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The best food mods for Minecraft

Food is an important aspect of Minecraft. You can find it, fight for it, or grow it yourself. It is crucial to always stay satiated to ensure your sur...

Hirun Cryer Sept 11, 2023
The best food mods for Minecraft

Food is an important aspect of Minecraft. You can find it, fight for it, or grow it yourself. It is crucial to always stay satiated to ensure your survival. Food replenishes hearts when you are injured, and if your hunger bar is empty, your health will decrease. A well-fed adventurer is a happy adventurer!

Although Minecraft offers many good food options, there will come a time when you simply want a bit of variety. The good news? You have plenty of options to keep yourself satiated and satisfied for a good while with these food mods.

Updated on September 8, 2023 by Sam Rawson: Mods come and go as Minecraft continues to be updated. Some are left behind, new ones are created, and there is always the possibility of finding more in the extensive offerings of CurseForge. Now that Minecraft is in version 1.20.1, we are revisiting our list of the best food mods to see what is still current and adding new mods that you can use in your crafting adventures. There is a mod for every need!

11 Golden Foods! by lupiiin_

Minecraft Best Food Mods

Have you ever wondered why carrots and apples are the only default foods that have golden and enchanted golden variants? Lupiiin_ has filled a gap that you may not have even known existed with Golden Foods! It's a mod that gives all standard foods golden, enchanted variants.

You no longer have to worry about finding apples and carrots to make them golden. Now you can do it with any food you have on hand and then enchant it with a new enchantment for golden food. Enjoy the benefits of all golden foods!

10 Food Expansion: Reimagined by raulsmartin

Minecraft Best Food

Food Expansion: Reimagined, created by raulsmartin, is a simple mod that offers a wide variety. Standard foods and materials can now be transformed into something new - cactus into cactus fruit, pork chop into bacon, slime and sugar into green jelly, and much more. This mod is perfect if you don't want to add new plants and trees to the world but still want to have new types of food.

You will also be able to obtain food from creature loot, such as horse meat, bat wings, wolf meat, and much more. You can even make rotten flesh edible! With this mod, no material goes to waste.

9 Waffle's Placeable Foods by WilliamWaffle

Minecraft Best

Why can cakes be placed and eaten while everything else needs to be held in hand? WilliamWaffle decided to make better use of this peculiar mechanic with Waffle's Placeable Foods. This mod offers about a dozen new foods, including hot chocolate, hamburgers, Pocky, marshmallows, and more.

You can place and eat these foods on the ground just like cakes, or hold them in your hand and consume them while walking. Some foods also provide new status effects. It's a fun mod that adds some flavor to your game.

8 Crafty Cuisine by RandomMcSomethin


Crafty Cuisine by RandomMcSomethin is another simple yet great mod that adds new dishes from standard foods. In the words of RandomMcSomethin, the mod aims to "fill the natural gaps in the food system." It aims to utilize as many standard resources as possible and prevent a backlog of useless resources later in the game.

The mod also avoids adding too many additional resources and strives to make the recipes compatible with the base game as much as possible. It aims to expand upon the offerings of the base game rather than introducing completely new things.

7 Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core by pamharvestcraft

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core, created by pamharvestcraft, is possibly the most extensive and diverse food mod. It adds kitchen utensils (pans, rolling pins, juicers, etc.) for easy cooking and introduces 120 new recipes that can be made with standard ingredients.

It can be played independently or in combination with its three companions - Crops, Trees, and Food Extended. Crops and Trees add new plants that can be harvested to obtain new foods, and Food Extended provides additional recipes. The four mods are best played together to enjoy the full culinary experience.

6 Farmer's Delight by vectorwing

Let your inner farmer flourish. Farmer's Delight by vectorwing introduces an expansion of the regular agricultural mechanics, including improved soil for higher-quality crops and faster growth. When collecting seeds and meat, you can also craft a knife to assist you.

Effortlessly harvest crops and hunt animals while obtaining secondary products like leather and feathers. And what will you do with your wealth of goodies? Naturally, prepare new dishes. Farmer's Delight includes recipes for salads, sandwiches, stews, and desserts. You'll become a master chef in no time.

5 Croptopia by thethonk

Welcome to the wonderful world of Croptopia. This mod, created by thethonk, brings a variety of delights. Enjoy 58 new ground crops, 26 tree crops, and a total of 250 new foods. You'll find them everywhere in the Overworld - in fact, they are hard to miss.

You will also gain access to new kitchen utensils, including a cooking pot for making jams and stews, a juicer for beverages, and a mortar and pestle for grinding peppers and making mashed potatoes. Get ready to prepare all your favorite dishes like pizza, hamburgers, cakes, and pies. It's like a utopia for food.

4 Cooking For Blockheads by blaytheninth

Build the kitchen of your dreams! Cooking For Blockheads by blaytheninth allows you to create a stove, cabinets, a refrigerator, a sink (with unlimited water), a spice rack, a knife rack, and various other cooking tools. Take a look at your shiny new recipe book to get a list of things you can prepare and upgrade it to get more variety.

The mod is fully compatible with other popular food mods, including Pam's Harvest and Croptopia. Prepare some of your best Minecraft dishes and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

3 Aquaculture 2 by Shadow

Do you like fish fillets? Get ready for it because Aquaculture 2, created by Shadow, adds thirty new fish species that you can turn into delicious meals! This mod overhauls the standard crafting system, introduces a variety of new fishing rods, and allows you to use new fishing gear and bait to customize your gameplay experience.

The fish can be found easily in all biomes, including modified biomes, which leads to an all-around enjoyable experience, whether you're playing for the sake of the fish or the food.

2 Spice Of Life: Carrot Edition by lordcazsius

Although this mod doesn't add anything to the food selection, it changes the functionality of the food system. The standard Minecraft tries to encourage you to diversify your food choices, but Spice Of Life: Carrot Edition by lordcazsius rewards you for it. Eat new foods and gain more health! You can earn up to ten hearts, for a total of twenty.

Spice Of Life makes the process of finding new foods entertaining - keep track of what you've already eaten and what you still need to eat, and turn it into a game. It has also been designed to work with popular food mods and promote the use of cooking mechanics. Variety truly is the spice of life.

1 Enhanced Farming by Mrbysco

In the end, it all comes down to farming. Sometimes, you just want to turn Minecraft into a slightly more interesting farm simulator, spending the whole day growing fruits and vegetables, and knowing that you've done a good job.

Improved Agriculture by Mrbysco takes you back to that simple time and adds a few new tools to make it easier, along with a variety of foods such as avocados, cucumbers, pears, olives, oranges, lemons, grapes, and garlic. You also get new tools like a scarecrow to deter mobs, a rake, and new recipes. It's a small change, but it makes farming a little more vibrant.