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The 8 funniest characters in the Grand Theft Auto series

Grand Theft Auto is known for its great humor, whether it's in its controversial radio stations or simply through the funny characters that appear to ...

Jordan Gerblick Aug 28, 2023
The 8 funniest characters in the Grand Theft Auto series

Grand Theft Auto is known for its great humor, whether it's in its controversial radio stations or simply through the funny characters that appear to give you the wildest missions. Part of the charm of the series lies in how humorous it can be, and that can produce some of the most memorable scenes in the series.

Even some of the darker and grittier entries like Grand Theft Auto 4 still found time to provide us with some much-needed comedic relief. However, when it comes to comedy, not everyone can be the king - some are simply funnier than others.

8 Lazlow Jones

Grand Theft Auto 8 Funniest Characters In The Series

Lazlow is a classic, to the extent that he appears in different games. He was first heard as a radio host in Grand Theft Auto 3, where he had some of the most eccentric callers on his show. However, while he continues to make appearances in the GTA games up to Grand Theft Auto 5, he begins to change.

His story is marked by controversy and crime, leading him to become increasingly violent and unhinged, which in turn makes for even funnier radio shows. Of course, his best appearance is in Grand Theft Auto 5, the first game in which he physically appears and interacts with the main characters, resulting in memorable cutscenes.

7 The Truth

Grand Theft Auto 8 Funniest Characters In The

The Truth is a hippie from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas who sends our protagonist, CJ, on some of the wildest missions in the game. One of them even involves CJ burning down his marijuana farm before the authorities find it, resulting in CJ getting high.

The Truth is not only funny due to its obvious parody of the hippie movement in America, but also because he sometimes provides support to CJ and becomes an important part of the later gameplay. He even appears in the final cutscene of the game.

6 Niko Bellic

Grand Theft Auto 8 Funniest Characters In

Niko is truly unique, as he is not only a typically dangerous character but perhaps also the funniest protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series. Niko is one of the wittiest protagonists we have seen so far, always having a sharp response and a humorous comeback for the wilder characters he encounters in Liberty City.

Although he often takes on the role of the serious man, one never grows tired of seeing him roll his eyes in annoyance and sarcastically insult the idiosyncrasies of American life he encounters.

5 Fernando Martinez

Grand Theft Auto 8 Funniest Characters

Long-time radio host Fernando Martinez made his first appearance in Grand Theft Auto 3 and returned in later games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 5. Fernando comes across as a passionate and scatterbrained speaker, constantly delivering monologues about seduction, passion, and romance.

In both his personal and professional life, Fernando is consistently criticized and ridiculed as his career goes downhill. One highlight is his interview with Lazlow, who doesn't take him seriously at all and eventually kicks him out of the studio.

4 OG Loc

Grand Theft Auto 8 Funniest

OG Loc is an underrated and hilarious character from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is a failed rapper with an ego as big as a country, who clearly can't make good music and tries to get CJ to help him with missions at the beginning of the game.

A parody of a bad rapper from the 90s on the East Coast, his funny squeaky voice and terrible songs can make players laugh until they cry, that's how unserious his character is. His dynamic with CJ is also great, especially when CJ and his gang constantly make jokes about him.

3 Lamar Davis

Grand Theft Auto 8

Franklin's missions would feel empty without his best friend Lamar. Although he can be annoying and get on your nerves, you can't help but love him. It's easy to see why Rockstar originally planned for Lamar to take over if you choose to have Franklin sacrifice himself towards the end of the game.

Lamar brings a great sense of lightheartedness and comedic timing with his character. He always makes loud comments or comes up with annoying ideas that make it funny how Franklin teases him. Additionally, he is an all-around good and loyal character who helps make Franklin's story feel somewhat more memorable compared to the supporting characters of the other protagonists.

2 Brucie Kibbutz

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 4 has many merits: not only does it tell a great story, but it also features some of the funniest characters. Brucie is a fitness-obsessed entrepreneur whom you meet early in the story, and he steals the show in every cutscene he appears in.

Loud, obnoxious, and insecure - Brucie is just as humorous as he is unpredictable. Although his presence diminishes throughout the story, it still makes the first half of the game an absolute delight, both in terms of his missions and his unique friendship with Niko.

1 Roman Bellic

Grand Theft

Roman Bellic serves as the deuteragonist throughout the story of Grand Theft Auto 4, and even in the first cutscene where he drunkenly shouts, one knows he will provide entertainment. Despite having good intentions, he constantly gets himself into chaotic situations.

Although he is the exact opposite of Niko, Roman quickly becomes his closest ally and friend throughout the course of the story. Not only is he hilarious with his carefree attitude and lovable nature, but he also serves as the emotional heart of the story.