giving Vikavolt the move Agility, and still be competitively fast against the majority of your opponents.

3 Sandy Shocks

Pokemon Scarlet

All three of the top Electric-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are special in their own way. Sandstrokes, the exclusive Scarlet-era variant of Magneton, has the incredible Electric/Ground combination and an impressive Special Attack stat of 121 to power up STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves like Earth Power and Thunderbolt to their fullest potential.

Thanks to the ability Protosynthesis, the special attack stat of Sandstorm is further increased by 30 percent when the weather condition Sunny Day is active. And yes, Sandstorm can actually learn Sunny Day.

2 Iron Thorns


What's cooler than Electric/Ground? Well, that depends on who you ask. But as we're typing these lines right now, our answer is Electric/Rock. That's Iron Thorn for you, Tyranitar's armored cousin with an attack stat of 134, along with sufficient HP and defense. Scarlet's Pokémon from the past and Violet's future-oriented 'iron' evolutions all have a base stat total of 570, one of the highest ever, and the distribution of Iron Thorn enhances the raw strength even further.

The ability Quark Drive works like Protosynthesis, with the difference being that the Electric Terrain is the requirement here. Just like with Protosynthesis, the bonus is based on the Pokémon's highest stat, which will undoubtedly be the attack. So take that 134 and boost it by an additional 30 percent. You've got a beast.

1 Miraidon

Miraidon is the mascot of Pokémon Violet and also your lovable companion throughout the game as you explore Paldea and everything it has to offer. There is a very good narrative reason why you can only use Miraidon in the post-game, and it has an even better reason - players would otherwise excessively overpower the game with this metallic powerhouse.

Miraidon belongs to an exclusive club of Pokémon with a base stat total of 670. This Electric/Dragon Pokémon may not be the very first with this combination, but Miraidon definitely stands on par with the fifth-generation rival, Zekrom, and can earn the title of the best of them all.

Imagine this: The Hadron Engine grants Miraidon the now familiar 30% boost to its highest stat (specifically set to Special Attack in this case, as there is a tie). You simply activate the Electric Terrain needed for its effects by switching in Miraidon during the battle. You've already prepared your opponents by summoning your closest friend just in case.