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The 8 best motivational weapons in "Lies Of P."

Strength (known as Motivity in Lies of P) builds are a classic and effective playstyle that provides raw damage but requires precise positioning and ...

Claire Jackson Sept 22, 2023
The 8 best motivational weapons in "Lies Of P."

Strength (known as Motivity in Lies of P) builds are a classic and effective playstyle that provides raw damage but requires precise positioning and dedication with each swing.

The game offers unique weapon options for Motivity builds, such as the explosive pickaxe, the frozen feast, and the pistol-like rock drill, each of which possesses its own special abilities and advantages.

Special weapons like the bone saw, the large pipe wrench, and the sacred sword of the Ark provide formidable penetrating power and unique characteristics that make them valuable additions to Motivity builds.

Lies of P may give its own twist to the Soulslike formula, but some classic builds simply never fade away, such as Strength builds. This style of play grants you a considerable amount of raw damage, yet it demands precise positioning, as each swing requires full dedication. No dodging and canceling at Pinocchio's home.

As a marionette, the titular P cannot increase his own strength; instead, you will enhance his Motivity, which essentially functions in the same manner. In addition to deciding which attributes should be boosted, you must also know which weapons to wield, and in Lies of P, there are numerous unique choices available for the most motivated warriors.

8 Exploding Pickaxe

Lies Of P 8 Best Motivity Weapons

The explosive pickaxe possesses the special ability of a powerful downward swing followed by an explosion. Not only is it an excellent mass destroyer, but it also leaves a passive flame buff on the weapon for the next few swings.

Like all regular weapons in Lies of P, the head and handle of the weapon can be disassembled to be used elsewhere. Although the weapon as a whole already functions excellently, you may want to give a different handle to the weapon's head so that not every swing is directed downward.

7 Frozen Feast

Lies Of P 8 Best Motivity

Frozen Feast is one of the special weapons you can obtain in the game. It cannot be disassembled, and to acquire it, you must speak with Alidoro once you have defeated the reborn champion. Many players prefer the offered amulet over the blade, but it has its advantages.

The range of movement and damage may not be the most striking, but they are dependable. With each swing, the weapon grows more powerful as it brushes off the dirt from the crystals. And for a single fable charge, you can instantly cleanse all the dirt and focus on dealing damage.

6 Pistol Rock Drill

Lies Of P 8 Best

While not the most damaging, the pistol-like rock drill possesses unique abilities that compensate for the weaknesses of Motivity builds. The main issue with these builds is the lack of swift attacks that are needed in certain encounters instead of relying solely on heavy single strikes.

Not only does this drill possess a respectable Motivity scaling, but it also features a multi-hit ability that even allows you to reposition yourself during the combo. It requires a significant amount of resources to wield it effectively, but it serves as an excellent companion to other more impactful weapons.

5 Bone-Cutting Saw

Lies Of P 8

The main attraction of the bone saw is, in fact, its saw blade, which is regarded as one of the finest blades in the game. While the handle possesses a usable range of movements, the blade itself is so long that it enhances nearly every combination you can create.

However, it is not a bad idea to use the entire package. The handle grants it a decent Motivity scaling and can be further enhanced. However, do keep in mind to use it as a dueling weapon rather than a mass destroyer, as the downward strike rarely hits more than one enemy.

4 Big Pipe Wrench

Lies Of P

When it comes to Motivity builds, only a few regular weapons can even hold a candle to the large pipe wrench. Just by looking at it, one can tell that it inflicts tremendous damage. And for those of you who enjoy combining and fine-tuning, both the head and the handle are superb components.

The head comes with a respectable fable art where you commit as strongly as you are willing to for a powerful swing. Additionally, it can block a substantial amount of damage. On the other hand, the handle does not lag behind and possesses the fantastic ability to inflict massive damage when used after a block.

3 Seven-Coil Spring Sword

Lies Of

The Seven-Coil Spring Sword is a great weapon that one should acquire early in the game, as it is a special weapon that requires defeating one of the first bosses. Its range of movement is excellent for general use, and it features a strong wave attack that is perfect for dealing with crowds.

Its additional ability is a unique form of parrying, as instead of simply blocking an attack, you neutralize it and deal damage in return. However, you need to get the timing right, but that applies to the entire game as it heavily relies on parrying.

2 Noblesse Oblige


For Motivity builds, Noblesse Oblige offers the highest raw damage among all special weapons. With a base scaling of A, you know that this weapon will pack a solid punch, but you must defeat one of the toughest bosses in the game to obtain it.

It is definitely worth the effort, considering that a fully charged fable art can obliterate most enemies with a single strike. It still shares the drawbacks of all Motivity-based weapons, with slow attack preparations and an excessive reliance on single attacks. However, when you connect with them, it is all worth the effort.

1 Holy Sword Of The Ark

A versatile weapon, the Holy Sword of Arks not only inflicts great damage, but it can also become the sole weapon you need on your journey, saving you weight as you rarely have to switch to another weapon. Its basic range of movements is that of a standard greatsword, but it is the handle art that sets it apart.

After use, the handle will extend, and you can transform this small weapon into a lance that thins out crowds. Furthermore, once it is transformed, it will reduce stamina consumption for a short period of time. Additionally, you can shorten the handle again and receive a temporary damage bonus, which is a great twist for boss encounters.