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The 9 Best Battledome opponents in Neopets

Neopets has been around for quite some time, which is a testament to its appeal. This virtual pet community on the internet has managed to thrive over...

David K Aug 28, 2023
The 9 Best Battledome opponents in Neopets

Neopets has been around for quite some time, which is a testament to its appeal. This virtual pet community on the internet has managed to thrive over the years and serves as a lovely alternative to the much more popular Pokémon franchise.

One of its most fascinating features is the Battledome, where you can have your Neopet battle against other players' Neopets or AI-controlled opponents. The Battledome is accessible 24/7, and you can win various prizes by participating in battles and emerging victorious. However, which Battledome opponents are worth the effort of facing defeat, whether it's for the prize or the challenge, remains the question.

9 Harry The Mutant Moehog

Neopets 9 Best Battledome Opponents

Harry, the Mutant Moehog, is an automatic challenger that you will inevitably encounter in the Battledome. He is fairly easy to defeat and a great opponent to collect Moehog Transmogrification Potions from in case you ever need a few. Overall, Harry is a good opponent to battle if you want to level up and your Neopets are still relatively weak.

8 Chia Clown

Neopets 9 Best Battledome

The adorable Chia Clown can be found in the Central Arena and is a non-premium automatic challenger you can face. This little rascal is a good opponent to level up your Neopets initially. You can also obtain a decent amount of Codestones from the Chia Clown, making him another good early Battledome opponent if you're looking for Codestones.

The Chia Clown can also drop Chocolate Ice Cream, which you can sell for a good price as it is an ingredient for crafting Pun Eggs.

7 Koi Warrior

Neopets 9 Best

The enchanting Koi Warrior can be found in the Dome of the Deep, but he is an elusive opponent that can be caught in the Battledome Arena. An old trick you can use to make the Koi Warrior appear faster is to add "/x" at the end of the URL and refresh the page until the Koi Warrior shows up.

The recommended level before challenging the inconspicuous Koi Warrior is level 50, with a minimum of 80 strength. Having the ability "Lens Flare" will also help defeat the Koi Warrior faster. You can farm the Koi Warrior to obtain specific loot from the Dome of the Deep, such as Koi-specific prizes.

6 Kreludan Defender Robot

Neopets 9

The Kreludan Defender Robot in the Neocola Center's arena is one of the best opponents in the Battledome if you want to farm high-quality loot like the Armored Negg and a decent amount of Codestones. It is also recommended to attempt the battle against the Kreludan Defender Robot once you have surpassed level ten, so that you have access to two abilities and have good statistics.

Once you have the Kreludan Bot's number, he can be a good Battledome opponent to farm Codestones. If you're having difficulties and don't have enough money for good equipment, try battling this opponent on the easy difficulty level and work your way up slowly.

5 The Drenched


The Drenched is one of the rarer Battledome opponents as he only appears when certain conditions are met. Specifically, the Drenched appears in Maraqua when it is raining in the area. If he doesn't show up, try refreshing the page a few times.

The Drenched will often appear in the Dome of the Deep, drop multiple Codestones, and have a Neopoint prize of 10,000 if you manage to defeat them.

4 Snowager

The Snowman is an ice serpent located in the Ice Caves on Terror Mountain. The Snowman has a chance to drop the ultra-rare Frozen Negg, which can fetch a high price and can also be fed to your Neopet to participate in the Gourmet Club.

Note that the Snowman can hit hard, and you'll need enough hit points to withstand a few hits so you can focus on defeating him as quickly as possible. A Neopet with a strength boost of around 500 should be sufficient, along with some abilities like "Lens Flare" and "Anagram Swords" to defeat the Snowman faster.

3 Giant Spectral Mutant Walein

The Giant Spectral Mutant Walein is an automatic challenger and offers a smaller selection of exclusive loot items. This means that if you're looking for a way to farm Codestones and have a sufficiently high level, you can do so by farming them from the Giant Spectral Mutant Walein.

The Spectral Mutant Walein actually has a quite good exclusive item: the Freezing Potion, which is very useful in battles.

2 Jetsam Ace

Jetsam Ace is an exclusive Battledome opponent for Premium members that can be worth farming. Make sure you are at least level 28, with 50+ hit points and attack power, as well as at least 30+ defense.

Having the ability "An Icicle" will also help, as well as multiple attack items. If you fight against Jetsam Ace on the "Hard" difficulty level, there is a greater chance of obtaining items with RD90 to 99, which do not appear on lower levels.

1 Giant Space Fungus

Another exclusive Battledome opponent only for Premium members is the Giant Space Fungus, which represents your daily dose of Lovecraftian horror and seems to be present in many media. Fighting, or more precisely farming, the Giant Space Fungus can be quite profitable as it drops Gurgling Mushroom and Nerkmids, which can fetch a high price.

If you want to take on the Giant Space Fungus, make sure your Neopet has a strength of at least 650+. Additionally, abilities like "Lens Flare" and "Warlock Rage" will help you defeat this nasty alien faster.