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The 8 creepiest cut contents from video games

When it comes to developing video games, whether it's something entirely new or a sequel building upon existing material, it can still be hard work. O...

Levi Winslow Sept 17, 2023
The 8 creepiest cut contents from video games

When it comes to developing video games, whether it's something entirely new or a sequel building upon existing material, it can still be hard work. Often, it takes years to develop a game from start to finish, and there are many moving parts involved. Like any creative endeavor, there are certainly ideas and things that don't make it into the final game. These are known as cut content and can often be found at various stages of development.

Some never make it past the concept art stage, while others are fully modeled or voiced as if they were meant to be part of the game. However, for various reasons, they are removed at the last minute or sometimes through a post-release patch. Regardless, most cut content is fairly common, but some are so eerie that you're almost glad they were taken out of these games.

8 The Walking Dead: Season 2 Changes

8 Creepiest Cut Content From Video Games

If you're a long-time fan of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead series, you probably won't be surprised to learn that much more content was cut from The Walking Dead: Season 2 compared to its predecessor. The season was meant to be darker, and there were many rumors about what was removed, ranging from a character falling from a roof into a horde of zombies to Luke and Kenny being the characters set to fight in the end.

What is confirmed is that the episode titles were changed. Originally, Episode 2 was titled "Don't Look Back," Episode 3 was called "In Cold Blood," and Episode 5 was named "Better To Sleep." Among these eerie titles were unused music for these episodes that sounded much darker, as well as a cut ending where Clementine would die while clutching AJ in a snowstorm.

7 Dark Souls 3: Oceiros Infant

8 Creepiest Cut Content From Video

Fans discovered that in the alpha state of Dark Souls 3, the optional boss Oceiros, the Consumed King, was actually cradling a baby. You may be wondering why he suddenly had a baby. Well, you can hear what was cut from his fight in this video.

Instead, after the alpha build, the baby was made invisible, and that sound, as well as all animations or stages in the boss fight that were meant to represent it, were completely removed. It's safe to say that we're glad this was cut, as it would have been too cruel and distressing even by Dark Souls standards.

6 Grand Theft Auto: Darkel

8 Creepiest Cut Content From

For a long time, Grand Theft Auto fans were convinced that there was a character named Darkel in the game who was supposed to give out wild and dark missions. One of them involved the player piloting a plane into the Love Media Building to kill Donald Love.

However, these details were only rumors, but it is confirmed that Darkel was intended to appear in the game. He was supposed to give out missions through a payphone and also provide access to a side mission called "Kill Frenzies," where the player would have to kill a certain number of pedestrians within a specific time frame.

5 Tomb Raider: Underworld - Amanda's Death

8 Creepiest Cut Content

In the finale of Tomb Raider: Underworld, both Lara and Amanda survive their brutal confrontation with Jacqueline Natla, one of Lara's greatest enemies to date. Despite their long-standing enmity, they reach a kind of ceasefire and go their separate ways.

But in the original ending of Tomb Raider: Underworld, as Lara flees during a snowstorm, Amanda suddenly appears from behind and tries to kill her. Lara shoots her in the leg and leaves her in the snow to die. It's a dark ending that doesn't make much sense and excludes Amanda, who could have been a great character for future use.

4 Manhunt: The Clowns

8 Creepiest Cut

Manhunt is already a dark game, so it must be truly something special when something so creepy gets cut. This comes in the form of the Clowns, a gang of men who were dressed as clowns and would have had a rivalry with the other gang, the Smileys.

One of them even resembled the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Phew. While Manhunt is supposed to be dark, some things can go a little too far, so we're glad this never went beyond the idea stage.

3 Bioshock Infinite: Columbia's Patriotism

8 Creepiest

Columbia in Bioshock Infinite was already a setting with many issues, but it was actually even more dangerous in a different way than what we got. Instead of primarily focusing on racism, Columbia was originally intended to be a portrayal of patriotism and fascism in American politics, with racial purity being just one of the many prejudices it harbored.

American figures like Abraham Lincoln or George Washington were meant to be revered with religious devotion, and instead of religion and racism being prevailing themes, it was intended to lean closer to authoritarianism. As a result, the entire Columbia felt like a very realistic cult. Instead of a deity taking the helm, it was simply a nation.

2 Bully: Acid Bath


Bully is often referred to as the kid-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games, mainly because you play as Jimmy, a troublemaker in an academy. But that doesn't mean it's not sometimes just as dark. One of these instances is a cut death that was supposed to occur in "Showdown at the Plant," where Jimmy fights against Edgar. If he had lost the boss battle, Edgar would have pushed Jimmy into acid and mocked him as he drowned in it.

It is a very unusual and dark consequence for a game over that doesn't really fit with the overall lighter theme of the game, deviating from Rockstar's norm.

1 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - The Slaughterhouse

Another cut element from The Walking Dead series comes from its third installment, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. The game underwent a very challenging development, resulting in the removal of many modeled and animated areas. One of them was the slaughterhouse, where Clementine and Javier would have found themselves in a location where the walking dead were being held captive.

They would have had to escape, leading to a fight with bandits where some would have been trapped in turnstiles and others devoured by the walking dead. It seems like a very gruesome scene.