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The best first-person shooter games for Android

FPS games on Android offer an exciting and immersive gaming experience that allows you to dive into intense battles and keep you on your toes.Games ...

Phil Hayton Sept 07, 2023
The best first-person shooter games for Android

FPS games on Android offer an exciting and immersive gaming experience that allows you to dive into intense battles and keep you on your toes.

Games like Cover Fire, Hitman Sniper, and Battle Prime offer exciting gameplay, challenging levels, and impressive graphics, making them worth downloading.

From classic Counter-Strike gameplay in Standoff 2 to intense firefights in Warzone Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, these FPS games offer polished and entertaining experiences with regular updates and events.

There is nothing more liberating than roaming around, exploring locations, and searching for enemies. Testing your skills in quick thinking and neutralizing enemies on the battlefield sounds like a great way to always stay sharp.

Experiencing this feeling up close while the camera is behind you just isn't enough. In comparison, everything feels more real and immersive from a first-person perspective. That's why most shooter games allow you to dive directly into the action, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The Android Play Store offers a wide selection of high-quality FPS games that are worth downloading.

9 Cover Fire

Best First-Person Shooter Games On Android

Cover Fire features a variety of QuickTime events in the game as you progress through the campaign missions. You are given a few objectives that are simple enough to follow and complete, earning you some stars. All missions cost energy, and you have only a limited amount of it.

It is easy to level up in the game, but it definitely becomes more challenging when you reach the end of Chapter One. The controls are easy to master, but the timing is crucial and difficult to master, especially when you are facing a huge Metal Gear-like mecha directly.

8 Hitman Sniper

Best First-Person Shooter Games On

A game designed to test your intelligence in orchestrating the perfect murder. Your goal is to make each interaction appear as a brutal accident in order to eliminate the target and earn points. You play as the titular Agent 47, lurking in an elevated position, ready to take down one villain after another.

The game has good graphics and several areas to explore, with unique environmental triggers that can help you eliminate enemies one by one. It is easy to learn, you just need to press either the fire or reload buttons and aim well.

7 Battle Prime

Best First-Person Shooter Games

With appealing graphics, fast loading times, and surprisingly simple combat mechanics, Battle Prime is a great first-person shooter to pass the time, especially because the matchmaking is kept fairly balanced and offers quick rounds that are not exhausting to play.

The variety of weapons, the Battle Pass, the sound design, and the characters, combined with the detailed maps, make it a truly enjoyable experience. The best thing about this game is that despite its high quality, it doesn't take up a lot of storage space on your phone and also saves battery life.

6 Standoff 2

Best First-Person Shooter

If you are a fan of classic Counter-Strike gameplay, then Standoff 2 is a good candidate to captivate you for hours with its uniquely nostalgic mechanics and enjoyable, cartoonish combat. However, the steep learning curve makes the game quite challenging, but landing shots is definitely satisfying.

The game rewards you for map knowledge and tactical positioning. There is a good selection of weapons and numerous game modes where you can compete against others who also want to level up. Sometimes, you can unexpectedly be hit by an unfairly placed headshot, but that is precisely the allure of playing a tribute to the old CS formula.

5 Combat Master

Best First-Person

Fast-paced, satisfying, and surprisingly versatile, Combat Master is an entertaining experience that will have you bouncing off walls and capturing the same vibe as a game of CS:GO. The game offers a variety of maps and leagues to play in, along with seasonal updates that add that extra something to the events.

The controls are fully customizable, and the matchmaking is surprisingly smooth. Although there may be instances where you are paired with players above your rank, it's not hard to expect your teammates to carry you to victory.

4 Dead Effect 2


Who said that zombie games can't be scary or engaging? Dead Effect 2 is a well-crafted and consistently entertaining FPS horror experience that takes you through a rather complex storyline. The gameplay mechanics are solid, the controls are precise, and the graphics are top-notch compared to other zombie games in the Play Store.

Navigate through a spaceship besieged by mindless creatures, ready to tear you apart as soon as they get the chance. Solve puzzles along the way and strategically plan how to progress, in order to eliminate particularly strong enemies.

3 Warzone Mobile

Similar to its console and PC counterparts, Warzone Mobile is an FPS battle royale game that emphasizes intense gunfights and realistic graphics that immerse you in the experience. It also offers other multiplayer game modes and maps to keep the formula diverse.

Compared to Call of Duty: Mobile, the game is notably more serious, but it lacks the depth and refinement that its predecessor has accumulated over the years of development. Nevertheless, Warzone Mobile is undoubtedly one of the best battle royale experiences on Android devices.

2 New State Mobile

A continuation of the world created by PUBG, New State Mobile is more or less the same game, but with improved graphics and a new map. The gameplay is just as frantic, albeit modernized, and offers more or less the same modes one would find in PUBG Mobile.

The sounds are better, and the game receives timely updates to balance everything. It is a solid FPS experience for players who are familiar with this perspective, and one can easily switch between matches.

1 Call Of Duty: Mobile

With the option to switch between FPP (First-Person Perspective) and TPP (Third-Person Perspective) during a battle royale match, CODM caters to both groups and fulfills both requirements. The game also offers a multiplayer mode with various features and game modes that utilize a first-person perspective.

CODM is one of the most well-polished games in the Play Store and has consistently maintained its position at the top of all shooter games in the market, despite some weaknesses. The graphics, controls, weapon selection, character skins, and sound design are all excellent. The game continues to receive timely updates, and there are plenty of events to look forward to throughout the season.