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The background story of Starfield's The Enlightened is explained

Starfield presents a vast space exploration adventure with a beautifully crafted world that feels authentic and alive.The game offers three core rel...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 18, 2023
The background story of Starfield's The Enlightened is explained

Starfield presents a vast space exploration adventure with a beautifully crafted world that feels authentic and alive.

The game offers three core religions, including the Enlightened, who prioritize humanism over the concept of a god.

The inclusion of religions adds an additional level of immersion to the game and makes Starfield an entertaining and captivating experience.

Starfield has presented players with a grand space exploration adventure, featuring a beautifully crafted world that often gives the impression of being real and vibrant. From engaging conversations with NPCs and companions to exploring caves and mines, Bethesda's latest title has brought forth an entertaining story for fans of the science fiction and open-world genres. In addition to all the elements that make the game feel like a fully realized world, the choices that Starfield players make for their character provide insights into the game's three core religions.

One of the three religions is simply called The Enlightened. Each of the three religions in the game has its own unique belief system, but The Enlightened stands for a central characteristic of their theology, or rather its absence. Although religions do not influence the game in the same way as the factions of Starfield, they are still important for the overall background story of the game. A significant difference that sets The Enlightened apart from the other religions, House Va'ruun and Sanctum Universum, makes them extremely captivating.

The Enlightened Value Philosophy Over Religion

The Lore Behind Starfield

Although The Enlightened is technically classified as a religion, it is actually not a religion. The beliefs of The Enlightened do not revolve around a deity, as the group is an atheistic organization that rejects the notion of a god. The Enlightened place more value on the philosophy of humanism rather than the concept of a god. This means that the group believes in the worth of humanity and that people should focus on caring for one another rather than focusing on a deity. In contrast to the mysterious House Va'ruun, which worships an unknown deity called the Great Serpent, The Enlightened focuses on the progress of humanity.

The third and newest religion in the game, Sanctum Universum, believes that the destiny of humanity lies in encountering God. In contrast, the core belief of The Enlightened emphasizes that the destiny of humanity lies in caring for one another. One significant way in which The Enlightened demonstrate the importance of helping others is through various humanitarian and charitable programs that provide support to different colonies in the settled systems. While The Enlightened originated in New Atlantis in Starfield, the organization seeks to engage with many different communities to spread its message.

Although the group's focus on philanthropy and the absence of a god technically does not align with the definition of what a religion is, one could argue that the god of The Enlightened is actually humanity itself. This classifies them in an unconventional way as a religion compared to the god-centered beliefs of House Va'ruun and Sanctum Universum. The organization's emphasis on charitable activities makes them a highly effective group, and they are one of many lifelike details in Starfield that make the world feel complete.

For many who have had the opportunity to experience the game since its release earlier this month, Starfield offers a great science fiction adventure that provides players with a well-crafted world full of beautiful details to easily get lost in. Not only is shipbuilding and exploration in the game an entertaining and captivating experience, but the smaller details like the three religions in the game contribute to providing the extra dose of realism that many have hoped for in Starfield. Whether a player chooses a god-centered religion like House Va'ruun or Sanctum Universum, or an atheistic organization like The Enlightened, they add a special touch to the character's background when a player selects one of these traits. The religion-based traits may not necessarily impact gameplay, but they provide an additional level of immersion that makes Starfield such an enjoyable experience.

Starfield is now available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.