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The 9 cutest enemies in the Pikmin series

The creatures of the Pikmin series walk a fine line between cute and grotesque in a charming manner that piques the curiosity of both you and Olimar a...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 08, 2023
The 9 cutest enemies in the Pikmin series

The creatures of the Pikmin series walk a fine line between cute and grotesque in a charming manner that piques the curiosity of both you and Olimar about the vast world around you. You are compelled to examine every nook and cranny, eager to discover what type of creature will emerge next.

While not every creature can win the cuteness competition, there are many that could be considered the cutest enemies you wouldn't want to attack. Yes, they might eat you or poison you, but just look at them! How could you inflict harm upon these monsters? Your favorite might not be among them, but they still deserve your love.

9 Mamuta

Pikmin 9 Cutest Enemies In The Series

One glance at this sluggish creature and one immediately thinks of a sentient cushion. To be honest, you're not far from the truth.

These peaceful creatures won't bother you until you show hostility (and violence) and pause. Only then will they unleash their cuddly rage and attempt to stomp you to the ground.

If you look closely at their arms, you'll notice a pair of bracelets that are unique to Mamutas. This suggests their potentially sentient nature, which is all the more reason to be cautious if you encounter one in the wild.

8 Wollywogs

Pikmin 9 Cutest Enemies In The

Wollywogs are an interesting species. They are based on real frogs but their large, inflated appearance resembles balloons.

It's easy to understand why you would let your guard down when you see them, with their wide-open, innocent-looking eyes and tiny front paws holding up their spherical bodies.

However, Wollywogs are known as formidable threats with exceptional stomping power in the various games they appear in. In fact, they possess so much strength that they can send your Pikmin flying several inches away with their stomping shockwaves.

Although you may be tempted to hug it, it's probably better to leave it alone.

7 Crumbugs

Pikmin 9 Cutest Enemies In

Who wouldn't love to be greeted in the morning by a sweet smile from a piece of bread? Crumbugs are almost as harmless as they are cute. These adorable loaves can be found in various locations in the 3DS game Hey! Pikmin.

They are always found with a lingering smile on their faces, and they do not engage in any attacks.

However, that doesn't mean you and your Pikmin are safe from your doughy friends. No, not at all. While Crumbugs don't actively attack, if they happen to encounter Pikmin in their path, you'll need to act quickly to save them from being devoured.

6 Grub-dogs

Pikmin 9 Cutest Enemies

The original mascot and the focus of the North American packaging, it's only natural for this creature to come to mind when thinking of Pikmin. Well, aside from the Pikmin and the Captain himself, at least.

They are quite large, and their design is striking, as they essentially consist of just a head with two tiny legs.

Grub-Dogs have various variations that appear in different sizes and colors depending on their location. However, it's not uncommon for multiple species to coexist within the same family. You'll have both the desire to hug them and run away from them if you're not careful. But they probably don't want to hug you in return.

5 Fiery Blowhog

Pikmin 9 Cutest

While other enemies are cute due to their large eyes and tiny legs, this Blowhog takes a minimalist approach in its design. It has a completely white body with some simple stitches holding it together.

Similar to the Waterwraith, the two types of Blowhogs are distinguished by the color of their snouts.

Speaking of the snout, one cannot deny that it looks like it's trying to give you a peck on the cheek with the way it's puckered. However, if you try to get close to it, you and your Pikmin will end up in flames.

4 Toady Bloyster

Pikmin 9

Would you ever have thought that you would call a semi-conscious blob of slime cute? It's not often that people find cuteness in such things, but the Toady Bloyster is here to exceed all your expectations in that regard. Just look at those blue, vacant eyes! Their color is adorable and perfectly complements their (somehow) pale purple, slimy flesh.

There's something about the way the Bloyster wiggles that just makes you want to poke it with your finger. Not to harm it or anything, but out of curiosity. However, be cautious when approaching the gelatinous marvel, as it will most likely attempt to poison you and your Pikmin in self-defense.

3 Red Spectralid


From all that is known, the Red Spectralid is the only creature on this list that is not a hostile enemy and will not attack you. Instead, it will attempt to fly away with its life and the secret drop of Ultra-Spicy Essence it has saved for a rainy day. It's almost a shame that you have to take down a few of them to access the essence.

The Red Spectralid comes with large, beautiful wings, a furry, moth-like body, and even pleading googly eyes! How could you not look at these adorable creatures and immediately wish you could win them over as friends for all the Captain's future adventures?

2 Downy Snagrets

Usually, it's quite easy to understand why baby birds (I'm looking at you, swans) have a reputation for being... less cute when they are so small. With their huge, seemingly heavy heads and tiny paddling feet, they have had a disadvantage in their pre-adolescent stage.

The Downy Snagrets break with tradition by being the cutest chicks that you simply want to tuck into your pocket.

Of course, upon seeing several of these adorable mini-chicks fluttering around unhatched Nectar Eggs, all alarm bells should ring, because their huge, thick parents with long necks are never far from their young, even if they reside underground.

1 Breadbugs

It's a beetle that looks like a fluffy loaf of bread, what more could you want? The Breadbug is a gentle "friend" that doesn't intentionally harm you or your Pikmin, and all it wants to do is burrow undisturbed in its nest. It doesn't matter that it carries an important part of your spaceship within itself.

As mentioned before, Breadbugs tend to have sticky... fingers? Feet? Whatever it may be, they steal both small and large items from you, which can slow down your progress. If some Pikmin are nearby while the Breadbugs are attempting to burrow, you could accidentally lose some Pikmin during their digging process.